Measure Up Cups from Discovery Toys

Mesmerizing Examples of Discovery Toys Review

Assuredly, these Mesmerizing Examples of Discovery Toys will inspire kids to learn as they play.  In fact, this is exactly what Discovery Toys are all about.  They are sturdy, creative, fun and imaginative.  What more do you want from a toy? Kids can get years of use from the Mesmerizing Examples of Discovery Toys in this post.


Discovery Toys Measure Up Cups
Mesmerizing Examples of Discovery Toys

Fed up of toys that don’t hold kids interest?  Of course, they will play with them for awhile, but after a couple uses, the interest isn’t there anymore.  This review shares 3 Mesmerizing Examples of Discovery Toys.  Assuredly, they offer lots of fun, stimulate learning, and are perfect educational tools.

Clearly, such toys were not developed to keep the kids curiosity going.  This post gives Mesmerizing Examples of Discovery Toys which are created to help with the whole development of kids.  To clarify, Discovery Toys are designed specifically to help kids master skills in math, reading and language.  Not to mention logic.  Furthermore there are also toys to help with the development of kids motor skills.


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Toys are Uniquely Created 

Uniquely created for kids of different age groups from infants to elementary school age, children will have a blast.  Undoubtedly, these toys will certainly keep children engaged for hours.  Surely, they are mesmerizing and can become kids playtime favorite.

In case you are looking for toys to teach and inspire kids as they play, these are perfect.  As a matter of fact, you can find the ideal toys from birth to elementary school age.  Discovery Toys make toys from the holistic point of view.  Rest assured that they include toys for kids as they go through the different stages of development.  A key point to note is that no child is left out.


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Mesmerizing Examples Of Discovery Toys Review


Discovery Toys Measure Up CupsProduct: Measure Up! Cups

Company: Discovery Toys

Best Place to Buy: Amazon

Age Group: 12 months – Elementary

Star Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars


This toy is one of Amazon’s Choice in the toy category.  Based on customer’s purchase, they have reported the following and I quote:

  • Low Return Rate: 44% fewer returns than similar products”
  • Highly Rated: More than 90% 4 star and 5 star reviews”
  • Popular Item: Popular with customers searching for Discovery Toys”


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Watch this short video for a demonstration of Measure Up Cups.




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Measure Up Cups at a Glance

  • 12 cups
  • Sizes are numbered and sequenced (e.g. 1 cup + 2 cup = 3 cup)
  • Each cup shows the numeral, word form and quantity
  • Perfect to explore how to count, sort, sequence, add, subtract and multiply
  • Numbers are written in 3 languages: English, French and Spanish
  • Ideal for scooping, filling, dumping, nesting and stacking
  • Cups have dots inside with corresponding number pattern
  • Each cup has an animal at the bottom ideal for stamping, animal corresponds with cup size
  • Clock times shown on front of each cup in dot patterns
  • Easy to stack with raised ridges
  • Includes extensive activity guide (English and French)
  • Age range from 12 Months – primary school
  • Made with high quality, safe and BPA free materials

Without a doubt, Measure Up Cups offer lots of play for kids from 12 months.  Of course, kids do not just stack these cups.  To emphasize, they are designed for teaching, learning and playing.


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Pros: Educational

They are deeply educational.  You won’t believe how many educational features Discovery Toys packed into this design.  From basic math like counting, adding cup 1 plus cup 2 will fill cup 3, and volume measurements.  In addition, kids can learn about time, and reading the numbers in different languages.  Pursuing this further, they can stack, nest, and sort by color.  Likewise, kids can learn small, medium, and large size.

In addition, kids can learn about time, and reading the numbers in different languages.  Pursuing this further, they can stack, nest, and sort by color.  Likewise, kids can learn small, medium, and large size.  On the other hand, they can use the play-dough animal stamps at the bottom of each cup to learn small to large.



Coupled with the education aspects, these cups offer lots of fun. Kids enjoy playing with these in the bathtub, at the beach or in general at the playground.  They are the only “baby” toy that you won’t put away between kids.


Markedly, these Measure Up cups are nearly indestructible. To put it another way, they are long lasting.  My sister bought these twenty years ago for her daughter and twenty years later they are still in the beach toy crate ready for grandkids.  By the same token, the colors do not fade.


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In case you are wondering why the rims are ridged, it’s specifically for safety.  Significantly, the ridges can prevent suffocation, so this is an awesome feature.


In reality, learning the 3 different languages is truly a cool feature.  Kids who are learning languages can find this especially helpful.

Perfect Gift Idea

In general, this makes an ideal gift any time of the year.  Actually, kids grow with these and of course they will enjoy reminiscing. For instance: remembering fun in the bathtub, at the beach, and play-dough stamping.


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Keeps Kids Inspired

Although these are not like many other fun toys, kids play will amaze you.  In fact, many kids love these over what I consider more fun toys.  These have so many educational features that kids can use for many years to come.


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  • Ribbed edges make them hard to stack for younger kids.  For one thing, the cups are so close in size that little kiddos find it hard to figure out the order.
  • Even though the play-dough stamps on the bottom might seem like a good idea, they don’t stamp so well.
  • The words on the cups are too small for a preschooler to recognize.

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Final Thought

Despite the few caveats, this toy is still a great one to promote kids learning in so many ways.  Surely, I highly recommend it.  Undoubtedly these Measure Up Cups are timeless.  Kids grow with them. Another added value is the booklet.  It is full of suggested games for different ages.  In this case, you can get the most out of this toy.

From the kitchen, in the playroom, in the bath, or on the beach, wherever you choose, these toys are forever fun.  The learning opportunities as kids age are endless.  For example: the fact that they provide hands on math lessons are added benefits.

Take for instance this activity: Fill up the number 3 and number 4 cups then fill the number 7 cup.  Kids think that’s pretty cool especially when they are learning to count.  So much more you can do with this toy, why not get it here?  Check Price on Amazon


You are a big online shopper like myself.  Amazon has the best price on these Mesmerizing Examples of Discovery Toys.  I hope you enjoyed the review and if you have any questions about these Measure Up Cups, or want to share your personal review, leave a comment below.

We want to make sure you’re happy with your experience at If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions please let us know.  Feel free to share this page.


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Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint Colors Review

Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint Colors offer an extraordinary selection and quality.  In case you are looking for a quality paint set of great value, the Apple Barrel Paint Colors are specifically devised for you to use on all surfaces.  For instance, wood, styrofoam, plaster, terra cotta and tin.

In particular, these paint colors are perfect for newbies who want to use acrylic paints.  On the other hand, if you have a budding kiddie artist, these paints are ideal for them to continue on their path of creative expressions.  This post gives a detailed review of Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint Colors.

True Colors Super Glide

In particular, this review focuses on the PROMOABI Paint Set.  Ever use a paint that leaves a wrinkled dull finish?  Not so with these Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint Colors.  For sure, you get a super sleek glide, and of course a quick dry.  Not to mention that the colors remain true.

All Purpose Paints

This set of Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint Colors can be used for many craft activities.  In other words, they are labeled as: “All purpose.”  Are you concerned about safety?  Rest assured that these paints are water-based, as well as non-toxic.

In addition, they mix easily and cleans up relatively easy too.  Furthermore, you can make several different colors to choose for any painting project.


Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint Colors Review

Product: Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint Set, 18 Piece (2-Ounce)

Best Place to Buy: Amazon

Star Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

This Apple Barrel paint set has 18 delightful paint colors which are incredible to use.  Whether you brush, stamp, stencil or sponge, these paint colors stay true to what you see.  Clearly, they are devised to paint on just about any surface.  For one thing, cleaning up is a breeze with soap and water.

Specially Selected Colors

For sure these paint colors are specially selected for this kit, and they offer a wide range of painting possibilities.  Moreover, if you mix colors, you can create any color imaginable.  Certainly, they are perfect to create vibrant paintings on many different surfaces.  A key point to note is that the colors remain gorgeous after every use, and they have a lasting finish.


Apple Barrel Best Selling Colors: 18-2 oz bottles

  • White
  • Black
  • Flag Red
  • Jack-O-Lantern
  • Bright Blue
  • Melted Chocolate
  • Nutmeg Brown
  • Bright Yellow
  • New Shamrock
  • Bimini Blue
  • Purple Iris
  • Too Blue
  • Holly Branch
  • Fuchsia
  • Yellow Flame
  • Pewter Grey
  • Bright Magenta
  • Parrot Blue

High Quality

You can use them to paint rocks, and they dry quickly.  Colors mix well with each one.  There is no harsh smell.  These paints don’t bubble and they don’t peel.  For these reasons, you can see that they are high quality.  No doubt, these paints have very eye catching hues and look even better and brighter than the picture shown on the package.


Works Well on Many Surfaces

To point out, these acrylic paints go well on paintings for canvas board, canvas paper and water color paper.  Additionally, these colors are also great for rock painting.  In fact, you don’t have to sand the rocks before you paint them.  Of course, these paints work well to cover the uneven surfaces and fill the crevices.  The paint sticks well and coverage is amazing.

Assuredly, painting cute garden rocks for flower beds is certainly stunning.  As a matter of fact, they work wonders to paint pumpkins for Halloween and even toys.  In case you want some bright colors to “liven up” your craft, these are perfect.  They water down easily to soft shades and you can also blend them with other acrylics and even gel pens.



  • Featured selection and great value for your money
  • Created for use on various surfaces such as wood, styrofoam, plaster, terra cotta and tin
  • Colors slide uniformly, dry instantly and stay gorgeous for a long time
  • Use them to brush, stamp, stencil or sponge on different surfaces
  • Soap and water make the clean up job easy
  • Safe, non-toxic paint for all your craft painting purposes
  • Water based
  • Soft matte drying leaves a lasting finish
  • Deep, rich tones



  • Even though the paints show well on white or pastel color materials, they don’t show as good on darker colored paper.  This is especially so if you want your painting to have a strong opacity on non-white surfaces.  Obviously, this means applying enough coats to get the desired color.
  • The colors don’t wash out of clothes easily, so using aprons or junk shirts can help to prevent staining.
  • Paints can be powdery when you use an airbrush with it, but do a better job if you use a paint brush.
  • Less pigment and thin in consistency, therefore they are more transparent and you need several layers for opacity.  Bear in mind here that if you like layering, transparency helps.


Final Thoughts

In conclusion, I love these Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint Colors and greatly recommend them.  To emphasize, they are perfect for all your painting needs especially newbies.  From ceramics, wood, and stone, whatever you are painting, these paints will amaze you.  Undoubtedly, they are great for crafting.

Apple Barrel has been around for a while and their paints are high quality indeed.  Surely, these paints make a nice gift for art and craft lovers.  The set contains many of the colors anyone wants to work with.

Bear in mind that these paints dry, blend, and mix well for any project.  A little paint certainly goes a long way.  Albeit, you can mix these colors very easily and come up with the exact blend you need.  Furthermore, you get fairly good coverage, like two coats on most canvases for full coverage.

Overall, if you have a budding artist at hand, Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint Colors make a great gift especially for an older child.  Important to realize that you can use these paints for many school and home projects, from painting a flower pot for a Mother’s Day gift to painting kindness rocks at a school party.

Product information

Product Dimensions: 13.5 x 9.2 x 2 inches

Shipping Weight: 3.65 pounds


Check Price on Amazon

You are a big online shopper like myself.  Amazon has the best price on Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint Colors.  I hope you enjoyed the review and if you have any questions about this product, or want to share your personal review, leave a comment below.

We want to make sure you’re happy with your experience at If you have any concerns or suggestions please let us know.  Feel free to share this page.


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Painting Ideas Kids Review

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Painting Ideas Kids Review

Without a doubt, an extraordinary Painting Ideas Kids book can inspire the artistic mind to flow creatively.  Are you tired of the way you have fun with the family?  This post shares an art book that you can use to glean ideas for cool artistic projects.  In fact, it is an opportunity for great teaching-learning family time.  Indeed, this Painting Ideas Kids book can make family time enjoyable.  Surely this book offers fantastic art ideas for kids or just great for those who love to paint.

In case you love art and want to get into some painting, you will find that this Painting Ideas Kids book has the perfect step by step suggestions.  No doubt, this resource is filled with ideas.  For one thing, you won’t have to scratch your head to try and figure out what to paint with the kids.  This Painting Ideas Kids book has inspiration right at your finger tips.

Product: Paint Lab for Kids

Series: Lab Series

Paperback: 144 pages

                                                           Best Place to Buy: Amazon

Author: Stephanie Corfee

Publisher: Quarry Books

Language: English

Star Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars

Age: 7 – 10 years

Grade Level: 2 – 5


Enhance Creative Flair From Within

Paint Lab for Kids has 52 imaginative experiences that kids can paint.  In particular, this Painting Ideas Kids book, has a mix with media for promising kiddie artists.  Of course the concepts are new, and make painting fun for kids.  Specifically, each art lesson offers a technique for kids to explore, express their imagination, and enjoy the effect.

For sure, the techniques allow kids to have a creative flair from within.  Notably, the projects are not restricted to seasons, but you can use them throughout the year.  In fact, this can be your only “go to” book to inspire budding kiddie artists every time.

The step by step, easy to follow instructions in this book is well illustrated with photographs.  Furthermore, every project has a finished example with different versions.  In this case, you can see what your work will look like upon completion.  Additionally, there is the work of a distinguished artist  to inspire you.

Painting Ideas Kids Book of Versatility


In particular, this book offers lots of versatility.  There are projects for all age groups and you can make use of the suggestions to scale them for younger children.  For sure, this is an excellent resource to get kids to create with paint.

Generally, Paint Lab for Kids book is perfect for anyone who wants to be creative with kids:  For instance, family and friends, church and community groups.  The book offers lesson plans for new and experienced teachers who can use it as a guide for kids of all ages.  No doubt, they will enjoy these engaging activities.



Great Teacher Resource  

To emphasize, this book is filled with labs to fit a range of students.  As a matter of fact, it makes art lesson planning easy for teachers.  Surely, it is an excellent resource to use with children.  Point in fact is that you can use this book in public and private schools.  In addition, you can use it for home school, and at church.  Not to mention parents, grandparents and even girl scout leaders.

Ideally, each art lesson is well written and they are easy to follow with beautiful illustrations of the projects.  Even though the suggested age group is from 7 – 10 years, you can adjust the lessons to accommodate all age groups: Whether Pre-K, Kindergarten, Special Needs students, 8th graders and even adults.  A key point to note is that there are side notes for “little hands” and these are incredibly helpful for you to make adjustments for early learners.

Load of Fantastic Concepts

Notably, up-and-coming artists of all ages can find this Painting Ideas Kids book extremely useful.  By all means these extraordinary ideas can keep kids fully engaged.  Certainly not electronics now, but a more hands on activity.  Without a doubt, Paint Lab for Kids is a load of fantastic concepts to bring life on paper.

Assuredly, every page has a wonderful assignment matched with modern-day artists to inspire your work.  To emphasize, this Painting Ideas Kids book is inundated with new ideas and you will want to try all of them.  In fact, these ideas don’t get old, kids can grow with them.  The key point here is that versatility of each project can have a lasting effect on kids creativity.

In case you are looking for artistic inspiration, this bundle of ideas and assignments can encourage kids artistic skills.  Just make sure your little kiddies focus on the process rather than the finished piece.  In like manner, little kiddos will need your assistance to complete their projects, so stick around to help them.  All in all, it’s an awesome time to spend with kids.



  • Many ideas for painting
  • Great book for projects
  • Inspiring activities for upper elementary age
  • Fantastic resource for summer art projects
  • Use as a curriculum for hands on art experiences
  • Includes suggestions for building your basic art supplies
  • Management tips
  • Variety of techniques and media
  • Designed to get you to use the elements and principles of art
  • Lovely gift


  • Not ideal for little kiddos to work on their own
  • Many of the projects require some training and skills to make the finished work look as shown in the picture.  Despite this however, you can use the ideas to create a project that fits your purpose.
  • Most of the projects use acrylic paint which some folks may not like.  However, you can use gouache paint too and it works just fine.  Read more about gouache paint here.


Final Thoughts

To conclude, this Painting Ideas Kids book is a fantastic inspiration to teach several art tricks and to develop imagination.  If you love water colors, there are several things you can do with the ideas in this book.  Certainly, you can use the concepts as is, or just tweak them to enrich lessons.

Regardless, the projects allow kids to be creative as they work at their level.  Not to mention that older kids can follow directions themselves and paint their out-of-the-box-thinking using inspiration from the artists.

If you teach art, this book is highly recommended for you.  On the other hand, if you wish to integrate more art into your classroom, I highly recommend it.  Furthermore, if you are involved in summer camps home school or have an art center, this book is also highly recommended for you.

For parents and grandparents, even if you are not artistic, you get guidance from the blurbs entitled: “Little Hands.”  This gives all the help to work with younger kids.  Of course, I highly recommend this book for you too.

  • Product Dimensions: 8.8 x 0.5 x 8.8 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 1 pound


You are a big online shopper like myself.  Amazon has the best price on this Painting Ideas Kids book.  I hope you enjoyed the review and if you have any questions about the Painting Ideas Kids book or want to share your personal review, leave a comment below.

We want to make sure you’re happy with your experience at  If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions please let us know.  Feel free to share this page.

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Cool Easy Drawings Review

Assuredly, Cool Easy Drawings for kids can certainly eliminate their boredom.  Of course a set of stencils for kids has more than enough ideas for kids to work with.  Fancy having some Cool Easy Drawings for kids on their bedroom walls, or their favorite place at home?  Seeing their own creation lights their faces with smiles as they call the names of what they draw.  Surely, this makes you melt. The Creative ELF drawing stencils for kids allow them to have tons of fun with Cool Easy Drawings while learning.

Cool Easy Drawings
Cool Easy Drawings

The purpose of this post is to help you find a perfect product for kids to do Cool Easy Drawings at home, school or even when they travel.  For sure, children can communicate their imaginative ideas with the help of a Drawing Stencils Set for Kids.  Rest assured that with this kit their inspiration flows beyond dreams.

Certainly ideas abound with a drawing kit like this.  For one thing, this stencil set has different themes for kids to work with.  You can use these examples to arouse their creativity for instance: They can do Cool Easy Drawings with wild and farm animals theme, or a marine life theme.  In addition, they can draw with a fashion theme or a garden with flowers and butterflies.  Then again, there is transportation theme with cars and trucks, airplanes and helicopters.


Cool Easy Drawings Review

Product: Drawing Stencils Set for Kids

Company: Creative ELF

Best Place to Buy: Amazon

Star Rating: 4.8 out of 5

Age: 3+ years

Undoubtedly, Cool Easy Drawings with stencils for kids have limitless creative ideas.  By the same token, you can spark your kids imagination with them.  Of course you can get them to disconnect the electronics and start to enjoy the boundless possibilities of creative thinking.  In case your kids are really into arts and crafts, this stencil set will keep them busy.

By the way, kids and adults can use this product.  For sure, adults will find these templates handy.  For instance, they can use the alphabet stencil to make “For Sale” or “Yard Sale” signs and just draw in general.  This kit has everything for anyone to start drawing.


Cool Easy DrawingsPackage Contents

  • 16 large washable stencils (over 300 Shapes)
  • 20 sheets of paper
  • 10 colored pencils
  • 3-color ballpoint pen
  • 1 sharpener
  • storage case

Noting kids compelling desire to draw with these shapes make it an attraction for everyone in the family to join in the fun.  There are several themes to suit most imaginations.  These Cool Easy Drawings keep kids busy for hours and the best thing is that they stay far away from the television and Xbox.  As a matter of fact, they like to make up stories while drawing.  These differently shaped stencils are a big help indeed.

Take a Glance 

  • Encourages out of the box thinking
  • Adds light to children’s fantasy world and improve their taste for art
  • Build kids fine motor skills
  • Awesome toy for boys and girls
  • Portable carrying case with a secure clasp
  • Convenient case holds all art supplies
  • Ideal for short and long trips – car, plane, or train
  • Great past time activity for all ages
  • Keeps kids engaged with hours of fun
  • Meets safety standards: non-toxic, BPA-free plastic
  • Perfect gift for kids creativity


Cool Easy Drawings

Cool Easy Drawings

Creative ELF stencils in particular, are reusable plastic templates.  Albeit, the set comes with designs for both boys and girls.  Surely, kids love to draw with popular stencils.





For instance:

  • Dinosaur, Wild Jungle and Farm Animals
  • Geometric Shapes and Christmas
  • Ships, Space and Circus templates
  • Flowers and Butterflies
  • Fashion and Princess
  • Numbers and Letters

Surely, this big stencil art kit makes the creative process a more educated one for kids.  No doubt, preschoolers, kindergarten and older children will enjoy drawing and learning.  From basic shapes for little kiddos to geometry for older children.

A key point to note is that kids use this set throughout the year to unleash all the creative possibilities.  To emphasize, they can use the stencils with paint, crayons, markers or pen.  To paint, kids can draw the outlines first, then paint inside the shapes.  On the other hand, they can paint directly inside the shapes.  Acrylic paint is great to use.  After use, the stencils are easy to clean with water.  A toothbrush comes in handy to clean the corners.



Portable Carry Case: This case comes with handle so kids can carry their creativity wherever they go.  When they are done with drawing, they put back everything in one place and clip the case closed.

Travel Activity: These cool easy drawings make a perfect creativity kit for kids to occupy their time while traveling.

Educational Toys: Children learn about shapes, different forms of transportation such as helicopters and cars.  Likewise they learn about birds, some marine animals, like crabs and dolphins.  To put it differently, children learn to draw, build their vocabulary and write creatively.

Durable: These drawing stencils are made of flexible plastic material, so they are hard to break.

Ideal Kids Gifts: This kit makes an awesome gift for your child or multiple children to share.  Whether for Christmas or birthday, this set of drawing stencils for kids is perfect anytime of the year.



There isn’t much negative to say about this kit, but there are two caveats to bear in mind.

  • The corners of the stencil outlines are too small to fit the pencil point.  For instance it is not easy to trace the corners of ears and legs on the animals.  In this case, you can add your own special touch to your drawings.
  • Stencils could be a little bigger.


Final Thought

To conclude, I highly recommended these Cool Easy Drawings by Creative ELF.  I suggest that you stock up on more paper because you will need it. Once kids start their art work with these Drawing Stencils, they can’t stop.  Every template brings a new idea.

Notwithstanding the two limitations, it is worth purchasing this kit for kids to do Cool Easy Drawings.  Rest assured that they can draw and paint many pictures and of course show them with joy.  Surely, you will not doubt the relevance of this drawing stencils set for kids.  Bear in mind that kids can enjoy hours of fun tracing.

Guarantee From the Company

Cool Easy Drawings

Assuredly, Creative ELF guarantees satisfaction to customers, and has made this their top priority.  Rest assured that when you purchase this product, you get the highest quality materials.  As a matter of fact, the company wants their customers to be happy, so they offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.  In case you are not satisfied with the purchase of this Drawing Stencils Set for Kids, you get your money back.




Product Information

Product Dimensions: 11.8 x 1.6 x 8 3 inches

Item Weight: 2.05 pounds

Shipping Weight: 2.05 pounds


You are a big online shopper like myself.  Amazon has the best price on this set of Cool Easy Drawings.  I hope you enjoyed the review and if you have any questions about this Drawing Stencils Set for Kids or want to share your personal review, leave a comment below.

We want to make sure you’re happy with your experience at If you have any concerns or suggestions please let us know.  Feel free to share this page.


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Klutz Stencil Art Book Kit Review

Tracing Stencils For Kids Review

Learning Resources Primary Shapes Review

Gel Pens For Coloring


Learning Resources Primary Shapes Review

Learning Resources Primary Shapes can help kids to make a rational association with shapes.  Would you like kids to have a mental connection with shapes as they compare them? Clearly, kids can learn and equate geometric shapes when they use tracing stencils.  Without a doubt,  Learning Resources Primary Shapes are fun for little kiddies who love shapes.

This piece of writing will give a review of Learning Resources Primary Shapes.  As I see it, they are just the right size for toddlers.  In fact, they are also great for older kids and adults too.


Learning Resources Primary Shapes Template Set
Learning Resources Primary Shapes

Product: Learning Resources Primary Shapes Template Set

Best place to Buy: Amazon

Star Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars

Age: 4+ years


Reduces Boredom

In case your kids are bored and you want a change from those other stencil templates, then this is an awesome set for them to get even more creative.  The possibilities are endless with these sturdy Learning Resources Primary Shapes.  Just think how these can do a lot more to promote creative doodling.  Furthermore, kids can draw forms to color later.

Assuredly, these are fabulous templates to help little kiddos trace shapes.  Ideally, kids can use these stencils almost daily at home or school.  For one thing they can definitely help kids create some fun and interesting drawings.  Equally important is that kids can often use the correct shape vocabulary to describe their drawing.


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Learning Resources Primary Shapes Review

In particular this set of Learning Resources Primary Shapes includes:

5 translucent templates

  • circle
  • triangle
  • rectangle
  • square
  • hexagon

One of the most interesting things about this set of shapes is that it is much easier for young children to make shapes and understand how they are made.  A key point to note is that kids not only form shapes, but they are great to help with prewriting skills.  As a matter of fact, they can also help to refine kiddies fine motor skills.

Boost Kids Creative Imagination

There are an almost limitless number of activities that you can do with Learning Resources Primary Shapes.  What is important is that they compliment kids creative imagination in their artwork. By all means, you can use these shapes to arouse kids creativity.  In general, these can  especially help those who need a push with drawing.

Rest assured that kids imagination can amaze you with these primary shapes.  They can truly help to elevate kids creative work,  because they make their own drawings from these shapes.



 Spray Paint Stencil Art For Kids

Things That Kids Can Draw With Stencil Art

Freehand Drawing Techniques or Stencil Art Templates? 



Learning Resources Primary Shapes Template SetThe facts are clear with these Learning Resources Primary Shapes.

Enhance Kids Geometry Lesson

A key point to note is that each template is one large shape by itself.  Complementary to this are five different sizes within.  The triangle includes various types, for example: equilateral, isosceles, and scalene, all perfect for geometry lessons.

High Quality: Without a doubt these shapes are durable and made to last.  They are thick and the corners are smooth.  You must agree that this featured design makes them safe for little kiddies to use.

Many size options: There is large, small and in between sizes, so you can draw accurate geometrical shapes.

Bright Colors: Surely, the templates in this set has vibrant colors that that attract kids.  For one thing, they can trace and color the shapes as shown.  For example:

Red square

Blue circle

Green rectangle

Yellow triangle

Purple hexagon


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Versatile Uses 

  • Play Games:  Important to realize that these shapes are not just for little kiddos, but older children and adults can use them too.  For instance, you can use them to play games with adult students especially those that have Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD).
  • Create Abstract Art: Then again, kids can trace different shapes and create abstract art. Little kiddos will enjoy creating houses, castles, the ocean and even make a snowman too.  Creating art  with these shapes can certainly take kids into a little world of their own.
  • Scrapbooking: You can use these shapes for scrapbook ideas: For instance, you can cut out pictures or quote cards.
  • Use on dry erase board
  • Assist with homework
  • Use them to help draw signs
  • Doodle and make shapes in your drawings
  • Use with mixed media art
  • Use for adult crafts with micro pens

Of course, I could go on with the list, but just to give a few ideas.


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As I see it, there are not much negative indicators about these Learning Resources Primary Shapes.  Here is one caveat though.

  • Hard For Tiny Hands to Hold: These stencils may be hard for little kiddies to hold while tracing.  Therefore, assist them to hold the shape in place as they draw.  Bear in mind that they will improve dexterity over time.


In summary, I highly recommend these Learning Resources Primary Shapes for kids and adults too.  Why not take advantage of this hot and in demand geometric shapes set?  Bear in mind that these shapes help kids to build up interesting drawings, while identifying the names.  In my opinion, these shapes make a great addition to the art and craft caddy.

Certainly, kids can spend hours creating pictures.  These tools are for quieter sit down activities.  In fact, they are ideal for group activities, whether for math or for art.  In addition, they come in handy for class projects too.

Indeed, these primary shapes have so much play and drawing potential with them.  Both kids and adults will enjoy endless crafting projects, and drawing overlapping patterns with the different shapes.  For one thing, they will be using lots of colors.


Learning Resources Primary Shapes Template SetProduct Information

Product Dimensions:  6 x 8 x 0.5 inches

Item weight: 8.2 ounces

Shipping weight: 2.4 ounces




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You are a big online shopper like myself.  Amazon has the best price on this Learning Resources Primary Shapes.  I hope you enjoyed the review and if you have any questions about the Learning Resources Primary Shapes or want to share your personal review, leave a comment below.

We want to make sure you’re happy with your experience at If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions please let us know.  Feel free to share this page.


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Tree Wall Decals Removable

Klutz Stencil Art Book Kit Review

Tracing Stencils For Kids Review

VTech Stencil Learn Studio






Tracing Stencils For Kids Review

Do you need Tracing Stencils For Kids?  Knowing that these learning resources come in handy for kids creativities, it’s a good idea to keep some at home.  Certainly, Tracing Stencils For Kids can make their artwork look amazing.

Tracing Stencils For Kids don’t have to be hard.  Kids can actually master the art of being creative with them.  In this post, I share an awesome wooden set that’s ideal for little kiddies to work with.  This is a very creative wooden set for little kiddies to begin their drawing journey.  Surely each stencil will ignite their imagination as they discover their artistic skill.


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Tracing Stencils For Kids
Tracing Stencils For Kids

Product: Melissa & Doug Wooden Stencil Set

Material: Wood

Best place to Buy: Amazon

Star Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars

Recommended Age: 4+ years

Take a Glance 

27 themed wooden stencils, including animals, and vehicles

4 colored pencils

Storage box doubles as a mini-drawing desk

Encourages story-telling and creative expression

Promotes fine motor skills, sorting, and problem solving


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These Tracing Stencils For Kids are Gender Neutral 


Tracing Stencils For Kids
Tracing Stencils For Kids

Needless to say that this set has many attractive stencils, and they are gender neutral.  Ideally, these are easy to use for kids who love to draw and color.  To point out, it is a perfect beginner stencil set for little kiddos. These are wonderful heavy-duty stencils with many everyday designs. For instance, there are stencil outlines of cow, tractor, car, dog, shark, and octopus.  Moreover, they are playful, ideal for random tracing and even for story-telling.

In particular, they come in bright colors and the storage box has a sliding lid to keep them together.  To point out, each color in the box represents a theme: farm, home, and ocean.  The blue stencils represent marine life, red is farm and yellow has a home theme.  These themes truly make it fun for kids to create themed pictures.


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Lots of Fun: No doubt kids can express their creative imaginations and have hours of fun.  For one thing, they can make up awesome stories from their impressive drawings.  Of course, sharing their stories build their creative expression, vocabulary, and story-telling skills.  Assuredly, kids can use the vibrant colored pencils to personalize their work in many ways.

Durable and Supports Learning

Undoubtedly, these wooden stencils are well made with strong material.  In the event that little kiddie steps on them, they keep their shape. The stencils don’t move around when kids draw with them, so it is much easier for them to learn and avoid any frustration while learning.

Promotes Fine Motor Skills

A key point to note is that these Tracing Stencils For Kids are great to promote fine motor skills.  As kids draw with them they learn even more eye hand coordination.


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Tracing Stencils For KidsGreat Gift in Adorable Box

For sure, this set makes a wonderful gift for little kiddos.  The box is adorable and will work as storage even after the use of the stencils are worn out.

Not Just For Little Kiddies

In general, you can be creative with these stencils too.  For example, many of these designs are ideal for stenciling wooden baby blocks.  Rest assured that this is a unique way to welcome baby.  Even if you are a crafter you can definetly use these stencils as a template.

Versatile With Sewing and Other Craft Activities

I used these stencils with 8 – 10 year olds in my after school sewing group.  Students would  trace their favorite shapes on felt, then cut them out and create designs on mini pillows, bags and towels.  Actually, they would stitch around the shapes.  Surely, there are many possibilities.


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On the negative side, here are a few observations.

  • These stencils are on the small side, so tracing the shapes with a marker for example can be challenging for little kiddos with less fine motor control.  For sure colored pencils work much better or sharp pointed pencils for cleaner edge.


  • On the other hand, some little kiddies may not be able to trace in the corners of these stencils because the space is narrow.  Bear in mind though that kids don’t have to get in that space.  Of course they can add their personal touch to each drawing.


  • Another point to note is that there are no dividers to make stacking easy for the kids.  It may be difficult for some toddlers to pile them in order after using.


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Tracing Stencils For KidsEven though these Tracing Stencils For Kids have a few downsides, these do not deter little kiddies from enjoying this set.  Bear in mind that this set includes a nice variety of stencils.  Remember the recommended age, so in case you want to use them with younger kids, help them along the way.  Younger kids may not have the fine motor control to use the stencils correctly.  To emphasize, they are nice and easy for kids that are older.

Despite the few caveats, I definitely recommend this set for anyone with a child who is learning to draw, or loves to draw.  They are just right for little hands.  Surely, the different stencil outlines offer hours of fun at home or school and kids will be impressed with their work.  Therefore, these stencils can become their favorite drawing tools.  Likewise, kids can grow with these stencils.  For one thing, they can last for years.


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Product information

Product Dimensions: 11.8 x 9.2 x 1.4 inches

Item weight: 1.5 pounds

Shipping weight: 1.5 pounds


You are a big online shopper like myself.  Amazon has the best price on this set of Tracing Stencils For Kids.  I hope you enjoyed the review and if you have any questions about Tracing Stencils For Kids or want to share your personal review, leave a comment below.

Hope you are happy with your experience at  If you have any concerns or suggestions please let us know.  Feel free to share this page.



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Foamnasium Playground (9 piece) Review

Soft Play For Kids Review

Gel Pens For Coloring

Kids Art Set





VTech Stencil Learn Studio

VTech Stencil Learn Studio is an electronic learning toy with tracing stencils for kids.  In case you are looking for a toy to help kids develop hand and eye coordination, then VTech Stencil Learn Studio is an ideal toy.  Notably, this toy comes with 28 different tracing stencils which includes letter stencils, number and shape tracing stencils.

VTech Stencil Learn Studio

Ideally, VTech Stencil Learn Studio is a great educational tool and is perfect for little kiddies to draw, write and enjoy doodling activities.  As a matter of fact, this toy features scribble gear tools, magnetic stamps, and a musical instrument sheet to enhance kids creativity.  Surely, this toy is designed specially for kids to learn and be creative.  To point out, the gear tools are like the Spirograph.  In this case however, these are the mini version ideally for ages 3 – 6 years old.


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VTech Stencil Learn Studio Review

Product: VTech Stencil Learn Studio

Best Place to Buy: Amazon

Star Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars

Age: 3 to 6 years old

For one thing, this kiddie toy is really a magnetic drawing board and kids will enjoy using Doodler to spell and write with the included stencils.  Of course the toy recognizes each letter and makes the activities even more exciting for kids.  To put it differently, the toy recognizes each stencil by saying the word out loud for little kiddos to trace.  Surely, the sounds excite kids.

By the same token there are more than 50 sounds and music to engage kids as they draw or write.  No doubt this encourages kids to have more fun.  First of all, when your child inserts a stencil into the slot, the board verifies it and guides your child how to trace and write what is on the card.

Certainly, the design tools, magnetic stamps and the music help to inspire kids creative imaginations.  Notably, this educational toy talks and kids do the actual work.  These days, it is hard to find a toy that incorporates technology and education like this one.  It works on fine motor skills, dexterity, and even self esteem.  After all, when little kiddos do an activity they hear, “Good job! You draw so well!”  For sure the giggles and excitement follow.


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Self Directed Toy

This self-directed toy allows little kiddies imagination to flow as they create artistic drawings.  Certainly kids will spend countless hours creating magical pictures.  With the stamps and stencils kids create, erase easily and start creating again.  Kids have fun with the stencils as they pop each one on top of the board and trace with music.

Watch this video for a demonstration.


As you can see, the VTech Stencil Learn Studio is a cutting-edge drawing board that is magnetic.   Specifically, this toy helps kids learn how to print letters of the alphabet and draw shapes.  Kids will sit on the couch quietly for a long time tracing letter after letter, number after number, shape after shape.  This toy does so many things and teaches while kids draw.  Children love the stencils and are very excited about tracing the letters.

The alphabet stencils provide much needed educational engagement for the little ones as the proud parents look on.   As kids trace the shapes and numbers, the music that accompanies their work gives them more incentive to keep going.   The fact that the corded pen is firmly attached enables kiddos to write and draw without problems.


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Tracing Stencils For Kids
VTech Stencil Learn Studio

Sharp lines: You will love the sharpness of every drawing line.

Easy to erase: Erase bar is easy for kids to use.  Drawing and writing erase easily.  Only one swipe completely remove the writing and drawing.  One word of caution to note: If kids press too hard when drawing/writing, it doesn’t erase nicely.  It leaves marks on the screen, so some guidance can help.

Easy to use stencils: The stencils are easy for little kiddies to use.  In general, kids enjoy using the stencils and they are very excited about tracing.

Durable: The product is durable and can last for a long time.  In fact, kids can grow with it, beat up on this thing and still won’t break it to pieces.

Ideal for travel: The stencils are great to travel with, for instance you can take it on long car rides for kids to have drawing time.

Easy to push buttons: Buttons are easy for toddlers to push on their own.

Grow with me toy: It’s a perfect “grow with me” toy for little kiddies to doodle, and they can practice tracing and writing letters as they grow.  Even though it is simple enough for babies, they can grow with this toy for many years: For instance with the gear drawing tool and the letter games.

Always fun: You can remove the batteries and kids will still have a fun toy.


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It is not the ideal for left handed kids.  The cord stretches tightly as you move to the bottom left corner to draw.

Poor package design for storage of all its accessories.  There is a need for some type of storage compartment for the stencils.

Drawings can be faint if kids don’t press hard enough.  Sometimes it takes multiple wipes to clean the board if kids press too hard to draw and write.

The noise goes on for at least 10 seconds after you push the off button.

Concluding Thoughts

Even though there are a few negatives, the VTech Stencil Learn Studio is a good educational tool and is highly recommended.  No doubt this is a great learning toy for toddlers.  Most compelling evidence is that this toy teaches kids how to write and say letters.  Assuredly, kids discover new words and build their vocabulary as they learn to write and spell.

Undoubtedly, this awesome toy makes kids happy.  Despite the few caveats, it is worth buying this toy.

Tracing Stencils For Kids

Product information

Product dimensions: 2 x 14.9 x 11.8 inches

Item weight: 2.23 pounds

Shipping weight: 3.15 pounds


You are a big online shopper like myself.  Amazon has the best price on this educational toy, VTech Stencil Learn Studio.  I hope you enjoyed the review and if you have any questions about the VTech Stencil Learn Studio or want to share your personal review, leave a comment below.

Hope you are happy with your experience at  If you have any concerns or suggestions please let us know.  Feel free to share this post.


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Klutz Stencil Art Book Kit Review

Classroom Rugs

Crayola Color Mat Review

Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad Review




Gel Pens For Coloring

Gel Pens For Coloring Review

There is no doubt that Gel Pens For Coloring help to inspire the imagination to create beautiful writing and artwork.  Surely, these pens can invoke ideas as you let your creativity flow. In case you would like a good brand of Gel Pens For Coloring, this post recommends one of the best set you can get for your bucks today.


Gel Pens For Coloring
Gel Pens For Coloring

Product: Glitter Gel Pen by Aen Art

Cheapest Place to BuyAmazon

Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars

Assuredly, this brand has ink that does not smear, or fade quickly.  In fact, these gel pens are long lasting, and allow you to create something new and gorgeous every time.  For one thing, I have used different gel pens over the years, but never had the satisfaction with them.  However when I came across Glitter Gel Pen by Aen Art and tried these vibrant colors, I was quite pleased.

For sure, this set makes an awe-inspiring addition to your coloring supplies.  It consists of a wide selection of unique colors.  Rest assured that these pens are perfectly pigmented with lots of sparkle, and their are many different shades for each color.  Ideally, these pens are great for writing as well as coloring.


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Waste no More

Have you ever spent your money on a set of gel pens that dry out quickly?  Or maybe the ink hardens and most of them just don’t write well.  I have been there and of course disappointed.  Here is a set that can put your mind at ease.  By the way, I think they come out on top because of the high quality.

Surely, they are sleek and true to beautiful brilliant colors.  That is to say every color with different shades to satisfy your taste.  Hence there are some inks with black light reflective, others are pastels, and some lavender.  Then again, there are the mint and peach colors.  Of course, all are very sparkly.

Specifically, each color allows your creativity to flow smoothly.  Furthermore, they represent your brilliant ideas quite well as you put them on paper.  Undoubtedly, these colors reinforce your thoughts profoundly from your creative thinking.  They are very smooth and glittery and the tip works well in very intricate designs.

A Glance 

Premium quality glitter pens with grip

Set of 100 unique colors

Gel pens come with 1.0 mm tips

Includes 62 glitter and 38 glitter neon

Long lasting (not duplicated)


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Comfort Grip:  Each Pen is fitted with a comfort grip so your fingers can feel relaxed.  In this way, you can easily do your projects without suffering from fatigue.

Fine Tips: Aen Art Gel Pens have 1.0 mm tips which are perfect for fine lines and you can color in the tiniest spots that pencils can’t.  Assuredly, these gel pens make your pictures vivid and they look shiny.

Smooth Ink Flow: Rest assured that these gel pens have a smooth ink flow so you can color and write uninterrupted.  By all means, both adults and children use these pens for various uses.  Notably, you can do several activities with them, just to name a few:


Gel Pens For Coloring
Glitter Gel Pen by Aen Art

Color with them

Use them to decorate scrapbooks

Complete school projects

Write party invitations and  greeting cards

Drawing and doodling

Enhance DIY Decorations

Personalize letters to friends and family


Safe to Use: Specifically, these gel pens are made with ink that is free from acids.  Clearly then, they are non-toxic.  Furthermore, the ink does not smear, fade, or skip.

Premium Quality: Each pen has a precision 1.0 mm ball point tip, and offers a snug grip for you to do a range of activities.  Forthwith, the ink can last for a long time in each pen even as you use it over and over.

Each gel pen is made from durable plastic that is transparent.  In this case, as you use each pen, you can see clearly how much ink is left.  For sure this gives a clear indication of when you need to do a replacement.

In addition, the hard plastic shell of each pen has etched grooves which ensure that it stays in place on your work surface.  To put it another way, your pen does not roll away when you put it down.  Likewise, the plastic case makes it easy to remove and replace each pen.

Works on Shiny Surfaces: Although some papers or other material may have shiny surfaces to work with, these gel pens can do the job well.  Just leave your work to dry for a few seconds.

Lovely Gift Idea: This is unquestionably a great gift for kids to explore their creativity in a colorful way.  Similarly, this set makes a lovely gift for adults who enjoy coloring and doodling.  For sure everyone will appreciate the sparkle that these pens can add to their work.


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Based on my experience, there isn’t much concern with this product.  However, here are a few things to note.

  • Drying is not instant, so your work will take a little time to dry.  You will be very happy with the outcome though.
  • These pens can bleed through thin paper.  In this case, you can color on thick pages, or you can glue your paper on cards.
  • Despite the picture seen on the package, there are not that many reds.  Nevertheless, there are enough to use and many other gorgeous colors which are delightful.


Final Thoughts


Best Gel Pens Coloring
Gel Pens For Coloring

As you can see from this review, there are more positives than negatives about these Gel Pens For Coloring, and in particular, the set of Glitter Gel Pen by Aen Art.  Overall, these beautiful glitter pens make coloring shine and your work really stands out.  With 100 gel pens in the package, every color is totally different.

Since the pens are high quality, they easily glide on your work pages.  Furthermore, they can draw very fine lines, so it’s easy to color any pattern with narrow corners.

I definitely recommend this product to enhance your art and crafts, for sketching, for writing in notepads and calendars for example, and of course Mandala coloring.  Whatever you use them to do, they will work well.

Remember, you can use these to color code tasks in a planner, and to even keep class notes interesting.  Again, whatever activity you do with these gel pens, you will love the outcome so much that you want to use these pens forever.

Like any other pen though, the very light colors do not show radiantly on light colored paper.  Bear in mind that these colors will show up better on black paper.

Product Information

Product Dimensions: 9.8 x 2.3 x 5.8 inches

Shipping Weight: 2.1 pounds


You are a big online shopper like myself.  Amazon has the best price on these Gel Pens For Coloring.  I hope you enjoyed the review and if you have any questions about the Glitter Gel Pen by Aen Art or want to share your personal review, leave a comment below.

We want to make sure you’re happy with your experience at  If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions please let us know.  Feel free to share this page.



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Wall Decals Kids Rooms

Wall Decals Kids Rooms Review: Fabric or Vinyl?  Which material is better to enhance the look of those empty walls?  First thing to bear in mind is durability.  For one thing, good Wall Decals Kids Rooms are removable and fabric ones are especially durable. That is to say they can peel off the wall without causing any damage.  In this post, I look at the pros of using fabric Wall Decals Kids Rooms.

It must be noted though that vinyl decals are not reusable, unless they are very strong and of high quality.  In fact, if they are not durable, they stretch and tear easily when you try to reposition them.  Those that I have bought are a ‘no, no’ for repositioning.

On the other hand, fabric decals are stronger and it is hard to stretch them, more-so to tear them.  In like manner, you can wet the fabric decals, and scrunch them up.  Then you can easily reposition them.  To put it another way, you can adjust them without any damage.

As a matter of fact, if you move house, and you really love your fabric decals, then take them along with you too.  Clearly then, purchasing fabric decals is more efficient.

Watch this short video.




Wall Decals Kids Rooms Review

Product: Forest Animals Fabric Wall Decals

Company: Sunny Decals

Rating: 4.9 out of 5 stars

Best Place to BuyAmazon


Wall Decals Kids RoomsAssuredly these forest animal decals are absolutely beautiful and will delight little kiddies.  In particular, this set consists of 9 animals and includes birds, bear and owl.  Each decal is super cute and stick perfectly even on rough textured walls.  You can remove them easily from walls and of course you can reuse them.  In light of this, you can reposition them.

In case you are thinking about decorating a wall in your child’s room or at a daycare center, these are of the highest quality.  No doubt children will love these animal stickers.  As a matter of fact, don’t be surprised if you hear little kiddos babble and even talk to their new animal friends.


Perfect For Kiddies Rooms

Surely, these wall decals are perfect for kids nursery, playroom or school.  Rest assured that they can be cleaned, removed and reused time and time again.  By all means, you can put these decals on the wall, above baby’s crib, near a reading nook, or a changing pad, and even near the light switch.  The point here is that little kiddies will be looking curiously at these images and babbling after them.

Notably, these forest wall decals are made specially with kids safety in mind.  Certainly, they are eco friendly and are made from non toxic materials.  A key point to note is that they are made in Los Angeles, California, right here in the USA.


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A Glance

Made in the USA

Non Toxic

Easy Peel and Stick

Use on Textured Walls

Removable and Reusable


Wall Decals Kids RoomsWall Decals Kids Rooms


On the positive side, there are several good points to note about this brand.

Safety:  Sunny Decals is all about keeping kids safe.  No wonder they focus on fabric materials that are non toxic, Phthalates free, BPA and PVC free.

Durable:  Additionally, the eco solvent inks in the materials help to curtail shrinking, and curling, also stretching.  Surely, these decals are made from high quality materials which are thick and strong, so they do not tear easily.  For sure they are well crafted, and will last even after the kids touch them constantly.

Ideal For Different Surfaces: Because these decals are made with a thick material, it is easier to work with them.  They stick well on textured drywall, any non-porous surfaces effortlessly, and works  perfectly with semi-gloss paint, any color on the wall.  Furthermore, you can also put them on canvas paintings to give an extra touch.


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Easy Application:  Forest Animals Fabric Wall Decals are quick and easy to apply to any wall.  In fact, there are no annoying bubbles to contend with, no need for any tools, just peel and stick them to even popcorn textured walls.

Beautiful Finish: No doubt, these decals give a matte finish looking like a mural painted on the wall.  Of course, there is no residue to clean.  Alongside these, you can also use them with another theme like woodland creatures for example, or just paint a forest scene on the wall and add them in.

Remove and Reuse: In like manner, these decals are not for one use only, and then dispose of them.  You can remove them without stripping the paint, or cause any damage to the walls.  Thereafter, you can reposition and reuse them over and over.  In the event that they should curl and stick together, you can easily pull them apart.


All things considered, there is not much to to go against these Wall Decals Kids Rooms.  However, one thing I have noted is that there could be a few more pieces in the set.   I also think that it is a bit pricey, but given the high quality I will understand.


Wall Decals Kids Rooms: Which sticks better to the wall? 

In conclusion, both vinyl and fabric decals can look like they are painted on the wall if done well.  Of course, they will stick to smooth and slightly textured walls, canvas, glass and doors.  However, the fabric ones tend to stick better than vinyl.  Notably, neither of these decals will stick to sand or perlite texture.

Tip For Applying Decal to a Wall

First, wipe wall with a dry, lint free cloth, but do not use paper towels or a wet rag.  In case of a recent paint job, it is best to wait at least two weeks.  Afterwards, wipe before applying the decals to the wall.


Wall Decals Kids Rooms Makeover Advantages

Mess free

Easier to use than paint

Neat results



Transforms a child’s room to make it bright and attractive

Stimulate kids creative thinking

Variety of themes for every taste

Easy to replace and redecorate rooms as necessary


Wall Decals Kids Rooms

Production Information

Red headed bird – 4″ x 4.6”               Bear – 6.5″ x 11.3”

Deer  9″ x 11.7”                                     Raccoon 1 – 7.5” x 9.9”

Raccoon 2 – 7.2” x 9.4”                      Owl – 5.5” x 8.6”

Porcupine – 5.9” x 7.5”                      Fox – 8.5” x 9.7”                                Bird 2 – 3.5” x 5.8”


Technical Details

Item weight Weight:  6.4 ounces

Product Dimensions: 13 x 3 x 3 inches


We want to make sure you’re happy with your experience at If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions please let us know.  Feel free to share this page or leave a comment below.


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Tree Wall Decals Removable

Print Stencils Letters

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Tree Wall Decals Removable

In general, Tree Wall Decals Removable offer a quick and easy way to add artistic style to any room.  In particular these decals are designed for fast and simple usage.  Forthwith you decorate and create your personal space within a short time.  This post review explains one of the best brand of Tree Wall Decals Removable.

Product Review

Product: RoomMates Birch Trees Wall Decals

Material: High Quality Vinyl

Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars

Best Place to Buy: Amazon

No doubt, RoomMates Birch Trees Peel and Stick Wall Decals add a unique touch to spruce up any space in your home.  Ideally, this woodlands theme looks absolutely adorable and makes the perfect addition to a child’s room or a nursery.  As a matter of fact, you can use them in any room, even kids bathroom.  Likewise they look very real and they stay on the wall quite well. Point is these decals create an impact.

Indeed, Tree Wall Decals Removable are great to accent any wall.  Of course you will have fun as you personalize your decoration.  As long as you use some form of creativity and design to place the leaves and branches, you will have an attractive look.

Consequently, you will receive many compliments from both family and friends.  In fact they will want to know who did the paint job.  To put it another way, that is how nice these Birch Tree Wall Decals look.  Watch the video below to see how you can decorate your space with RoomMates Wall Decals.



Pros: RoomMates Birch Trees Wall Decals

Superbly Realistic Design

On the edge of your creativity these Birch Tree Wall Decals are superbly realistic.  The tallest part goes from floor to ceiling.  As a result, they are a great addition to any room.  Surely these are gorgeous and well executed wall decals to make any room more interesting.

In general, if you or your kids enjoy the outdoors, you will love this woodland theme.  In particular, these decals are very sturdy and they are easy to apply to smooth walls.  Just peel ‘em’, stick ‘em’, create your design and have fun with your creativity.


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Beautiful Options

Indeed, these are really beautiful and there are options for your artistic expression.  For example, you can put them all together as shown in the picture, or make it your own loveliness.  To point out, you can mix these decals with some other sets of trees and birds and your creativity will be amazing.  Hence a nice change for the room.

Surely, you can cut them up and arrange them in unique ways in different rooms.  For example, you can buy only one package of three.  Then you can cut the trees in half and create the illusion of six trees.  Bear in mind though that you have to line up the different parts of the tree trunks.

Important to note that you can arrange and rearrange.  Albeit, they are easy to peel off the wall and easy to reapply if you make a mistake.  For instance, make them a little crooked for a natural look, or until you get the perfect design.  Just use your hand to press them firmly in place.  Then you can even outline them.


Gives Instant Finish

Key point to note about this product is that these decals give an instant finish to the wall the moment they are applied.  In case you put up wall decals in the past, and had problems with air bubbles, it is not so with these.  In the event that you have to remove them, they peel off easily if you make any mistakes.   Just reposition as often as you want until you get it right.

Certainly, Birch Tree Wall Decals transform and make kids rooms come alive.  As a matter of fact, they can actually be left in the room as kids grow up unless you want to change them every year.


Not Just For Walls

By the way, RoomMates Birch Trees Decals are not just for kids.  These are super fun in any guest room.  You can use them on any smooth, or flat surface.  In addition, you can use them for any DIY projects.

Use Peel and Stick Wall Decals to:

  • Style an accent walls
  • Show off your favorite characters
  • Modify the look of furniture: for instance tables and bookshelves
  • Decorate doors and closets
  • Beautify the refrigerator
  • Revitalize gallery walls
  • Modernize kids bedrooms, living rooms and other spaces

Safety Assurance

Rest assured that you can decorate with confidence knowing that the materials are free from harmful chemicals like phthalates and lead.  All in all then, they are safe to use.

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On the negative side, there is not much to say about these wall decals.

Clearly, they will not stick well to newly painted walls.  The ideal is to wait at least two weeks after painting before applying them.  Even though these decals make a beautiful decoration, they won’t stick 100% if you do not follow the directions to apply them.

There are no clear directions as to how you need to arrange the branches and leaves, but this is minimal.  In reality, you will have to use your own initiative to make the decoration yours, so just add a creative touch.

The trunk pieces do not line up exactly for a smooth natural transition, so you need to allow for overlap. In this case, they are probably designed just for that, but you can also trim the pieces.


To conclude this review, let me point out that these Tree Wall Decals Removable leave no residue behind, and are highly recommended.

Remember RoomMates Birch Trees Wall Decals are:

  • Versatile for any space
  • High quality vinyl print
  • Removable
  • Can reposition them
  • Can reuse them
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Does not damage the walls
  • Affordable
  • Style booster
  • Perfect for long or short term use

Product information

Product dimension: 40 x 18 inches

Item Weight: 11.7 ounces

Color: Multicolor

We want to make sure you are happy with your experience at If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions please let us know.


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