Best Kinetic Sand Kit (Everyone Rave About it) Review

Kinetic Sand Kit

Remarkably, a Kinetic Sand Kit stimulates kids imagination and enhances their creative and sensory skills.

Without a doubt, a Kinetic Sand Kit can help to inspire kiddos designing ability. That is to say, as they play with a Kinetic Sand Kit, they can create anything they imagine. Best of all, they can use the same kit and do it over and over again.

Let me hasten to say that playing with a Kinetic Sand Kit can be quite addictive. Maybe, it is because of the therapy benefits. In case you are looking for some therapy alternative to help kids, you can definitely try a kit like this.

With different brands on the market, this post focuses on some of the best choices. Apart from the fun, playing with this kind of sand helps with the development of fine motor skills too.

What’s A Kinetic Sand Kit?

Primarily, Kinetic Sand is 98% regular sand. Incredibly fascinating, the movement of the sand takes place because of the special materials that bind it. 

Essentially, it is like an imitation of wet sand which flows freely. Still, it doesn’t stick to your hands. Neither does it stick to things. Also, it does not dry out. Most notably, you can mold it, squeeze and shape it, squish it, and cut it easily. Yet, it only sticks to itself. 

Curiously, little kiddos want to know why. Definitely, trying to find out can become addictive. Truly, the sand feels like it is melting in your hands. Instantly, it is a great way for kids to have hands-on fun.

Best Kinetic Sand Kit (Everyone Rave About it) Review

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Product: Kinetic Sand, Folding Sand Box

Company: Kinetic Sand

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon

Recommended Age: 3 years and up

Star Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Specifically, this kit provides fun craft ideas. For instance, kids can sculpt various things like sea animals, use cookie cutters or just play with action figures. Amazingly, this sand clings well together. On and on, as you mold, shape, and squeeze, the sand remains perfectly wet. 


  • Safe

100% non-toxic, and hypoallergenic, the materials are “made with a special formula of real sand and polymers.”

  • Mess Free Contained Play Space

Though the sand feels wet, it doesn’t leave any mess on you. Rest assured that there is no sand to clean from your hands, your clothes or your hair. Furthermore, the molds is also mess free.

With this contained space, clean up and storage is easy. No matter how messy little kiddo get, they can easily gather the sand back into the plastic box. Just snapping it shut provides an easy storage. While on the go, you can even take it along with you.

  • Great Quality

More noticeable is that it does not break apart.

  • Lots of Fun Play

Because it is so versatile, kids have a blast as they mold, slice and shape this sand.

  • Never Dries Out

Since this is a special mixture of sand it does not dry out. Point in fact, it is never greasy either. Soft and easy to shape you can sculpt it with your hands or use the molds. Impressively, it holds its shape well even with incredible detail. Seeing that it doesn’t get dry or hard, you can keep building with it.

  • Therapy For Stress

Automatically, using kinetic sand breathes “addiction” into play. Quietly, kids just enjoy their play time, which is hard to stop. Simply offering an open-ended play experience, it can even be therapeutic for stress.

More Pros

  • Develops Fine Motor Skills

Whether little kiddos are squeezing or squishing Kinetic Sand, they are definitely strengthening their fine motor skills. Similarly, smashing, poking and even pinching can further help to strengthen those tiny muscles. 

Additionally, rolling it into balls or flattening it also helps with those muscles too. Then again, scooping or cutting it is also great for those tiny muscles. 

  • Improves Creative Skills

When kids build sand castles, pyramids and various animal figures, they are being creative. Surely, it’s magical to them, so they can make endless creations. Together with all the molds, tools and an extra-large play space, kids have enough room and freedom to express their creativity.

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  • Perfect Gift Idea

For indoor or outdoor play, this kit makes a perfect gift. Package includes: 

  • 2 pounds of Kinetic Sand
  • 5 molds
  • 2 tools
  • 1 folding sand box 


  • Not Enough Sand

Actually, if you want to build the same scene that is on the box cover, the amount of sand may not be enough to complete it. Probably, you can think about getting 2 kits.

  • No Handle For Easy Carry

Considering that you may want to take the kit while on the go, you don’t have the convenience of a handle. However, this is no big deal.

Product Information

Product Dimensions: 9.2 x 2.2 x 6 inches

Item Weight: 2.4 pounds

Shipping Weight: 2.4 pounds

Color: Sparkling Pink

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Enjoyable Indoor Play Sand

Product: Natural 5 Pound Refill Pack 

Company: CoolSand

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon

Recommended Age: 3 years and up

Star Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars

Package contents include:

  • 5 Pounds Enjoyable Indoor Play Sand
  • Storage Bucket
  • Inflatable Sandbox 

Want to keep stimulating kids creative skills? Using this kit is like bringing the beach sand to your home. As kiddos create amazing structures, their imagination can soar.


  • Educational

Besides just being a refill pack, this is an educational and sensory toy kit. Either mold it, pull it, slice it, shape it, this squeezable sand is hard to put down. 

  • Safe

Indeed, this sand is from 100% non-toxic materials. Plus, it is also gluten-free. Hence, it is quite safe for kiddos to use.

  • Relaxing and Calming

Together with friends and family, you’ll find this sand relaxing and calming. Providing hours of fun this kit can keep little kiddos busy for hours. 

By the way adults can also use it to relax and relieve some stress. It’s for all ages. Mold it, cut it, pinch it or just let it flow through your fingers for a relaxing feel. 

  • Versatile

Unlike some models, this refill pack comes with multiple colors to fit different themes and models. 

  • Easy To Work With

Owing to the fact that the sand does not break apart, it is easy to work with. Neither does it get hard. Rather, it remains soft as long as you are working with it. 

  • Long Lasting

On account that it doesn’t dry out, it can stay together for years. 

  • Mess Free

Similar to others, playing with this sand does not leave a mess for clean up. Accordingly, it only sticks to itself. Hence, your hands, clothes and even the molds won’t be messy. But if there are a few pieces lying around, you can actually take a bit of sand to pick up those pieces. 

Product Information

Product Dimensions: 7.7 x 5.5 x 5.3 inches

Item Weight: 5.71 pounds

Shipping Weight: 5.71 pounds

Color: Sparkling Pink

Concluding Thoughts

Overall, I highly recommend the kits in this post. Using a Kinetic Sand Kit is like a store full of special therapy. Providing hours of entertainment it stretches your imagination. And it is for everyone: kids of all ages and adults.

Once you experience it, you see why so many people rave about a Kinetic Sand Kit. No doubt, it is the squeezable sand you can’t put down. Uniquely, it oozes and flows through your fingers like liquid.


  • Sand Gets Wet

Allow Kinetic Sand to air dry if it gets wet. Eventually, the sand will return to its original texture. Not back to what it used to be? Adding a tip of water does the trick.

  • Keep Sand Away From Water

To prolong the use of your sand, you can store it in a plastic container with a lid. Remember to cover it tightly.

You are a big online shopper like myself. Amazon has the best price on any Kinetic Sand Kit. I hope you enjoyed the review and if you have any questions about a Kinetic Sand Kit or want to share your personal review, leave a comment below.

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Suggested Resources

Kinetic Sand, Castle Containers 10-Color Pack

Naturally, these 10 colors will captivate kids interest. So if you are looking for a great gift for boys and girls, this is a mesmerizing choice. Including in this package are ten 4.5-ounce castle-shaped containers of Kinetic Sand.

Moreover, the range of vibrant colors allow kids to be more creative as they mix, mold, squish and cut. Along with some white and brown in the package, this surely adds more to the creative fun. Being clean and safe, you can rest assured that the sand is non-toxic, gluten and casein free.

Really, this array of multi colored sand allows kids to realize their creative sand castle dream. “From brilliant neon colors to shimmering metallic ones that sparkle and shine,” kids can create the dream. Whatever they imagine can come to life.

AnanBros Play Sand, Magic Space Sand Castle Building Kit

Another kid-friendly squeezable sand is this Magic Space Sand Castle Kit. Again, kids can use the molds and tray to build sand castles and whatever they want to create.

Owing to the convenient use of the tray, kids can take this kit anywhere. Whether they want to create out in the yard, in the car or even the bedroom, making a mess is unlikely. 

Keep in mind that there is no need to add water or anything else. Due to the strength of the sand, it is quite easy to “arrange and mold.” Like other brands, this one also does not leave any residue on your hands. At the end of play, it’s like you didn’t touch sand at all.

Package Contents

  • 2 pounds Space Sand
  • 1 inflatable sandbox
  • 1 high-speed air pump
  • 10 regular castle molds
  • 4 large castle molds
  • 4 vehicle molds
  • 5 tool knives
  • 1 Space Sand storage bag
  • 1 after-sale service card

Construction Moving Sand Kit – Kenlaimi Play Sand for Kids

Magical and safe, this play sand for kids comes from eco-friendly and non-toxic materials. Based on some studies, sand play can help in the “development of kiddos sensory, visual and auditory abilities.” 

To a degree, this Construction Moving Sand Kit can help kids develop these strengths. Actually, this kit offers perfect play roles for little kiddos: Boys and girls can play 6 roles at the same time. 

Package includes

  • 2 pounds moving sand
  • 6 mini construction trucks (excavator, bulldozers, road roller, mixer truck, dumper truck, clay machine)
  • 2 small coconut trees
  • 10 road signs
  • 5 sand tools
  • 6 castle molds
  • 3 giant cool car molds (two styles)
  • 1 set of cleaning tool (small shovel, sand roller)
  • 1 foldable sand box

CoolSand Advanced Building Sand Molds & Tools Kit

Going to the beach with little kiddos? Apparently, these molds can come in handy. Considering that this kit includes 37 pieces, kiddos have more than enough for solo or group fun. Each of these beach toys have beautiful vibrant colors that kiddos love. 

Literally, there is no shortage for playtime fun. Whether at home or at the beach, kids can build a waterway, sand castles, ramps and towers. Naming just a few. Clearly, they can create buildings of all shapes and sizes. 

Pieces includes: 

  • Walls
  • Spires
  • Bricks
  • Towers
  • Tools 
  • Molds
  • (Does not include sand)

Kinetic Sand: Frozen Anna’s Birthday Play-set

Before all else, this kit is clearly one for little kiddos to “unleash the fun of Frozen Fever.” Kit includes:

  • 3 molds
  • 3 colors: Blue, Shimmering Gold and Shimmering white
  • 2 characters

Upon opening this kit, you can be assured that some kiddos will play for a good 30 minutes. Immediately, they may just want to mix all the colors together. Needless to say, all the sand becomes the same color. Matter of fact, kids seem to enjoy it better.

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