Freehand Drawing or Stencil Art

What is Your Preference? Freehand Drawing Techniques or Stencil Art Templates

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What is Your Preference? Freehand Drawing Techniques or Stencil Art Templates?  Is freehand drawing techniques for kids better than stencil art templates?  Should we only encourage kids to be original with their drawing?

Art Development Stage

Certainly, children naturally go through a stage of scribbling, but not everyone will start at the same age. Some do it earlier than others. This doodle art drawing stage is where they experiment with marks on paper, the floor or on a wall.

Undoubtedly as children practice, their grasp of a pencil or crayon gets stronger.  They draw circles and lines that are more pronounced.  Later, these kids drawing pictures become people.  Then they add more details to these pictures: like hands, fingers and eyes.  Specifically, children are just doing a representation of their thoughts.



Doodle Art Drawing
Doodle Art Drawing


 Kids Unique Artwork

Whenever a child does a piece of art, it is unique to them.  As the years go by, some show their confidence and enjoyment of easy drawings for kids step by step, while others think that they can’t draw, and the interest isn’t there anymore.

In reality, some children are born artist, so creative skills and critical thinking come naturally to them. On the other hand, some kids struggle to draw.  However if given the right tools their skills can be developed.  So how do we enhance the skills of these budding artist with some cool drawing ideas for kids?

Surely, not all children want to do original drawings.  So of course we should provide an alternative for those who may be frustrated and have difficulty putting pencil on paper to complete a drawing task.


Freehand Drawing Techniques or Stencil Art Templates

What is Your Preference? Freehand Drawing Techniques or Stencil Art Templates

Stencil Art Helps 

By all means I used drawing stencils with kids to encourage those who have difficulty drawing freehand. It helps to boost their self confidence, and it allows them to know that drawings indeed fun and creative.

After all, kids stencils are too rigid for children, you may argue.  Obviously, they are just pre-drawn outlines that place a limit on a child’s creativity.  Albeit, let us look at the bigger picture.  These drawing stencils can help with the development of a child’s visual perceptual skills, likewise development of fine motor skills.

When a child uses drawing templates, they are confined to tracing along an outline of a pattern. The child then proceed to color or paint the design that is drawn.  They do so within the outline that they draw. The child’s hand movement is confined to that work space. In doing this the child is using visual perceptual skills.

On the other hand, whether children are involved with freehand drawing techniques or using stencil art templates, the fine muscles in the their hands, arms, fingers and wrists are also being developed.  Give the gift of creativity with Green Kid Crafts!


What is Your Preference? Freehand Drawing Techniques or Stencil Art Templates?


Why are some people against the use of kids stencils for drawing?  Some believe that they are not a true picture of kids original drawing. They further believe that doing such an activity is stifling to kids creativity, so they don’t encourage using them.

But I will argue for those kids who think that they can’t draw, and would like to use them.  Notably, they provide cool drawings for kids and this is a push start for them.  Additionally, it is an opportunity for them to draw something that is refreshing, something that they can look at and feel a sense of accomplishment, something that they think is creative.



To emphasize, kids with the artistic mind must not feel that their original drawing does not look as good.  This is where our encouragement, our praise, and our appreciation for every piece of art work done by each child comes in.


 Drawing is More Than Fun

Have you ever noticed the art kids draw? Do you notice how focused they are on their own freehand drawing, or stencil art for kids? Have you taken note of the expression on the faces? Many times it’s an expression of focus, of fun and of satisfaction.


Drawing enhances kids learning.  As they draw and color their pictures, they are learning about colors, how they go together, and how they can express themselves with these colors. Their art tells a story, and if you ask them to do so they will. This may very well lead to an enhancement of their creative writing skills, a rewarding activity you will cherish.




Art Kids Draw
Art Kids Draw 


What is your preference?  Freehand Drawing Techniques or Stencil Art Templates?  Share your thoughts.  Leave a comment below and let us know.



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10 thoughts on “What is Your Preference? Freehand Drawing Techniques or Stencil Art Templates

  1. Jen June 4, 2017 at 1:15 pm

    I loved stencils growing up. Stencils give someone who does not have the ability to “see” a completed picture something to start with. It gives them self confidence. They can take their stencil art and eventually will be compelled to add to their art with freehand. This allows non artists to be able to come up with something halfway beautiful in their eyes and encourage further exploration. I am pro stencil all the way!

    • Carol June 5, 2017 at 3:44 pm

      I am with you on this one Jen. Stencils are a good starter for kids who struggle with freehand drawing. That’s what I used to encourage students in my class to use. Today, they are doing beautiful pieces of art freehand. I am glad I introduced stencil art to them.

  2. Louise June 5, 2017 at 11:32 am

    A thought-provoking post. I think the key here is to give children the choice – they will soon gravitate to one method or the other and pick the one they enjoy the most.

    As you say, some children will struggle more with creativity so having a stencil would be perfect for this. The ones that prefer without at least still have the option.

    • Carol June 5, 2017 at 3:53 pm

      Sure Louise, giving kids the choice is great. Some kids use both. They will start off with freehand drawing, then use a stencil to accent their image, or visa versa.

  3. SmileAfresh June 5, 2017 at 10:20 am

    Hi Carol,
    What’s my preference between freehand and stencil drawing for kids? I’d say freehand.
    This is because I like the challenging bit of it leads to more fulfilling results once a kid succeeds in their project. However, if failure comes, they tend to feel so bad. But then, you are able to tell them that all art is art- even a bad crayon/pencil/paint work is beautiful art to another person.

    When templates are used, more work is accomplished, and successful results are easily predictable. However, dependability on the template limits a kid.
    That’s my take, though!

    • Carol June 5, 2017 at 4:18 pm

      Freehand drawing can surely be fulfilling, and so can stencil art. I always think that any art done by kids is beautiful as it is an expression of their thoughts and imagination. Drawing templates do have limitations because it is not the child’s original work, but they can be used to encourage those that struggle with drawing. After drawing the outlines, kids can put their own spin on it.

  4. Isam June 5, 2017 at 12:55 pm

    Dear Carolbinger
    The website is very nice, the post Idea to compare both Freehand Drawing Techniques or Stencil Art Templates, I think it is a matter of how you feel! in any of them, if you feel good in free hand you can do with well if not you can choose Stencil art, I feel good with free hand since opening our eyes to see the painting and colors, many questions rise up in my head.
    what about the self-confident in both?
    what about to use both of them by developing more better templates?
    well job keep going
    with best regards

    • Carol June 5, 2017 at 4:08 pm

      It sure is a matter of choice Isam. There is no doubt that freehand can be more expressive. It’s best to do the one you feel most comfortable with, or combine both. Both freehand drawing and stencil art can help to boost one’s confidence.

  5. Judith June 9, 2017 at 6:31 pm

    Aside from the positive benefits of using stencils and/or are for the psyche of the child, they can be fun! My children are Gen X. So they/I missed out on the computer from birth category.
    Even then, there were so many distractions. Neither were naturally artistic. But, given the opportunity, they would colour and draw. When they were at an age where they could use a stencil, they enjoyed it. I believe it helped with their feelings of success and completion

    • Carol June 10, 2017 at 7:07 am

      I am almost sure that your children will pass it on to their kids because they know it can be an enjoyable activity.

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