Best LEGO Games For Kids (Supercharge Problem Solving Skills) Review

LEGO Games For Kids

Undeniably, LEGO Games For Kids can help with problem solving skills while having fun.

LEGO Games For Kids allow parents who want to spend time gaming with their children to do so in a family fun way. Markedly, LEGO Games For Kids can be captivating. Typically, some of these games are not just for kids, but adults play them too.

Unlike some other video games, you’ll most likely find that these games are perfect for the whole family. Thereupon, it is easy for the younger kiddos to play and enjoy these games. Key focus of this post brings to you a review of a few of the best family friendly ones.

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Best LEGO Games For Kids (Supercharge Problem Solving Skills) Review

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Product: LEGO Marvel Collection

Company: Warner Bros

Platform: PlayStation 4

Cheapest Place To Buy: Amazon

Star Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB): Everyone 10+

Release Date: Mar 12, 2019 

First of all, this collection has 3 of the most enjoyable games for kiddos. Primarily, the collection includes all the LEGO Marvel games. Likewise the downloadable content (DLC). All 3 games come on one disc, so kiddos who are Marvel fans can have a blast. For each game, 2 players can play locally. Basically, the screen splits in half and adjust as both players move around. 

In case you want to introduce kiddos to these games, you can definitely choose this collection to give them a start. No doubt, this LEGO Marvel Collection offers age appropriate games for kiddos to play. Watch this short video for a little inspiration.

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Collection For The Whole Family

Let me hasten to say that some people may consider some parts of this collection to be a bit too fierce for kiddos. Point in fact, it is not anything gruesome. To some degree, it’s more on the goofy side. So having an older sibling or adult to join in the game is a good idea. Matter of fact, the whole family can enjoy this collection. 

Significantly, the story lines are great, and the collection is really kid-friendly. Quite noticeable is that kiddos have fun collecting LEGO coins. Henceforth, they always want to play more often than their allotment time.

Helps With Problem Solving

Without a doubt, players always want to complete a game. At times, kiddos have to do some problem solving to reach that goal. Correspondingly, there are puzzles to solve. After solving the problems, kiddos can get bricks, and extra points. Come what may, these points can surely stimulate kids interest as they try to earn them. 

After all, the 3 games are on one disc. Accordingly, this makes it so much easier to switch between games. Hence, there is no need to remove a disc and insert another.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

Product: LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

Company: Whv Games

Platform: X box One

Cheapest Place To Buy: Amazon

Star Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars

Rated: Everyone 

Probably, this is one of the easiest LEGO Games For Kids. Simply, this game features the earliest story with all the Marvel families. Moreover, the entire game is super fun with 2 people playing. Apart from switching between characters, players can also control them. 

Pointedly, players can explore New York and the various levels in open world mode. Furthermore, players will want to try and stop the Marvel villains from putting a super weapon together. Likewise, players can “chase down Comic Bricks as they travel to visit key locations from the Marvel universe.”

Is your little kiddo into Marvel and not just the avengers? Assuredly, this is a great game for them. Especially if kiddos like playing a specific game over and over for weeks, this is great. Beyond question, this game is one of the best LEGO installments.

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  • Appropriate For Children

Even when little kiddos struggle with other games, they can get through this one. Mainly, there are hints on the screen to help them as they play. Certainly, this does not mean that it is too easy for older kids. 

  • Entertaining 

By and large, it is seriously one of the most amusing games that kiddos enjoy. Really, it’s creative fun, for adults too. On the whole, each action is quite satisfying.

  • Offer Challenges

Seeing that the puzzles vary in complexity, there are some that can be a challenge. Point in fact, the levels are not overly difficult. Actually, there are about 4 – 5 different attacks and powers for each character. 

  • Many Characters

Having a huge open world, and over 100 characters, players can even create their own superheroes. Not to mention the humorous voice acting. 

Excitedly, little kiddos may just want to share their favorite part of the game with you. Like the funny blue guy who has the 4 on him changing into different things. Or the favorite part can be the map that helps them to find golden bricks and people. Whatever they choose, that part is really special to them.

More Pros

  • Great Time Killer

Looking for a great time killer? Surely, this game offers a lot for players to do. Seeing that the main story mode offers many hours of playtime, this game is huge. 

  • Provides Lot Of Action

Besides the main games, there are multiple side games to complete. Plus, there are characters to unlock. Not to mention that there are secrets to uncover. Literally, there are many characters and varying abilities. Needless to say, the game provides a lot of action comedy.


  • Minimal Glitches

Sometimes there may be a glitch or two. Obviously, this cuts back on your progress. Nevertheless, this is minimal for some players. 

  • Can Only Save Progress In Designated Stages

Depending on your last saved position, this can be time-consuming. Taking up to an hour or more. 

  • No Challenge For Experienced Game Players 

Clearly, if you like challenging games, this is not the most suitable one for advance players.

LEGO DC Super-Villains

Product: LEGO DC Super Villains 

Company: Warner Bros

Platform: PlayStation 4

Cheapest Place To Buy: Amazon

Edition: Deluxe

Star Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars

Rated: Everyone 10+

Another solid addition for kids game collection is this DC Super Villains. Coupled with great graphics and a lot to uncover, 2 players can have fun together. Matter of fact, you can switch players while playing. More than that, you can play this game offline too. 

For the most part, you really can’t go wrong with this game for kids. While it provides hours of entertainment, it offers some challenge. Ideally, the entire family can take turns and have fun. 

Though the story line may not be very plain, the game is still engaging and fun. Amazingly, there is the open world map with 7 main places to explore. Then there are even more sub areas you can enter and explore. 

Sure enough, there is a lot to keep players busy. It’s a ton of fun to play and unlock all the awesome characters.


  • Glitch Problem

Similar to other games, a glitch may just happen in the middle of play. One minute you are doing something and it may just disappear. Evidently, it is hard to continue the current mission or to progress in the story. 

To rectify the issue, it is easier to just close the game completely and restart it. Notwithstanding the glitches, this is still a fun LEGO game.

LEGO City Undercover

Product: LEGO City Undercover 

Company: Warner Bros

Platform: PlayStation 4

Cheapest Place To Buy: Amazon

Star Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars

Accompanying background music and positive content make this game a really cool one. Taking everything in mind, it has a great mission story which is quite funny. Rest assured that there are lots of missions and sub missions. With great split screen gaming, you can play for hours. 

Again, this game is open world and there’s a lot of extended play outside of the story line. Sure, this game is hilarious for little kiddos. Those who find cars fascinating will adore this game. Playing together or solo, the missions are extensive. 

Comparatively, it stands up well to many other games. Offering many hours of fun with the story levels, the challenges and the free play levels, this game is family friendly indeed. 

What’s really nice is that it hits the mark on staying appropriate for the kids. At the same time, this game is not unduly childish. Hence, adults do get a laugh too.


  • May Have Pop Up Glitches

Of course, glitches disrupt the game. As a result, it can be hard to figure out what to do throughout the main story line. Take for instance, losing a brick near the end of your play. Just when you need to have a perfect score, it’s gone. 

  • Snags From Camera and Controls

Concluding Thoughts

Despite the few glitches that may occur, these LEGO Games For Kids are a complete blast. Considering the features of each game, there are many characters showcasing different skills. Right off the bat, these are great games to add to any games collection. 

Overall, these LEGO Games For Kids are ideal for newbie gamers. Even advance players get in on them too. Therefore, I highly recommend them to diversify any game collection. 

You are a big online shopper like myself. Amazon has the best price on LEGO Games For Kids. I hope you enjoyed the review and if you have any questions about these games or want to share your personal review, leave a comment below.

We want to make sure you’re happy with your experience at If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions please let us know. Feel free to share this page. 

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Throughout kids creative building experience, these blocks can help to foster their playtime. Beginning with a story starter, you can get kids creativity going with these blocks. For instance, they can create toy trains, cool tiger figurines, an “undersea adventure or a day at the zoo.” 

Important to realize that this Creative Brick Box encourages endless building possibilities. Remarkably, kids can spend hours engaging in role-play as they build.

Building Blocks For Any Age

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For creative construction and vehicle play, kids have 

  • Windows
  • Toy eyes
  • 18 tires
  • Toy wheel rims 
  • Plus the container as toy storage

LEGO DUPLO Jurassic World Gentle Giants Petting Zoo (24 Pieces)

Firstly, this building kit for little kiddies can help to develop their hand-eye coordination. Since the pieces are fun and easy for tiny hands, toddlers can build their fine motor skills as they play. 

As Toddlers explore and learn with these blocks, they are mastering their construction skills. Particularly, they imagine, they create, and rebuild the baby dinosaur in different ways. Especially for toddlers who love dinosaurs, the pieces are easy for them to manipulate and put together. 

Featuring in this set are:

  • 2 baby dinosaurs (a Triceratops and a Diplodocus)
  • Jurassic world fencing
  • A swinging bridge
  • Palm tree 
  • Accessories (a camera, flowers and a Jurassic world icon brick) 

Making a great addition to other Duplo sets, little kiddies enjoy playing with the swinging bridge. Realistically, it does swing like a “real rope bridge.”

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