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Welcome to Art of Stencils Blog a place where you will find ideas about kids stencils for drawing, painting and other art activities to help stimulate their creative minds.  You will find recommended product reviews that will make it easier for you to make a choice when looking for art gifts and art tools for the little kiddos, and those adults who are still young at heart.

Artofstencils website seeks to promote products that can enhance kids creativity.  The recommended products are intended to help stimulate kids interest in being creative.  It is intended for kids to take a break from the mesmerizing technology.  It is a way to get them to use their hands to do other things that are beneficial to their well being.

Place to Browse

If you are involved in the nurturing of kids creative minds, then this is a place for you to browse.  The website is not limited to drawing stencils, even though I seek to promote them.   The activities here are all great for kids artistic exploration.  Each offer learning, creativity and endless hours of fun.  

The eyes of children should not be focused on electronic screens for hours.  They should also be closer to the real world with other interesting things to be involved in.  These recommended products start from early educational toys and up, even with the incorporation of playground stencils and how these can be used to help contribute to the health and well being of kids development.

Help improve children’s attention span by getting them to put their minds to other useful activities than just the electronics. The aim is to educate children to use your imagination in the creative process.  With these activities children can unleash their creative potential and they can learn valuable life skills.

Safety Comes First

The products that you will find on this website are all safe and worry free.  Not only are they durable, but also made from the highest quality materials that are non-toxic, and bpa- free materials.  They all meet toy safety standards for toddlers and kids 3+ years.  

Enrich Kids Imagination

You will find things to enrich kids imagination and enhance their cognitive and hands on ability. From promoting your child’s hand-eye coordination, development of fine motor skills to recognizing the most basic figures, letters, plants and animals, to teaching them how to match and make combinations.  The perfect place for all these.  

Promote your child’s hand-eye coordination, develop motor skills for the little ones , help through learning letters and number, as well as color recognition.

Art of Stencils

Here you can:

  • Create: Enhance children’s imagination
  • Play: Keep kids occupied at home or on the go
  • Educate: find ideas for kids to learn and develop artistic skills
  • Gift children an unforgettable childhood
  • Browse fun activities for young aspiring kiddo artists, suitable for preschool, older kids, teens
  • Bring some ingenuity to classroom corners and art activities
  • Find vibrant color activities to add life
  • Know which products can help to rev up kids artsy designs