Best STEM Toys Kids Get Excited About (Review)

Best STEM Toys Kids Get Excited About

Best STEM Toys Kids Get Excited About are highly educational.

Apart from all the fun, Best STEM Toys Kids Get Excited About are many and varied. No doubt toys like these help to increase kids creativity.

Key focus of this post looks at some of the Best STEM Toys Kids Get Excited About. For sure, STEM Toys can trigger creative thinking in kids. Through coordinated play, kids can use these toys to improve their:

  • Hand – eye mastery skills
  • Fine motor skills development
  • Intelligent thinking
  • Problem solving strategies
  • Collaboration as a team
  • Social skills interaction
  • Creative thinking
  • Reasoning ability

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Best STEM Toys Kids Get Excited About (Review)

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Product: 163 Piece STEM Toys Kit

Company: Brickyard Building Blocks

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon

Recommended Age: 3 – 10 years

Star Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars

Included in this kit are:

  • Blocks
  • Dual-purpose Wrenches
  • Kid-friendly screwdriver
  • Movable wheels
  • Plates
  • Nuts and bolts
  • Full color guide with 42 designs

Firstly, this kit is a big hit with kids. Certainly, you will like the concept. Even little 3 year old kids are ready to screw in pieces. From building robots, race cars and helicopters to dinosaurs and other animals, kids can put their innovative thoughts to work. Whatever they want to create, the possibilities are endless.

Certainly, there are enough tools for 6 kiddos to work together on a project. Similarly, they can work individually. Starting with easy designs, kids grow with this kit and they can pursue more advanced projects.

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  • Intriguing Diagrams

Sure enough, kiddos find the diagrams easy to follow and the pieces are perfect size for little hands. Not only are the diagrams intriguing, but also the colors and the tools.

  • Very Colorful and Easy to Follow

Since the instruction sheet shows very colorful pictures, kids can figure out the pieces they need for each model. Rest assured that they will go above and beyond to create awesome projects. Truly, it is one of the best building kits for them to construct all types of vehicles. Moreover, their favorite creatures.

Following their creation, kids can use the tools to tighten the nuts and bolts in place. Needless to say, they can learn the proper direction to turn the screws. Likewise, attaching various parts together. And if their little hands can’t manage these tools, you can just show them how to use their fingers to turn the screws.

  • High Quality

Truly, this kit has quality building pieces for you and little kiddos to spend several hours building different projects. Usually, they want to create more after working on each one. Obviously, that’s an indication that they really enjoy constructing the models.

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More Pros

  • Super Engaging

Surprisingly, kiddos keep focus and can create for hours. Literally, even a 5-year old can build most of the items on the list. And that’s incredible.

  • Sturdy Storage Box

Not only is this storage box sturdy, but great to have little kiddos taking it to grand parents for the summer. Seeing that this box is a part of kids play, cleanup is always fast and easy.

So you don’t have to do any clean up. Such convenience makes it easy to keep everything together.

  • Safe

Due to stringent testing, the company makes sure the materials are 100% safe from harmful chemicals. Safety is #1 priority for Brickyard Building Blocks company. Certified and free from Phthalate, Lead, Cadmium, and BPA materials, you have the assurance that little kiddos are using safe materials. So the pieces are non-toxic and child friendly.

  • More Ways to Build

Having access to bolts and a built-in screwdriver slot, kids can use either the wrench or the screwdriver to build. All these tools allow more kids to play together.

  • Grows With Kids

With a full-color guide and 42 designs, kids can start building easy projects from age three. Certainly, as they get to age 4 – 6 years they take on the more challenging projects.

  • Easy to Wash

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On the negative side, here are two things to note.

  • Limited Pieces For Some

Even though there are many strip pieces, there are not enough blocks and screws. After building a few vehicles for instance, little kiddos may not want to dismantle them. Either the company could sell individual packs or include more blocks and screws in the kit.

  • Handling the Screwdriver

Another issue is that the tools are not age appropriate for some little hands. To put it another way, they are just not ready to use the screwdriver. However, showing kids how they can use their fingers to tighten the nuts and bolts can solve the issue.

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Product Information

Product Dimensions: 11.1 x 6.6 x 6.5 inches

Item Weight: 2.29 pounds

Shipping Weight: 2.48 pounds

Size: 163 pieces

Concluding Thoughts

Overall, this is one of the Best STEM Toys Kids Get Excited About. Forthwith, I highly recommend it. Being that this is a very creative kit, kids can definitely learn the fundamentals of building a project. For one thing, they can experiment with different models and build all kinds of creation. Of course, there are infinite possibilities, so it can occupy kids for long stretches.

You are a big online shopper like myself. Amazon has the best price on the Best STEM Toys Kids. I hope you enjoyed the review and if you have any questions about this product or want to share your personal review, leave a comment below.

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Suggested Resources

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STEM Club Toy Subscription: 5 – 7 year old kids

Again, kids have hands-on activities that can excite them as they experiment and explore. They practice simple math and complete activities that involve electrical concepts and earth science. This is where they can do various projects like creating dinosaur fossils.

STEM Club Toy Subscription: 8 – 13 year old kids

Based on physics, chemistry and engineering, these experiments can certainly engage up-coming scientists and engineers. Depending on the complexity of the projects, some adult assistance is ideal.


Piper Computer Kit 2: Teach Kids to Code STEM 

For kids who are curious about building their own computer, this is the kit they need. Most notably, kids do not need any to build their own computer. Everything from start to finish is ready for them to get going. From physical controls, switches, buttons and lights, kids can learn the foundations and build.

Granted that they are making progress, they can advance from coding basics to more challenging projects. While Piper Computer Kit helps kids to grow in confidence, they also have fun as they learn to code.

Ravensburger GraviTrax Marble Run and STEM Toy 

Notably, if you are looking for innovative and interactive activity for kids, this toy is a 2019 Toy of the Year Finalist. Similarly, it came out as one of the best products at the 2018 new York Toy Fair. Back then, it was featured on the television show: “Live with Kelly and Ryan.”

Particularly, the design allows kids to experiment with different forces like gravity and magnetism. Following the easy directions, kids can use their critical thinking skills and be creative. Furthermore, as they play and create they develop skills in reasoning, planning and problem solving.

ThinkFun Roller Coaster Challenge STEM Toy and Building Game

All in all, this game allows kids to think 3D. First, they use a 2D plan to build a 3D model. As a result, kids can watch how a little roller coaster car races down the track.


Ideally, this game can captivate the interest of kids who like to build things. Of course, they can experiment with different designs for the roller coaster. Using it as a marble run is really fun. Kids who show an interest in architecture and engineering will absolutely love this game.








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