Klutz Lettering in Crazy Cool Quirky Style Review

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Undoubtedly, Klutz Lettering in Crazy Cool Quirky Style is a lettering book that brings inspiration to budding kiddie artists.  In case you love to draw, or you are just creative with letters, this Klutz Lettering in Crazy Cool Quirky Style book is for you.  Rest assured that the results are remarkable. This post gives a thorough review of this book.

 I love the results that come from this book.  If you are a doodler or just want to find inspiration for lettering, this book may very well help you too.  Specifically, Klutz Lettering in Crazy Cool Quirky Style book shows a variety of neat ways to write and decorate letters that you never think about. 

Additionally, it gives tips on how to do letters curly and also shadowy.  Of course, there are stencils and designs to help with your letter creativity.  Needless to say if you are just beginning to explore the art of lettering, this book is especially for you.  Imagine the beauty that Klutz Lettering in Crazy Cool Quirky Style can do for kids school projects, scrapbooking, making cards, art journaling, and posters.  Matter of fact, just about anything that deals with drawing and writing.

Klutz Lettering in Crazy Cool Quirky Style book has many different designs and tips for making your very own original lettering style.  Surely, this book is quite useful.

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Klutz Lettering in Crazy Cool Quirky Style Review

Klutz Lettering in Crazy Cool Quirky Style

Product: Klutz Lettering in Crazy Cool Quirky Style

Best Place to Buy: Amazon

Star Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Recommended age: 8+ years

To point out, Klutz Lettering in Crazy Cool Quirky Style comes with all the basic tools you need to start the fun.  Rest assured that there are lots of pages with examples and ideas.  Likewise, the pages are printed on a semi-glossy paper.  

For sure, you are going to love this fun book.  Kids are bored?  Truly, this book keeps them occupied, working on the stenciling ideas for every page. For kids and adults who are artsy and creative, this book gives design prompts to help them come up with new and fun ideas.   

There is much advice and guidance for spiffing up your lettering.  Accordingly, there are suggestions for making the baseline of letters curved or slanted rather than just horizontal.  Likewise, you can shadow your letters.  How about word pictures like lemon?  Here, the ‘O’ is a slice of lemon.  Certainly, this is such an excellent guide for anyone who wants inspiration in lettering. 

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At a Glance

Klutz Lettering in Crazy Cool Quirky Style comes with:

  • 10 different handmade lettering styles
  • plastic stencils
  • 4 mini markers 
  • 8 colored pencils 
  • 1 mini pencil sharpener
  • 1 eraser 
  • 1 mechanical pencil
  • 56 page instructional book
  • 1 pouch
  • practice paper
  • sticker sheet

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Offers Room For Imagination

Kids will enjoy this kit as it has much room for their imagination.  For sure, you can follow the helpful guide that has many tips and tricks.  On the other hand, you can drift off and use the stencils to make your own designs.  Overall, if you enjoy making things and being crafty, you’ll love this craft kit.

My guess is that you won’t expect this lettering book to be so cool, but you will be pleasantly surprised.  Surely, there are lots of pages that shows how to write different fonts.  Along with this, there are other pages with plastic stencils.

Notably, the 5 stencils come bound in the book with perforated edges to remove them.  Each stencil has either a ruler or design pattern on the edge.  This helps with creating decorative lines or borders.

Another key point is that the pages for free hand lettering show three basic steps to create each style.  In addition, they also show the whole alphabet in each style.  There are all sorts of tips on techniques like shading and even a section on word art.

Additionally, at the back of the book , there are several blank white pages for you to practice writing different fonts.  Not to mention just doodling around.  

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Cute Gift Idea: Ideally, this makes a wonderful gift for kids especially ages 8 – 15.  Certainly, it fits in well on any occasion: For instance, birthday parties and family gatherings.  Kids can make stylish covers for class projects, awesome posters, neat birthday cards, and even door signs.  In fact, they can do anything that fits their idea.

Assuredly, you can purchase this book for many birthday gifts. For one thing, it is always a winner.  Take for example: Kids at a party can create artful versions of their names.  It’s always fun to give a gift to someone without over-spending.

Scrapbooking: In general, if you like more of a doodling look this is perfect.  There are 5 stencil letters in different fonts. Particularly, these are best for titles on pages, rather than journaling.  

Durable Stencils: The stencils in this kit are long-lasting so they can stand up through lots of projects.

High Quality: No doubt the colored pencils are high quality and the pencil sharpener is one of the best for your art box collection.  

Several Stencils and Styles of Lettering: With this book on hand, kids can spend hours making signs and quotes for rooms, lockers and for friends.  Certainly, this is a “go to boredom buster” in any home. 

Multiple Ways to Write Letters: Keep in mind that there are several ways for you to experiment writing names.  Since kids love doing that, it offers much fun.

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On the negative side, I notice these two things but they are not a big deal.  

  • Notably, the blank pages at the back are not perforated.  For this reason, it might be a bit difficult to photocopy something from those pages.
  • The markers aren’t artist quality, but perfect for the projects you need to do.

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Concluding Thoughts

Overall, Klutz Lettering in Crazy Cool Quirky Style is a great book for kids to have super fun.  For sure, they can learn different fonts and lettering designs.  I highly recommended this product.  This is another Klutz success.  Many cool ideas are included, so kids who love to draw will enjoy it.  Rest assured that they learn all kinds of hand lettering styles and it stimulates creativity.

From decorating birthday cards to fun lettering on envelopes, this book appeals to most kids.  Of course, this book is uniquely designed to engage their interest.  Kids will certainly take their inspiration to a higher level.  Matter of fact, this is all they may need to create great lettering for anything like headings, titles and labels.

Klutz Lettering book is illustrated with many examples and suggestions of how to customize your lettering.  Most of the lettering is quite intricate, so the suggested age is just fine.  Important to note that some of the techniques are a bit hard for younger kids to execute.  Take for instance 3D lettering which may be a challenge for 5 – 7 year olds.  In like manner, there are also a few words that take some time to complete.  

Nevertheless, once kids show the interest to use the book, assisting them is ideal.  Since this kit is full of wonderful lettering ideas, I know kids will be using it for years to come.

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Product Information  

Letter measurement on the stencils range from 1 inch – 1.75 inches.  Of course it  depends on the font style.  Overall dimensions of the actual stencil sheets are 10 inches x  7 inches. 

Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 1 x 10 inches  

Item Weight: 1 pound  

Shipping Weight: 1.18 pounds

You are a big online shopper like myself.  Amazon has the best price on this Klutz Lettering in Crazy Cool Quirky Style book.  I hope you enjoyed the review and if you have any questions about this great product, or want to share your personal review, leave a comment below.

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