Crayola Virtual Design Pro Car Collection Review

Crayola Virtual Design Pro Car

Markedly, Crayola Virtual Design Pro Car Collection makes it possible for you to create your own car and drive it immediately.  It’s done virtually though.  How cool is that?  Everybody’s dream I guess.

Of course you would you like to create your own car and drive it, right?  Surely you can get Crayola Virtual Design Pro Car Collection which is one of the best creative toys for kids.  Assuredly, it is great for young car lovers.  Specifically it includes the use of easy stencil designs and an app.

Certainly, you might think this is impossible.  However with Crayola Virtual Design Pro Car Collection, you can create your own car design on paper, then drive it in a virtual world using an app.

Crayola Virtual Design Pro Car Collection Review

Assuredly, this creative toy is ideal for boys and girls who have an interest in designing.  With this in mind the simple stencil designs will be their helper to make their creativity just great.

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Product: Crayola Virtual Design Pro Car Collection

Company: Crayola

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Star Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars

Undoubtedly Crayola Virtual Design Pro provides you with an entire set of top quality colorful tools.  Surely these make designing easy.  In addition there is an exceptional software that changes your vehicle designs into reality.  For instance your car surprisingly goes into stunt actions and on a virtual track.

By all means kids will be delighted with each Virtual Design Construction because it is their own work, and then they will drive it using an app.  No doubt this is an excellent starter product for your upcoming little designers.

In reality, Crayola Virtual Design Pro Car Collection may very well lead your child’s thoughts to a future career in car designs.  I just love the creativity behind this one.  Overall, it is an outlet for kids to design their own cars.  How neat is that?

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Take a Glance: Crayola Virtual Design Pro Car Collection

Free app to create designs and then drive

Compatible app for iOS, iPod Touch, tablets, Android devices

Create car designs on paper

Customize car simulation

Use a virtual track to complete daring acts

In the Box

This Virtual Design Car collection includes:

36 colored pencils

20 markers

20 page sketchbook

4 stencils

1 pencil sharpener

Design and drive app

1 convenient sturdy case

Watch the short video for a demonstration.

Pros: Design Vehicles 

In general, your little aspiring designers can create their own car designs with the vehicle templates that come in the box.  Of course these plastic stencils are pretty cool and they work well.  Hence they are definitely race car appropriate.

Above all, as kids use the top quality tools for coloring, their ideas flow as they design a vehicle.  In fact their inspiration grows knowing that they will use the design and drive app for the virtual world.  Assuredly the capturing is good as the cars portrayed on the app do look exactly like the ones drawn.

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Invoke Life in Car Designs

Certainly kids can create flashy cars using Crayola Virtual Design Pro.  To emphasize, the app allows them to invoke life in their designs through simulation.  Again kids who are keen on designing do all of this when they use the car stencil templates, and the the other tools to unleash their creative thoughts.

Great Crayola Art Supplies

To repeat, the set includes high quality art tools for you to get started immediately.  To put it another way: At your finger tips you have a good selection of colored pencils, stencils, markers, a sketchbook, and  software to generate life in your creative designs.  No doubt these Crayola art supplies are enough to construct your vehicles and then watch them perform in a virtual world.

Perform Stunts

For one thing the design and drive app will kick up life in your vehicle designs.  You can use a virtual track to drive your car and carry out daring acts.  To use the virtual track, you first select a vehicle design from the ten available choices and scan it with the design and drive app.  Forthwith you are now ready to perform stunts.

Further along you can also use the app to customize the rims, spoiler and any other part for your vehicle.  Now that you have invoked life in the vehicle, you can share your very own creativity by electronic mail to friends and family.

After you have designed all ten vehicles, you can print other templates from the app and these are all free.

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Here are a few caveats, but not so much to be too concerned about.

  • The markers may bleed through the pages so you may want to use a divider.
  • The app may be hard for younger kids to scan, but they just need a little  assistance to get going.
  • To scan the boxes into the app may be time consuming for some folks even if you are tech savvy. This could take up to ten minutes, but for others it may be less.
  • Young kids may lose interest in the activity if they have to wait too long for the scanning of the boxes into the app.

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In conclusion, I highly recommend Crayola Virtual Design Pro Car Collection.  I appreciate the fact that the app includes extra printable templates, so you have access to extra pages.

A good idea is to make copies of the pages that are not online before coloring them.  By doing this you will have more of those models, and when your little designers get tired of playing the tracks, they can just go and color a new car and begin a new game.

You can’t go wrong with this one.  Surely it is like every child’s dream.

Crayola Virtual Design Pro is a pretty cool game.  It is fun to design the vehicles, and there are many options on style.  It is so cool for kids to draw a car and then play a game with their own personal design.  Your little graphic artist will work like a professional.

Click here for Crayola Virtual Design Pro.

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Product information

Product Dimensions: 11 x 8.2 x 0.1 inches

Item Weight: 2.2 pounds

Shipping Weight: 2.8 pounds

You are a big online shopper like myself.  To point out: In my reviews I recommend  the place with the best price for products.  For this product, Amazon has the best price.

I hope you enjoyed the review and if you have any questions about the Crayola Virtual Design Pro Car Collection or want to share your personal review, leave a comment below.

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