Learning Resources Primary Shapes Review

Learning Resources Primary Shapes

Learning Resources Primary Shapes can help kids to make a rational association with shapes

Would you like kids to have a mental connection with shapes as they compare them? Clearly, kids can learn and equate geometric shapes when they use tracing stencils.  Without a doubt,  Learning Resources Primary Shapes are fun for little kiddies who love shapes.

This piece of writing will give a review of Learning Resources Primary Shapes.  As I see it, they are just the right size for toddlers.  In fact, they are also great for older kids and adults too.

Learning Resources Primary Shapes Review

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Learning Resources Primary Shapes

Product: Learning Resources Primary Shapes Template Set

Best place to Buy: Amazon

Star Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars

Age: 4+ years

In particular this set of Learning Resources Primary Shapes includes:

5 translucent templates

  • circle
  • triangle
  • rectangle
  • square
  • hexagon

One of the most interesting things about this set of shapes is that it is much easier for young children to make shapes and understand how they are made.  Key point to note is that kids not only form shapes, but they are great to help with prewriting skills.  Matter of fact, they can also help to refine kiddies fine motor skills.

Reduces Boredom

In case your kids are bored and you want a change from those other stencil templates, then this is an awesome set for them to get even more creative.  Really, the possibilities are endless with these sturdy Learning Resources Primary Shapes.  Just think how these can do a lot more to promote creative doodling.  Furthermore, kids can draw forms to color later.

Assuredly, these are fabulous templates to help little kiddos trace shapes.  Ideally, kids can use these stencils almost daily at home or school.  For one thing they can definitely help kids create some fun and interesting drawings.  Equally important is that kids can often use the correct shape vocabulary to describe their drawing.

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Boost Kids Creative Imagination

There are an almost limitless number of activities that you can do with Learning Resources Primary Shapes.  What is important is that they compliment kids creative imagination in their artwork. By all means, you can use these shapes to arouse kids creativity.  In general, these can  especially help those who need a push with drawing.

Rest assured that kids imagination can amaze you with these primary shapes.  They can truly help to elevate kids creative work,  because they make their own drawings from these shapes.


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The facts are clear with these Learning Resources Primary Shapes.

Enhance Kids Geometry Lesson

A key point to note is that each template is one large shape by itself.  Complementary to this are five different sizes within.  The triangle includes various types, for example: equilateral, isosceles, and scalene, all perfect for geometry lessons.

High Quality: Without a doubt these shapes are durable and made to last.  They are thick and the corners are smooth.  You must agree that this featured design makes them safe for little kiddies to use.

Many size options: There is large, small and in between sizes, so you can draw accurate geometrical shapes.

Bright Colors: Surely, the templates in this set has vibrant colors that that attract kids.  For one thing, they can trace and color the shapes as shown.  For example:

Red square

Blue circle

Green rectangle

Yellow triangle

Purple hexagon

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Versatile Uses 

  • Play Games:  Important to realize that these shapes are not just for little kiddos, but older children and adults can use them too.  For instance, you can use them to play games with adult students especially those that have Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD).
  • Create Abstract Art: Then again, kids can trace different shapes and create abstract art. Little kiddos will enjoy creating houses, castles, the ocean and even make a snowman too.  Creating art  with these shapes can certainly take kids into a little world of their own.
  • Scrapbooking: You can use these shapes for scrapbook ideas: For instance, you can cut out pictures or quote cards.
  • Use on dry erase board
  • Assist with homework
  • Use them to help draw signs
  • Doodle and make shapes in your drawings
  • Use with mixed media art
  • Use for adult crafts with micro pens

Of course, I could go on with the list, but just to give a few ideas.

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As I see it, there are not much negative indicators about these Learning Resources Primary Shapes.  Here is one caveat though.

  • Hard For Tiny Hands to Hold: These stencils may be hard for little kiddies to hold while tracing.  Therefore, assist them to hold the shape in place as they draw.  Bear in mind that they will improve dexterity over time.

In summary, I highly recommend these Learning Resources Primary Shapes for kids and adults too.  Why not take advantage of this hot and in demand geometric shapes set?  Bear in mind that these shapes help kids to build up interesting drawings, while identifying the names.  In my opinion, these shapes make a great addition to the art and craft caddy.

Certainly, kids can spend hours creating pictures.  These tools are for quieter sit down activities.  In fact, they are ideal for group activities, whether for math or for art.  In addition, they come in handy for class projects too.

Indeed, these primary shapes have so much play and drawing potential with them.  Both kids and adults will enjoy endless crafting projects, and drawing overlapping patterns with the different shapes.  For one thing, they will be using lots of colors.

Product Information

Product Dimensions:  6 x 8 x 0.5 inches

Item weight: 8.2 ounces

Shipping weight: 2.4 ounces

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You are a big online shopper like myself.  Amazon has the best price on this Learning Resources Primary Shapes.  I hope you enjoyed the review and if you have any questions about the Learning Resources Primary Shapes or want to share your personal review, leave a comment below.

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