Crayola Color Wonder Magic Light Brush Review

Crayola Color Wonder

Crayola Color Wonder Magic Light Brush allows kids to create colorful art magically. 

In case you would like kids to experience some magical artwork, the Crayola Color Wonder Magic Light Brush is worth a try.  Key focus of this post looks at the pros and cons of this beautiful paint set for kids.

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Product: Crayola Color Wonder Magic Light Brush

Company: Crayola

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon

Recommended Age: 3 years and up

Star Rating: 5 stars out of 5

Rest assured that this mess free paint kit is specially made with little kiddos in mind.

Besides that, the products in this kit are non toxic, so you can feel secure about the safety.  Furthermore, painting is not messy, a feature we all love.  Notably, it is just a different type of painting activity for a unique experience.

Certainly, the paints do not leave stain marks on the skin, clothes, or furniture, because they are designed specifically to work only on Color Wonder Paper.  Surprisingly, the colors emerge when you dip the magic brush in a paint pot.  Immediately, the bristles illuminate and show the color you choose before you put it on the paper.

Indeed, this product is creative magic.  Assuredly, it makes super awesome pictures, and keeps kids engaged.  To emphasize, the brush lights up in each paint to match the color, and this is so cool.  No doubt, it provides kids  with hours of fun.

Watch the short video for a demonstration.


Crayola Color Wonder Magic Light Brush Review

A Glance

No stain paints

Mess free paints

Magic brush lights up with the color you are working with

Requires 3-AA batteries (not included) and a small screwdriver to open the battery holder.

Recommended age: 3 and up

In the Package

Magic Light Brush

6 classic Color Wonder paint pots (red, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple)

18 sheets of Color Wonder Paper




Wonderful Gift

Looking for a gift idea? Crayola Color Wonder Magic Light Brush makes a wonderful gift for kids and even adults.

Create Colorful Paintings

In particular, this kit allows kids to create colorful paintings in a non traditional way.  In the first place, just dip the Magic Light Brush in a paint pot.  Surprisingly, the light brush illuminates magically.  Then use the brush to paint vibrant images on the Color Wonder paper.

Boost Inspiration

There is no doubt that the Crayola Color Wonder Magic Light Brush inspires kids imagination.  For one thing, they have to work on Color Wonder paper to paint their picture.  Truly, a beautiful image emerges brightly before their very eyes.

Light Brush Works Magically 

Notably, the Magic Brush lights up when you dip it in a paint pot.  Dip the brush in the red paint pot and the bristles turn red.  Again, dip the brush in the yellow paint pot and the bristles illuminates in yellow.

Markedly, with this magic brush you see the color of the paint before you put it on the paper.

Create Beautiful Masterpiece

Granted that the kit comes with 18 pages of of Color Wonder Paper, kids will have lots of fun painting several art masterpiece.  Important to realize is  that this paper is specifically designed to use with the Color Wonder paints.

Of course kids can show off their painting in their preferred room around the house.

Minimal Mess

Another key point to note is that the paints in this kit are clear, and is a gel like mixture.  Specifically, it is designed so you only see it on the Color Wonder page.  In case the paint gets on a different type of paper, it appears clear.  In light of this, it is an easy clean with just a damp cloth wipe.  Surely, after this activity there is little or no mess to clean up.


On the negative side, here are a few things to bear in mind.

  • This product doesn’t come with the required AA batteries, so if you do not have them readily available you can’t start painting right away.
  • You need to keep refill paper and paint especially if kids use this product often.
  • Brush needs cleaning after you use each paint color, so have a small container of water or damp cloth ready.  You don’t want everything mixing like mud, right?

Despite the few negatives though, Crayola Color Wonder Magic Light Brush is a great product for painting.  It must be remembered that it is a non traditional way of painting, a new experience for kids.  In fact, it comes in handy as a special once a week activity, and is ideal for rainy days.

Product Information

Product Dimensions: 13 x 11 x 3.4 inches

Item weight: 1.7 pounds

Shipping weight: 1.7 pounds

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