Tree Wall Decals Removable

Tree Wall Decals Removable

In general, Tree Wall Decals Removable offer a quick and easy way to add artistic style to any room.  In particular these decals are designed for fast and simple usage.  Forthwith you decorate and create your personal space within a short time.  This post review explains one of the best brand of Tree Wall Decals Removable.

Indeed, Tree Wall Decals Removable are great to accent any wall.  Of course you will have fun as you personalize your decoration.  As long as you use some form of creativity and design to place the leaves and branches, you will have an attractive look.

Consequently, you will receive many compliments from both family and friends.  In fact they will want to know who did the paint job.  To put it another way, that is how nice these Birch Tree Wall Decals look.

Tree Wall Decals Removable (Review)

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Product: RoomMates Birch Trees Wall Decals

Material: High Quality Vinyl

Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars

Best Place to Buy: Amazon

No doubt, RoomMates Birch Trees Peel and Stick Wall Decals add a unique touch to spruce up any space in your home.  Ideally, this woodlands theme looks absolutely adorable and makes the perfect addition to a child’s room or a nursery.

As a matter of fact, you can use them in any room, even kids bathroom.  Likewise they look very real and they stay on the wall quite well. Point is these decals create an impact.

Watch the video below to see how you can decorate your space with RoomMates Wall Decals.


  • Superbly Realistic Design

On the edge of your creativity these Birch Tree Wall Decals are superbly realistic.  The tallest part goes from floor to ceiling.  As a result, they are a great addition to any room.  Surely these are gorgeous and well executed wall decals to make any room more interesting.

In general, if you or your kids enjoy the outdoors, you will love this woodland theme.  In particular, these decals are very sturdy and they are easy to apply to smooth walls.  Just peel ‘em’, stick ‘em’, create your design and have fun with your creativity.

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  • Beautiful Options

Indeed, these are really beautiful and there are options for your artistic expression.  For example, you can put them all together as shown in the picture, or make it your own loveliness.  To point out, you can mix these decals with some other sets of trees and birds and your creativity will be amazing.  Hence a nice change for the room.

Surely, you can cut them up and arrange them in unique ways in different rooms.  For example, you can buy only one package of three.  Then you can cut the trees in half and create the illusion of six trees.  Bear in mind though that you have to line up the different parts of the tree trunks.

Important to note that you can arrange and rearrange.  Albeit, they are easy to peel off the wall and easy to reapply if you make a mistake.  For instance, make them a little crooked for a natural look, or until you get the perfect design.  Just use your hand to press them firmly in place.  Then you can even outline them.

  • Gives Instant Finish

Key point to note about this product is that these decals give an instant finish to the wall the moment they are applied.  In case you put up wall decals in the past, and had problems with air bubbles, it is not so with these.  In the event that you have to remove them, they peel off easily if you make any mistakes.   Just reposition as often as you want until you get it right.

Certainly, Birch Tree Wall Decals transform and make kids rooms come alive.  As a matter of fact, they can actually be left in the room as kids grow up unless you want to change them every year.

Not Just For Walls

By the way, RoomMates Birch Trees Decals are not just for kids.  These are super fun in any guest room.  You can use them on any smooth, or flat surface.  In addition, you can use them for any DIY projects.

Use Peel and Stick Wall Decals to:

  • Style an accent walls
  • Show off your favorite characters
  • Modify the look of furniture: for instance tables and bookshelves
  • Decorate doors and closets
  • Beautify the refrigerator
  • Revitalize gallery walls
  • Modernize kids bedrooms, living rooms and other spaces

Safety Assurance

Rest assured that you can decorate with confidence knowing that the materials are free from harmful chemicals like phthalates and lead.  All in all then, they are safe to use.

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On the negative side, there is not much to say about these wall decals.

Clearly, they will not stick well to newly painted walls.  The ideal is to wait at least two weeks after painting before applying them.  Even though these decals make a beautiful decoration, they won’t stick 100% if you do not follow the directions to apply them.

There are no clear directions as to how you need to arrange the branches and leaves, but this is minimal.  In reality, you will have to use your own initiative to make the decoration yours, so just add a creative touch.

The trunk pieces do not line up exactly for a smooth natural transition, so you need to allow for overlap. In this case, they are probably designed just for that, but you can also trim the pieces.

To conclude this review, let me point out that these Tree Wall Decals Removable leave no residue behind, and are highly recommended.

Remember RoomMates Birch Trees Wall Decals are:

  • Versatile for any space
  • High quality vinyl print
  • Removable
  • Can reposition them
  • Can reuse them
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Does not damage the walls
  • Affordable
  • Style booster
  • Perfect for long or short term use

Product Information

Product dimension: 40 x 18 inches

Item Weight: 11.7 ounces

Color: Multicolor

We want to make sure you are happy with your experience at If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions please let us know.

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