Best Drawing Games For Kids (Review)

Drawing Games For Kids

Drawing Games For Kids can light up a room with quality laughter among friends and family.

In case you are looking for a lively activity to lighten up the ambience in a room and start a party, Drawing Games For Kids are perfect. Assuredly, these games are great for parties, small team events, or just a group of friends who want to relax and be silly. Noting the compelling engagement of Drawing Games For Kids, their popularity remains largely undiminished. Key focus of this post shares a review of one of the best for the entire family.

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Basically, these games can start with drawings in a booklet and players guess what the drawings are. Needless to say this can be hilarious and the outcomes are so unforeseeable. Looking at all the sketches and taking poor guesses of the players’ drawing skills can make you laugh until you are in pain.

Given that the game is easy to play, it can bring a lot of laughter, joy, and even shock. Unquestionably, it provides bonding time with the family. Moreover, a game can have family members laughing like never before. Even though three rounds with 8 players can take about an hour or more, t is worth the play.

Best Drawing Games For Kids (Review)

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Product: Telestrations Original

Brand: USAopoly

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon

Number of Players: 8

Star Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars

Sketch and Guess with:

  • 142 ‘this side and that side’ cards
  • 1700 words and phrases
  • 8 erasable sketch books
  • 8 dry erase markers
  • 60 second sand timer
  • 8 clean up cloths

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How To Play and Laugh Out Loud With Telestrations

  • First of all, give each player an erasable sketch book, marker and word card. Choose a card to know the word or phrase to start with.
  • Each player gets 60 seconds to sketch what they see, then pass their book to the player on their left.
  • Next, that person guesses what you drew, then pass it on. Every player will take a few seconds to guess.
  • Once more, you set the timer and everyone draws the guess.
  • The game continues until everyone gets the sketch book.
  • Eventually, the game ends when the book gets back to the first owner who makes the big disclosure.

It is important to note however, that the best part of this drawing game is at the end of each round. When the little booklet makes it back to you, each person shares what happens with their word. As everyone shares their book and makes their big reveal, infectious laughter fills the room.

Watch this short video for a demonstration.

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No Winners and Losers: Drawing Skills Not Required

First of all, this drawing game does not require drawing skills. Just using stick figures and your sense of humor are enough for a great evening of fun. Ideally, this game works best with about 8 players because of the rotation.

To point out, this is not a competition game. That is to say, there are no winners or losers. Rather, it is a cooperative game and playing is an absolute blast. So if you have kids that focus on winning or losing, this game allows them to see that they can just have fun. Certainly, this game is very kid friendly and they love it.

Admittedly, playing Telestrations is a nice alternative from other competition games. Even though everyone laughs it is puzzling for some. Generally speaking, it is just great to see what players are thinking.

Entertaining Drawing Game

If you are looking for a very entertaining drawing game for friends and family, Telestrations is the game. For one thing, it brings out the crazy drawings. Even the stiffest guests can smile and laugh so much that their mouths hurt.

Of course, this game is a huge hit with just roaring fun. Regardless of how many players, it is hilarious. Matter of fact, the more players the more fun. By the same token, ages can range from 8 – over 80 years old.

As for the teenagers, their approach can take a different twist with their guesses. Surely, that adds more fun for everyone. Some players laugh so hard until they cry. Those silly pictures and guesses are what this game is about.


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Does Not Have Quitters

Unlike other games that have players quitting for one reason or another, this game does not have quitters. Chiefly, there is no pressure, no competition, and no downside. Each player builds off the next player’s turn.

Truly, the worse you draw, the better the game gets. Generally, the fun is seeing how people interpret your drawing. Best of all, the larger the number of players in the group the more drawings and interpretations you have. Besides, the guesses get wilder and crazier. Point is, players can let their guard down a bit.

Perfect For the Entire Family

For sure, Telestrations may very well be the best addition to your family game night. Truly, the entire family and friends can play this game over and over. Seeing that this is an award-winning party game, it is ideal for all ages, groups and gatherings.

Telestrations has everything you need. Most important is that you leave priceless memories with loved ones. Likewise, you can strike up new friendships with this game.

Whether you are having family parties, just having a fun evening with friends or trying to thrill a crowd, Telestrations is the number 1 laugh out loud (LOL) party game. Realistically, you can play 2, maybe 3 rounds a night and that’s a decent amount of family bonding time.


On the negative side, there isn’t much, but here are two observations to keep in mind.

  • Markers wear out quickly

Depending on how often you play and the number of players, the markers can go fast. Therefore, purchasing extra ones is a good idea.

  • The tips of the markers in the package are a bit too thick.

As a result, drawing can be sloppy and this eliminates small details. Considering that you are playing in a timed situation, it can be difficult to draw something worthwhile with these markers. Keep in mind that you can purchase fine tip markers which may work better.

Concluding Thoughts

On the whole, I highly recommend Telestrations as one of the Best Drawing Games For Kids. Since you can buy this game in different editions, my suggestion is that you get one for more players than you think you need. Editions are:

Key point is that once your playing circle knows about this game, you will have no problem getting everyone to play. Playing a round can go by quickly, and people can join in or leave between rounds. However, this does not affect play. Overall, this game is a fantastic concept, easy to play and super fun.

You are a big online shopper like myself. Amazon has the best price on the the Best Drawing Games For Kids. I hope you enjoyed the review and if you have any questions about the Telestrations or want to share your personal review, leave a comment below.

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