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Soft Play Furniture are perfect for creating your kids safe space for play.  Significantly every piece is for kids to have fun while developing the fine motor skills.  Additionally they learn colors too.  In this post I will look at some of the best pieces of Soft Play Furniture for young children to enjoy.  Again, I look at the Foamnasium brand.

Product: Foamnasium Toddler Step

Company: Foamnasium

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon

Star Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars

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Foamnasium Toddler Step 

Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars

Do your little kiddos love to climb on everything?  Are you looking for great Soft Play Furniture to help build your child’s imaginative skills?  How about little steps for little legs?

Notably here is the Foamnasium toddler step which is awesome for tiny climbers, and just right for little ones learning to take steps.  Important to realize with this Soft Play Furniture is the safety for kiddies.

Handy Indeed

Let me emphasize that this will make a fun addition to any toddler’s playroom.  In the first place, this comes in handy to teach little ones the fundamentals of raising their feet to go up the steps.  Straightaway they will be climbing them.  In like manner, you will be kept busy watching and encouraging each step.

Designed especially for toddlers it is just the right size for them to sit, and climb on.  A foam step is an excellent piece of Soft Play Furniture.



Obviously these toddler steps will make great addition to the playroom at home, school or church.  Like other Foamnasium pieces, they are high quality and just as durable, so your toddler can enjoy play.

Definitely this is a must have for infants.  Significantly their laughter and giggling will be priceless as they sit and climb over these steps.  After all they are great learning tools for infants, so let them enjoy this time.

Add this Soft Play Furniture to your kids playroom and rev up their enjoyment.  Create kid-friendly obstacle courses with blocks or a tunnel and make it a truly wonderful playground.

Great Motor Skills Enhancer

What a fun way for kids to strengthen developing gross motor skills.  Certainly these toddler steps will help kids develop their moving skills in a fun way.  Toddlers do love climbing so these steps keep them engaged.  As can be seen when they step up and down, it is a feeling of accomplishment.

Pair your toddler step with other Foamnasium products and create obstacles for climbing, building, and crawling.  Pair it with a slide and little kiddos can even roll.

Safe Material  

Significantly, the anti-microbial and anti-bacterial protection are unique features.

Soft Play Furniture are Multi-purpose

Other key points to note with these open ended steps include:

* Good for baby and toddler gymnastic class

* Help with balancing and core strength

* Stepping stool to get on the bed, couch and chairs

* Convert to a make shift eating table

* Cool out on it as a lounge chair

* As a bench for multiple toddlers

* Put it by a window so your little kiddos can climb up and look out.

* Sitting, standing and jumping

So Versatile  

* Relax and read:

* Play area for toys when playing with them

* Helps kids to learn colors

* Combine with a wedge to extend climbing and rolling fun

* Show your toddler how to slide car toys on them.

* Show them how to climb up a wedge and sit.

* Use as a shoe rack.

* Rest for sippy cup while little kiddos roam around the rest of the play area.

* Carry it from one room to another at your convenience.


On the negative side, there are a few caveats.

  • By all means these are a bit pricey, but when compared to similar products, pricing is about the same and the quality is better.
  • Some buyers think that the foam could be a little more rigid, while others think that it’s a bit too soft.
  • They can tip over if not placed against something, so adult supervision is required especially for very early standers.
  • The vinyl material may not be as durable as suggested, but even so many parents believe that these are excellent products to help their toddlers develop.  The negatives do not discourage them.

Regardless of the faults, here are a few responses from some satisfied buyers.  Indeed these are are encouraging.

High Quality Materials 

“The color is nice and vibrant and the materials are high quality. I was initially hesitant to spend almost $40 for a piece of foam covered in vinyl, but they were well worth the money. Ours are set up on carpet most of the time so they slide around easily, but they are made with a rubber backing so they won’t slide as easily on hardwood or tile. They also have a little handle on the back that makes them easy to pick up and rearrange. My little boy first started showing interest in them when he was 7 or 8 months old and they’re very popular with our friend’s 7 and 8 year old, so hopefully we will get many years of use out of them!”

Learned to Climb

“My 10 month old just LOVES these steps! The first day that I put it out for her she learned immediately how to climb up them before she even learned how to toddle around on her own. They are sturdy enough to support her weight, but soft enough to where I don’t have to be concerned if she tumbles on them. The only thing I would advise is to be there to watch them play with this toy, you never know how they will decide to explore.”

“My toddler loves this! He will climb on it for as long as his little attention span holds.  He loves climbing the steps and sliding down the wedge. Definitely ordering more from Foamnasium!  After comparing prices, Foamnasium was the best option. It’s still very new to us but appears to be great quality.  It does not velcro together, but Velcro is so inexpensive to buy and easy to apply that I’ll be adding that to our pieces. I love that it’s lightweight and can easily be stored in the corner when not in use.”


“We bought these steps for our 16 month old, hoping she would climb them and not our actual stairs. We still have a gate up by the stairs, but they do fascinate her enough to where she sits and climbs on them instead of trying to get through the gate to the real stairs like before.”

“Perfect for toddlers, pre-k and kindergarten kids!”

You are a big online shopper like myself.  Click here for the best price on this Soft Play Furniture hope you enjoyed the review and if you have any questions about the Foamnasium Toddler Step or want to share your personal review, leave a comment below.

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