Thinking About Liquid Chalk Markers: 12 Brilliant Colors (Review)

Liquid Chalk Markers

Thinking About Liquid Chalk Markers?  Without a doubt, they come in really handy for different events and projects.  This post reveals 12 Brilliant Colors that you can use.  In case you have a small budget and need to make some signs, Liquid Chalk Markers are perfect.  Since they are so versatile, you can always update your work without problem.  

Whatever size your labels and signs are, Liquid Chalk Markers make creating them easy.  So are you looking for Liquid Chalk Markers that are really smooth and clear?  You will love the easiness of Cedar Markers.  They offer two different tips.  Needless to say, these two variations are ideal for  writing width.  Using the chisel tip for example works perfectly to write on a chalkboard calendar.

Liquid Chalk Markers

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Product: Liquid Chalk Markers (12 Pack)

Brand: Cedars Markers

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon

Star Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars

Undeniably, this is a wonderful product for anyone who likes to do crafts, or for children who enjoy art.  For one thing, the colors are vibrant.

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Tips and Labels Deal

Cedar Markers provide two extras.  Specifically, gold and silver ink neon color pens.  Additionally, you also get 40 chalkboard labels.  Indeed, these really sweeten the price deal.  You can use these super cute labels on containers to make them so much cuter.  There are a bunch of different shapes and you can use them everywhere.  For instance: you can use them on cups and jars, for birthdays and weddings, on cupboards and even the fridge.  

With reversible chisel and bullet tips, you can create labels in beautiful calligraphy.  Just do a flip for a broad or round edge on each marker.  Make it pointed or slanted for a cool writing variation.  For instance: you can use the chisel tip on the white marker.  Chiefly, it helps when you need to write small words or make fine lines.

On the other hand, the blunt tip is better for drawing or writing large words.  Key point to note is that the colors are bright, rich and go on smoothly.  Whether you want to make labels for glass decanters of flour and sugar, or write a door sign they work great.  

In like manner, they are perfect for small business chalkboard messages like a sandwich board menu for example.  Instantly, the bright colors can draw the attention of customers, because people can see the menu from a distant.  Considering that regular chalk can’t deliver the brilliance, these Liquid Chalk Markers are a big plus.


12 Brilliant Colors (Review)

No doubt, decoration ideas are limitless.

  • Draw on clear glass Christmas ornaments. This is a hit family activity with kids and friends.
  • Ideal use for themes and holiday celebrations at different times of the year
  • Use them on bricks for a home garden.  Personalize each brick with the gold and silver markers because don’t wash off or fade.  Certainly, these add warmth and charm.

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Beautiful Calligraphy: Straightaway, you can write on mirrors, windows, glass doors, a monthly planning chalkboard, just to name a few.  Not to mention that your writing looks 100% better than plain old chalk.  As a matter of fact, your work looks much like prints.  Moreover, working with liquid chalk markers is cleaner on your hands than regular chalk. 

Watch this short video for a chalk lettering demonstration.

Organize School Assignments: Owing to the versatility, they are ideal to organize school assignments.  Full time college students for example can utilize the many colors for type of work and due dates for research papers and tests.  You can also use these markers on a magnetic calendar for your classroom. 

In like manner, you can write messages for kids in the classroom and no matter how much you update the chalkboards, the markers do not scratch off or fade.

Create Menu Boards: Whether it is a sandwich board for a small business or a bar menu board, you will definitely find these markers handy.

Fast Drying: Rest assured that there is no smudging. Once dry, everything remains intact.

Tweezers to Switch the Tips: These prevent ink from getting on your fingers.

Easy Cleaning: Within 2 minutes, you can clean up since the markers are washable.  Even after kids have 6 hours of playtime with them, cleaning is a breeze without leaving stain or residue.  Using glass cleaner and a paper towel, or just plain water and soap work well.

Important to realize that if you leave your work for a while, it will be a little harder to wipe off.  This may be perfect if you need the writing to stay on longer.  

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  • Non Removable Metallics

One small note is that the gold and silver metallics don’t wipe off.  No complaints though, because they look really good.  Keep in mind that it is better if you commit to what you are writing before you use them.  

  • Color is Hard to Release

Typically, it can take a minute or more to get the color out to the tips.  To shake each one and prep them for use can take up to about five minutes or so, but it is worth it.

  • Does Not Work For Some Chalkboards

Although these markers compliment the overall look of a chalkboard, they do not work for certain types.  An important point to note is that there is clear guideline communication that these markers do not work on chalkboard paint.  Needless to say that this can be an issue if you do not pay attention to the guidelines.  

Follow the Guidelines  

Key point to note is following the instructions for activating each liquid chalk marker.  Once you do that, you will have no problems.  In fact, you will enjoy using them.  Basically, the colors are true to the cap colors.  They write like a mix of paint markers and dry erase markers.  

Important Tips to Remember

  • Be patient and allow the paint to saturate the nib.  You do have to shake them and press down on the tip quite a bit for the liquid to reach the tip.  Once the paint flows, they perform perfectly.  Writing is smooth and drying is quick.
  • Make sure the chalk is completely dry before you wipe.   
  • Avoid using on chalkboard painted surfaces.  If you decide to use these chalk markers on a door with normal latex paint, it may work fine and still wash off.  However, an alternative is to use chalkboard wrapping paper, or chalkboard contact paper. 
  • Test on chalkboard before use because the surface may be too porous to erase.  
  • May stain fabric: Gold and silver markers are permanent, so Resolve and Oxyclean can’t remove marks.

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Concluding Thoughts

For the most part, I highly recommend Cedar Markers to anyone looking for a great set of Liquid Chalk Markers.  No doubt, you can’t go wrong with these.  In the event that you have problems using them, the company tries to satisfy customers.  Just contact them to resolve the issue.

You are a big online shopper like myself.  Amazon has the best price on these Liquid Chalk Markers.  I hope you enjoyed the review and if you have any questions about Cedar Markers or want to share your personal review, leave a comment below.

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