Wall Decals Kids Rooms

Wall Decals Kids Rooms

Wall Decals Kids Rooms Review: Fabric or Vinyl?  Which material is better to enhance the look of those empty walls?  First thing to bear in mind is durability.  For one thing, good Wall Decals Kids Rooms are removable and fabric ones are especially durable. That is to say they can peel off the wall without causing any damage.  In this post, I look at the pros of using fabric Wall Decals Kids Rooms.

It must be noted though that vinyl decals are not reusable, unless they are very strong and of high quality.  In fact, if they are not durable, they stretch and tear easily when you try to reposition them.  Those that I have bought are a ‘no, no’ for repositioning.

On the other hand, fabric decals are stronger and it is hard to stretch them, more-so to tear them.  In like manner, you can wet the fabric decals, and scrunch them up.  Then you can easily reposition them.  To put it another way, you can adjust them without any damage.

As a matter of fact, if you move house, and you really love your fabric decals, then take them along with you too.  Clearly then, purchasing fabric decals is more efficient.

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Wall Decals Kids Rooms Review

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Product: Forest Animals Fabric Wall Decals

Company: Sunny Decals

Rating: 4.9 out of 5 stars

Best Place to BuyAmazon

Assuredly these forest animal decals are absolutely beautiful and will delight little kiddies.  In particular, this set consists of 9 animals and includes birds, bear and owl.  Each decal is super cute and stick perfectly even on rough textured walls.  You can remove them easily from walls and of course you can reuse them.  In light of this, you can reposition them.

In case you are thinking about decorating a wall in your child’s room or at a daycare center, these are of the highest quality.  No doubt children will love these animal stickers.  As a matter of fact, don’t be surprised if you hear little kiddos babble and even talk to their new animal friends.

A Glance

Made in the USA

Non Toxic

Easy Peel and Stick

Use on Textured Walls

Removable and Reusable

Perfect For Kiddies Rooms

Surely, these wall decals are perfect for kids nursery, playroom or school.  Rest assured that they can be cleaned, removed and reused time and time again.  By all means, you can put these decals on the wall, above baby’s crib, near a reading nook, or a changing pad, and even near the light switch.  The point here is that little kiddies will be looking curiously at these images and babbling after them.

Notably, these forest wall decals are made specially with kids safety in mind.  Certainly, they are eco friendly and are made from non toxic materials.  A key point to note is that they are made in Los Angeles, California, right here in the USA.

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On the positive side, there are several good points to note about this brand.

Safety:  Sunny Decals is all about keeping kids safe.  No wonder they focus on fabric materials that are non toxic, Phthalates free, BPA and PVC free.

Durable:  Additionally, the eco solvent inks in the materials help to curtail shrinking, and curling, also stretching.  Surely, these decals are made from high quality materials which are thick and strong, so they do not tear easily.  For sure they are well crafted, and will last even after the kids touch them constantly.

Ideal For Different Surfaces: Because these decals are made with a thick material, it is easier to work with them.  They stick well on textured drywall, any non-porous surfaces effortlessly, and works  perfectly with semi-gloss paint, any color on the wall.  Furthermore, you can also put them on canvas paintings to give an extra touch.

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Easy Application:  Forest Animals Fabric Wall Decals are quick and easy to apply to any wall.  In fact, there are no annoying bubbles to contend with, no need for any tools, just peel and stick them to even popcorn textured walls.

Beautiful Finish: No doubt, these decals give a matte finish looking like a mural painted on the wall.  Of course, there is no residue to clean.  Alongside these, you can also use them with another theme like woodland creatures for example, or just paint a forest scene on the wall and add them in.

Remove and Reuse: In like manner, these decals are not for one use only, and then dispose of them.  You can remove them without stripping the paint, or cause any damage to the walls.  Thereafter, you can reposition and reuse them over and over.  In the event that they should curl and stick together, you can easily pull them apart.


All things considered, there is not much to to go against these Wall Decals Kids Rooms.  However, one thing I have noted is that there could be a few more pieces in the set.   I also think that it is a bit pricey, but given the high quality I will understand.

Which Sticks Better To The Wall? 

In conclusion, both vinyl and fabric decals can look like they are painted on the wall if done well.  Of course, they will stick to smooth and slightly textured walls, canvas, glass and doors.  However, the fabric ones tend to stick better than vinyl.  Notably, neither of these decals will stick to sand or perlite texture.

Tip For Applying Decal to a Wall

First, wipe wall with a dry, lint free cloth, but do not use paper towels or a wet rag.  In case of a recent paint job, it is best to wait at least two weeks.  Afterwards, wipe before applying the decals to the wall.

Makeover Advantages

  • Mess free
  • Easier to use than paint
  • Neat results
  • Affordable
  • Removable
  • Transforms a child’s room to make it bright and attractive
  • Stimulate kids creative thinking
  • Variety of themes for every taste
  • Easy to replace and redecorate rooms as necessary

Production Information

  • Red headed bird – 4″ x 4.6”
  • Deer  9″ x 11.7”
  • Raccoon 2 – 7.2” x 9.4”
  • Porcupine – 5.9” x 7.5”
  • Bird 2 – 3.5” x 5.8”
  • Bear – 6.5″ x 11.3”
  • Raccoon 1 – 7.5” x 9.9”
  •  Owl – 5.5” x 8.6”
  • Fox – 8.5” x 9.7”

Technical Details

Item weight Weight:  6.4 ounces

Product Dimensions: 13 x 3 x 3 inches

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