Alex Toys Super Art Table Review

Alex Toys Super Art Table

Alex Toys Super Art Table is a wonderful addition to kids play area, or in the classroom.

In case you are looking for a beautiful table for kids art activities, then you will find the perfect one here.  In this post I share a review of Alex Toys Super Art Table, so I hope it will be easier for you to make a choice.

Notably, this kids art table comes with storage.  Assuredly you will be happy with the size of this one.  In fact, it is roomy and very well made.  The best thing is that you don’t have to worry about the children wrecking the dining table with markers, paints and other art supplies.

Alex Toys Super Art Table Review

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Product Type: Kids Art Table

Material: Hardwood

Manufacturer Recommended age:  3-years of age and older

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon

Star Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars

Seeing that the kids worked so well when seated at this Art Table I was immediately drawn to it. I hope this review will boost your decision to select the right table for your kids art and craft activities.  As a matter of fact, it is an all purpose work space at home.

Inside the Box

Alex Toys Super Art Table includes:

  • A paper roll
  • Child-safe paper cutter
  • Bright yellow canvas storage bin
  • 3 Removable storage cups
  • Assembly tool


Table measures: 52.5 inches wide x 18.75 inches tall x 27.75 inches deep

Benches measures: 32 ins. wide x 10.75 ins. tall x 11.5 ins. deep

Paper roll: 18-inch

Undoubtedly, this table is an ideal choice to do art crafts for kids.  Furthermore it serves as your kids inspiration to think of artistic ideas and show off their creative skills.

Alex Toys Super Art Table

All things considered, this award winning kids art table is designed to motivate kids imagination.  Equally, it is a great work station for homework, class projects, or just art work at home.

To point out, the chalkboard tabletop is a cool feature.  In fact, any color chalk will work well on the surface.  Certainly kids like to use chalk, right?  No doubt they will consistently draw on this every day.

 Pros: Award Winning Product  

Important to note that Alex Toys Super Art Table is a winner of Dr. Toy’s “100 Best Children’s Products” Award.  Equally, it is a NAPPA Gold Seal Award.  In addition to these awards, it is also an Oppenheim Toy Portfolio’s “Platinum Seal” Award winner.

Alex Toys Super Art Table is Durable 

After all, this solid table has attractive artist print that is appealing to children.  Granted that this table is made of sturdy hardwood it is perfect for kids to do many different creative activities.  Obviously, the construction is kid-friendly.  Undoubtedly, it will withstand many years of art crafts for kids as they put their busy hands to work.

Above all, the Alex Toys Super Art Table comes with two matching benches.  Additionally, a paper roll holder hangs under the table.  To point out, this hanging paper holder feeds a heavy-duty white paper through to the tabletop.

Easy to Assemble

First, this art table is super easy for adults to put together.  Besides, it comes with a nice screwdriver to attach the paper roll holders.  Note that four screws are needed.  To emphasize, most of the assembly is putting the legs on the table and the stools.

The best thing is that you just screw the legs on by hand, six for each stool and four for the table.  The next best thing is that the legs don’t ever fall off or become loose.  Certainly, they are very study.  Watch this short video for a demonstration.

Turn on Your Child’s Artfulness

In general, children can let their voice be heard through drawing and painting to show an expression of their creative world.  Truly, having the convenience of an art paper roll right at their finger tips is great. Surely, children can easily practice and develop their artistic skills, or complete a project.

Who knows where a table like this will take a child’s imagination?  Albeit, the development of children’s art skills can eventually make drawing a hobby for them.

Inspire Creative Thoughts 

Significantly, children’s imagination is enhanced when they do art and crafts.  In reality, an art table may be the answer to help stimulate and nurture their imagination. Likewise it is a boost for their originality in art.

Not to mention the features of the chalkboard surface, three recessed cup holes, three durable plastic cups that are removable, and a strong, bright yellow canvas bin for storage.  Kids can just unroll the paper, use the cutter and paper is ready for them to start their doodling, their coloring or painting which will lead to endless fun.

Express and Communicate 

In reality, some kids communicate their ideas through art especially when they are not very vocal.  To the end drawing is a wonderful outlet for them to let you know what they are thinking.

Enhances Learning Development 

In particular, art and crafts are creative and healthy activities to enhance kids learning, so let’s give them the tools that will help to do that.  For sure the result will be beautiful pieces of art for you to treasure forever.

Alex Super Art Table is Multi-Functional 

* Accommodates up to four pre-school kids

* Plenty of surface space for kids to work together

* Do projects both at home and at school

* Ideal for homework

*  Eat a meal

Easy Clean-up and Storage  

Regardless of how much creative work is done, clean-up is easy.  Storage of art materials is a breeze with the cups and canvas storage bag.  Bear in mind that the cups are removable and you can wash them easily.  The benches slide right under the table when not in use.


Like many products, there will always be a few faults.  Here are a few.

  • It is a bit pricy, so looking around for a lower price seems good.  The price seems to fluctuate and sometimes it may be available for up to $40.00 less.
  • Paper is used up very quickly, so a bigger roll would be ideal.
  • The paper moves around a lot, so some sturdy clips on either end would be good.   Anyway this little hitch can be easily solved by taping the edges.
  • Sometimes the kids use the storage bin for scraps, but it cannot be easily removed for them to dump the trash.

In conclusion, I hope you will look more at the benefits of having the Alex Super Art Table for your kids.  Children may even develop a global awareness as they explore ideas to increase their creativity for artwork.  Overall, children will strengthen their independence and their self confidence will grow.  As they learn these important skills, they are also enhancing their art and craft skills.

I hope that the review of this product will give you an extra push to take your kids creativity to another level.  Your child will use this art table for a number years.  I highly recommend this multi-functional  table for your kids.

A Word From the Manufacturer

“ALEX Toys Artist Studio Super Art Table – Black is a great way to introduce children to the creative world of art. Using the Super Art Table, your child will be encouraged to draw, paint and express their creativity. Having their own space to create and store their art supplies, they will learn the valuable skills to become more talented at arts and crafts as a whole.”

You are a big online shopper like myself.  Check here for the best price on Alex Super Art Table.  I hope you enjoyed the review and if you have any questions about this product or want to share your personal review, leave a comment below.

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