Crayola Inspiration Art Case Review

Crayola Inspiration Art Case

In case you are looking for a great kids art case, this review will help you find the right one.  First of all, let me say that Crayola Inspiration Art Case is the real deal.  Truly, this Art Case is the perfect gift that can leave a lasting impression on kids.

Surely if you would like kids to keep their art supplies organized, then this is the deal.  To emphasize, the Crayola Inspirational Art Case is for kids and adults who are feeling young at heart.

Crayola Inspiration Art Case Review

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Product: Crayola Inspiration Art Case: 140 Pieces

Company: Crayola

Best Place to Buy: Amazon

Star Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars

Manufacturer Recommended Age: 4 – 15 years

Electronics games be gone! Crayola here I come!  Certainly if you are ready to get creative this art case will have kids creating beautiful pieces of art for hours.  Important to realize here that it is a great assortment of art supplies, so children will be be super excited to draw.

Of course this Art Case is another medium to encourage children to do something constructive, other than being on the computer, iPad, and other electronic games.

As a matter of fact you will be very pleasantly surprised, because when kids open this art box and see what is inside they will be fired up.  In like manner, this art case will surely impress little kiddos who want to become young budding artists.

A Glance in the Box

Specifically, this compact coloring kit includes 140 pieces of art supplies for kids.

64 Crayola Crayons

20 Super Tips Washable Markers

20 Pip Squeaks Washable Skinnies Markers

20 mini colored pencils

15 sheets of drawing paper

Snap fit trays to organize art supplies

Sturdy and portable case with a strong handle

Notably, this art case is absolutely amazing.  Certainly kids will adore it.  Not to mention it has a wide variety of colors and many different mediums to attract them.  Likewise the carrying case is beautiful and can be used as a hard surface for coloring especially on those long trips.

To explain, Crayola Inspiration Art Case includes 140 pieces of art accessories, all in a tray with compartments.  For one thing there are supplies of crayons, markers, scissors and paper, sufficient for you to get going with any creative art project.  Henceforth, this amazing art case have basic art supplies at your finger tips.

Coupled with all the beauty of this art case, it must be noted that there are crayons of all colors, markers that are washable, colored pencils, a pair of scissors and art paper.  Albeit everything is in its own compartment and makes an attractive organization.

Of course storage is a tray fold away after use.  After all you convert this art set into a fancy carrying case by folding the trays.  Specifically it is designed for you to take your creative tools anywhere you go, and you  can create art any time you want.  Learn more by watching the short video below.

Pros: Vibrant Colors

In reality this all in one art case will surely have kids drawing and doodling away at home, or even if they are traveling.  That’s how easy it is to grab a sheet of paper and a drawing tool.

To point out, this kit will bring out life in kids illustrations.  Remember the crayons come in a variety of colors, from the brilliant shades of red, blue, green and yellow, the deep tones of black and purple to the earthly greys and browns.

Then again there are the colored pencils which are excellent for you to draw outlines, write words, phrases and titles, on your next master art pieces.

Vibrant colors for shapes?     Check

Vibrant colors for outlines?   Check

Vibrant colors for faces?        Check

Vibrant colors for titles?        Check

Vibrant colors for words?      Check

Vibrant colors for phrases?   Check

As long as these are in check kids artwork comes alive.

Washable Markers

Notably these Crayola markers, SuperTips and Pip Squeaks Skinnies are washable markers, so if ink gets on your skin or clothes, it can be washed off easily.

SuperTips come with an adaptable feature so you can draw smooth thin lines or thick lines.  As a matter of fact these markers don’t bleed through your drawing paper, so you won’t have to worry about the colors bleeding.  Assuredly, your work will not get messy because you are using SuperTips markers.

On the other hand, the Pip Squeaks Skinnies Markers have finer tips.  Specifically, they are designed with a thin barrel and are more suitable for when you want to add details to your drawings.

Make Your Art Masterpiece With Crayola Inspiration Art Case

With the Inspiration Art Case you get several tools to draw and color.

Remember there is a wide selection of sixty four crayons, forty washable markers,  twenty mini colored pencils, fifteen sheets of drawing paper, and a pair of safety scissors, so you are ready to start your creativity.

You will find the exact color that is right to do your shadings on every masterpiece of art.

Easy Organization

Bear in mind that this case comes with snap fit trays perfectly designed for you to keep your art supplies organized in one compact space.  Again each item fits firmly in its place so they won’t fall apart.  Of course there is no need for you to look around for your crayons, markers and pencils because everything fits securely in its own snap fit tray.

Whether you want to do your drawings at home or on the go, just grab this case with its sturdy handle and you are ready to start your creative artwork.

Create Art Anywhere

Now that you have all of these art supplies in a compact design case, it is easy for you to create art wherever you are.  If you are on the go, just take it along with you easily, anywhere with you.

To emphasize this portable art studio in a durable and easy to carry case will keep your tools safe and sound, so rest assured that your artwork will still come out with a dazzling look.

Safety Scissors

In addition to all those drawing tools, this kit comes with a pair of safety scissors.  Kids can cut their shapes with confidence, creating designs for scrapbooks, flipbooks, or any other display of their artistic work.

After artwork is complete, kids can replace this tool in a snap fit tray, and lock this storage kit safely.

Gift of Inspiration

Certainly, this art set will make a fabulous gift any time of the year.

For birthday gift?    Check

For Christmas gift?   Check

Holiday gift?            Check

Other occasion gift?  Check

Surely, kids expression of joy will be priceless.  You will be giving a gift that can help children to build their imagination.  No doubt it is a gift that will inspire ideas for creativity.  Kids can unleash their artistic abilities anywhere, and they can take it along as their drawing buddy on those long trips.

In like manner this art case will make a great gift for adults who are young at heart too.  Of course they too will love the assortment of crayons, colored pencils, and markers.  For me, opening the kit and the scent of these crayons gives a feeling of nostalgia.  Truly there must be something magical when kids and adults open a case of crayons for the first time.


For all the little ones who may be rough at times, the durability of this art case remains strong.  Crayola totally thought about the rough handling I suppose.  Assuredly the strong design follows through to the end.


On the negative side there isn’t much to say, because this is indeed a solid product.  Like many other products, there will be wear and tear after much use.  I only found two negatives, but not really though.

  • The decorative outer layer may tear away at the corners after much use, but there is a harder shell case underneath that is solid black.
  • The case is large and will not fit into a kid’s backpack.

In conclusion I highly recommend the Crayola Inspiration Art Case for all young aspiring artists and adults alike.  As soon as kids open the box, they will start drawing, it is that compelling.  You may want to purchase a pack of printer paper to keep a good supply on hand.

You can’t go wrong with this art case.  You will be surprised at the amount of art supplies in the kit. I mean it in a good way.  It is a great deal for little artists.  They will not be disappointed.

Of course there are dozens of choices whether you want markers, crayons, or colored pencils.  Again the kit contains almost everything kids need for elementary and middle school art projects.

The Crayola Inspiration Art Case is an excellent product.  Assuredly, you get quality for the price and a case that is well organized with coloring tools.

I recommend this product for its organization, beautiful colors, inspiration for creativity, and great quality.  Children can carry the Inspiration Art Case everywhere and you will be pleased that the case will hold up well.

Product information

Color: Multi

Product Dimensions: 2.2 x 15.5 x 11 inches

Item Weight: 3.3 pounds

Shipping Weight: 3.5 pounds

Department: Unisex

Manufacturer: Crayola

Recommended Age: 4 and up

Click here for: Free Coloring Pages from Crayola

You are a big online shopper like myself.  Amazon has the best price on this Inspiration Art Case.  Notably in my reviews, I let buyers know where the best price for products are available.  At my last check Amazon has a great price.

I hope you enjoyed the review and if you have any questions about the Crayola Inspiration Art Case or want to leave your personal review, leave a comment below.

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