Klutz Stencil Art Book Kit Review

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Klutz Stencil Art Book Kit allows you to make perfect shapes with plastic stencils.  By and large, it is all about shapes and space.  Presumably, you are you looking for an easy stencil book for kids to create amazing art. Right?

Actually with the Klutz Stencil Art Book Kit, kids use easy stencil designs to create admirable pieces of art.  Undoubtedly, they get creative and decorate handmade greeting cards, invitations, scrapbook pages and complete artwork themes.

Take a Glance




Klutz Stencil Art Book Kit Possibilities

At first glance, Klutz Stencil Art Book Kit looks neat.  Admittedly it has a lovely cover.  Specifically, kids do fun things in it.  There are dabbers with matching paint to make it a reality.

Straightaway the cover opens up to an attractive, colorful book on the right.  Moreover, there are stencil art designs all over it.  Immediately you think of endless possibilities to do with this stencil art book kit.

On the left side there is information on what is inside the kit.  As soon as you open it, what do you see?  Of course, all the good stuff to create art is right there.  Instantly kids stencil their designs right in the book.  To emphasize, they replicate the stencil designs and create stunning art pieces.

Inside the Kit

Notably, the kit includes four stencil sheets with 72 stencil shapes.  Surely, that is a lot to use.  In addition there is an ink pad with 8 super bright pigment ink colors, and 8 ink dabbers, one for each ink color.  Furthermore, a black felt tip pen is also provided for all your artistic needs.   At the same time all these art materials are secured in the handy storage box.  For one thing, when you get familiar with the kit, just mix and match colors to your preference.

As soon as you open up the book, it is important that you read the first pages before doing anything else.  It is all about taking care of your stencil art book kit.

Firstly a few pages explain about the book and the things included.  Then there is a getting started page with tips and tricks.  Of course these are important to read so spend a little time and do so.

Another key point to note is that the book has several themed blank pages.  Following this further you learn important techniques.  In fact you learn all the tips and tricks about color mixing, sketching and perspective.  No doubt these are skills to guide kids to create beautiful works of art.

Generally speaking, the instructions are simple.  Assuredly, most kids find them easy to understand. However if you use them with children younger than the recommended age of eight years, then they may need assistance.


Art Shapes up 

First off, kids select a stencil design and squish a foam tip dabber against the ink pad.  Secondly they a dab dab dab.  To put it another way, they dab ink pad, and dab the stencil design.  By all means, kids can mix up those vibrant colors on different stencils and make a creation their your own.  Truly, that is completely unique work of art.

In particular, kids can use the different stencils included to make endless beautiful designs.  As a matter of fact, they can create everything they love, from flowers to ladybugs.  On the other hand, they can also create something they don’t love like aliens for example.


Many Options

Best of all no supervision is required since there are no liquid colors, only ink pads.  Above all, there are different ways to work with the ink.  For example, you can dab or wipe it over the stencils.  Then you can also draw on the stencil to get a darker color.  Moreover,you can even add highlights to expand on your creative design.

Important to note that you can make your own patterns if you don’t want to use the stencils.  Certainly you can also use the stencils with another craft idea for instance, with a roller and paint.  There are lots of arts and crafts ideas for fun.  Indeed, this book shows some great examples and what you can do with the       variety of stencils.


Creative Artwork Themes

Themes includes:

1. Free Play

2. Flowers, Flowers Everywhere

3. Make a Splash

4. It’s a Jungle Out There

5. It’s Outta This World

6. Mandala Magic

7. It’s Time to Face Up

8. Just Doodle It

9. Welcome to Stencilopolis

10. The Great outdoors

Basically these activities are easy and mess free.  Baby wipes are great to clean the stencils.  Wiping is a breeze.


Colorful and Unique

This stencil art book is filled with brilliant colors.  Undoubtedly, it gives any child immense artistic satisfaction.  No doubt it inspires kids creativity.  Children use the art techniques to create unlimited pieces of art using the techniques.  All the tips and tricks are provided for success.  This is one of the best stencil books for kids and it is all about filling up space with stencil designs and using ink pads and dabbers.

 Klutz Stencil Art Book Kit
Klutz Stencil Art Book Kit

Klutz Stencil Art Book Kit is a great choice for budding artists to have fun.  Although it is recommended for kids ages 8 years and up, some parents allow younger ones to engage in the activity with parental guidance.  The kit is easy to use and I would highly recommend this product if you want your kids imagination to soar high.

I do like the idea of the dabbers matching the ink colors because kids can easily put them back into their space.  The versatility of mixing them up is great.


Awesome Gift

To conclude this review, I recommend Klutz Stencil Art Book Kit as an awesome gift for kids and adults who enjoy art crafts activities.  If you get stuck trying to find one of those big Christmas gift ideas for your artistic kids, friends and other family members, then this kit is a must.  It is a resourceful package.

This art book is fantastic for children who are learning how to express themselves in art.  It is a guide for them to expand and grow in their artistic ability.   Klutz Stencil Art Book Kit is also ideal for older kid artists. Of course this book takes their creation to another level.  It conveys a picturesque touch.   Kids accomplish amazing things with this stencil art book kit.


You are a big online shopper like myself.  Find the best price for Klutz Stencil Art Book Kit here.

I hope you enjoyed the review and if you have any questions about the Klutz Stencil Art Book Kit or want to share your personal review, leave a comment below.


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6 thoughts on “Klutz Stencil Art Book Kit Review

  1. Owain August 14, 2017 at 8:09 am

    This looks really cool. You get so much in this set. I am wondering though about the age range as I feel my daughter is a bit too young for this. Either way I will like to get this and keep it back for her when she’s older.

    • Carol August 15, 2017 at 6:11 pm

      Hi Owain,

      The recommended age is 8+, so if your daughter is younger, you may want to hold off on this. If you do get this kit however, giving her some extra assistance to complete the tasks would be great.

  2. Lance August 15, 2017 at 1:26 am

    This appears to be a great kit and something that could keep my visiting grand daughter busy for hours. She is only 4 years old so I am a bit concerned about whether or not she would get the true value out of this right now. Are the products included washable?

    • Carol August 15, 2017 at 2:07 am

      Hi Lance,

      Klutz Stencil Art is a great kit for kids to enjoy creating art. Although four year old is not the recommended age, I am sure she will enjoy some of the activities with your help. The recommended age is 8+. Not all the products included are washable, but you could wash the plastic stencils.

  3. paul August 15, 2017 at 7:08 pm

    My daughters now 26 years old, wish these had been around when she was younger. She loved nothing more then colouring & drawing.
    I’ll have to send her a link, For when she may have children of her own ? ( my daughter has said from a very early age ” I’m never having kids ! ” )
    Great product Great review

    • Carol August 15, 2017 at 9:28 pm

      Hi Paul,

      It’s amazing how many of these cool activities weren’t around for us and our kids back then. Even though we didn’t have them, we had fun with what was available to us. I think your daughter will have a change of heart about kids after viewing the link.

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