Best Mermaid Tail Blankets Kids Cuddle With (Heartwarming Ones) Review

Mermaid Tail Blankets Kids

Markedly, Mermaid Tail Blankets Kids Cuddle With provide a unique way to relax and keep warm.

Really, Mermaid Tail Blankets Kids love come in handy any time of the year. Especially during those cold winter months when kids want to cuddle up and look cute. For one thing, Mermaid Tail Blankets Kids snuggle in are soft and cozy. Needless to say, they come in amazing colors.

Unlike machine made blankets, these are hand crochet blankets. Of course, they are charming. Similarly, they are more breathable than traditional blankets.

Assuredly, the blankets in this post are 100% hand crochet. Expertly crochet by hand, these are durable and kiddos and adults find it hard to resist them.

Multi-functional Blankets

One good thing about these crochet blankets is that you can use them every season even during summer. That is to say, they are super multi-functional. So they make great gifts for:

  • Christmas
  • Thanksgiving
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Birthday
  • New Year
  • Any Special Occasion

Certainly, this is like a dream come true for many girls (boys and adults too) who always wish to be a mermaid. No doubt, they can feel like a beautiful mermaid at home. Forthwith, kiddos can enjoy hours of adventure as they:

  • Lounge
  • Sleepover
  • Take a nap
  • Attend a slumber party
  • Cozy up for movie night
  • Camping
  • Road trip
  • Watch television
  • Read
  • On the plane

Watch this short video for a demonstration.

Best Mermaid Tail Blankets Kids Cuddle With (Heartwarming Ones)

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Product: Crochet Mermaid Blanket for Kids and Adults

Company: DDMY

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon

Size: 74” x 35”

Star Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars

Materials: Acrylic Fibres

First of all, this blanket is soft and snugly. Everything you expect a mermaid blanket to be is evident with this one. Surprisingly, this blanket is not too heavy or too light. Rather, it is just the right weight. Definitely, this blanket is what you call elegant.

Not to mention the beautiful vibrant colors which are just like the pictures. Likewise, the rich texture that brings out the elegance. Even after washing, the great quality remains. Matter of fact, it looks just as new.

Mostly, this blanket is like getting into a sleeping bag. Once you snuggle up inside, you never want to leave. On account of this, the adult size is great as it gives kids wiggle room. And this is perfect for them to grow into.

One Caveat About This Blanket

  • Suitable More For Teenagers And Adults, Not So Much Kids

Important to realize that this blanket is very long.  Hence, the size is more suitable for adults and teenagers.  Nevertheless, there are some kiddos who may still want to snuggle in this one.  In case kiddos want to cuddle in this blanket, care should be taken as they get in and out because of the length.

Product Information

Product Dimensions: 8.2 x 7.1 x 2.4 inches

Item Weight: 1.35 pounds

Shipping Weight: 1.35 pounds


Crotchet Kids Mermaid Tail Blanket

Product: Kids Mermaid Tail Blanket for Girls

Company: AmyHomie

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon

Age: 3 – 9 years

Size: 55 x 28 inches or 140 x 70 cm (adult size: 71 x 36 inches)

Star Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars

Not only is this Mermaid Tail Blanket soft, warm and beautiful, but also true to color. Here is another blanket that can help to make a daughter or grand daughter’s mermaid dream come true.

Albeit, a mother and grandmother can realize their mermaid dream with this blanket too. Naturally, there are adult sizes so you can pair up with your kiddos. Amazingly, these come in some cool colors, so you can mix and match.

With an extra large tail, this blanket is long enough for you to snuggle and keep warm. At the same time, it is breathable. Rest assured that the company uses high quality cotton and acrylic fabric which make this blanket super soft and durable.

What We Love About This Blanket

  • Eco-friendly Fabric

Beyond doubt, the fabric is “eco-friendly and skin friendly.” Honestly, you don’t have to worry about itching and allergies.

  • Easy to Get in and Out

Typically, the design of this blanket has an opening at the back and bottom. Key point is that, this makes it easy for you to get in and out without problem.

  • Cozy Sleeping Bag

Because this is like a sleeping bag, it is a cozy choice for nap time. Whether you are in a cold air-conditioned room in summer or you want to keep warm in winter, this blanket is an ideal fit.

  • Doesn’t Shrink After Wash

To make life easier for moms, this blanket is machine washable. Especially on the gentle cycle of course. However, putting it in a protective wash bag is the ideal. Noticeably, there is no shrinkage after washing.

Important Note: Since this blanket is hand crochet, it is best to wash it by hand. Remember to lay it flat for drying. Chiefly, light hand washing can help the blanket to last for a longer time.

Two Caveats

  • Has a Musty Scent

Upon opening the package, there may be a musty scent. Primarily, the scent is more like plastic. Before using, it’s a good idea to wash the blanket first. Actually, washing it eliminates the musty scent and leaves it smelling fresh.

  • Need Gentle Care

Due to the delicate scale pattern, gentle care should be taken. Pulling a scale pattern may cause the blanket to stretch out.

Product Information

Product Dimensions: 12 x 10 x 2.2 inches

Item Weight: 1.05 pounds

Shipping Weight: 1.05 pounds

All Seasons Sea Tail Sleeping Bag Blanket

Product: Sea Tail Sleeping Bag Blanket

Company: JR.WHITE

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon

Age: 3 – adult years

Star Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars

Again, this is another hand crochet Mermaid Tail Blanket that you can snuggle in to keep warm. Being long enough from top to tail, both kids and adults can “slip inside and look and feel like a mermaid.”

Literally, this blanket does look like a Mermaid Tail when you put it on. Absolutely adorable, the design truly looks like scales. With an opening at the back you can easily get in this blanket and getting out is easy too.

Point in fact: Selecting the right size is key. Accordingly, here are the available sizes.

  • Age 3 – 6 years: Size 55.1 x 27 inches (140 x 70 cm)
  • Over 6 years to adult: 71 x 35.40 inches (180 x 90 cm)

Product Information

Product Dimensions: 11 x 7.9 x 1.5 inches

Item Weight: 0.64 ounces

Shipping Weight: 12.6 ounces

Concluding Thoughts

Overall, I highly recommend all of these Mermaid Tail Blankets Kids Cuddle With. Indeed they are a great hit for all those who love mermaids. Either kids, adults, or your furry friends can cozy up to the warmth these blankets offer.

You are a big online shopper like myself. Amazon has the best price on Mermaid Tail Blankets Kids love. I hope you enjoyed the review and if you have any questions about these Mermaid Tail Blankets Kids love or want to share your personal review, leave a comment below.

We want to make sure you’re happy with your experience at If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions please let us know. Feel free to share this page.

Suggested Resources

Fin Fun Reinforced Swimmable Mermaid Tails & Monofin

Want to transform into a real mermaid? Simply using these swimmable mermaid tails can make this a reality. Enjoying hours of fun at the pool or beach gets even better with these mermaid tails. Being comfortable and safe, you can frolic for hours. In fact, you can live your childhood dream of being a mermaid.

Watching this short video will show you exactly how you can swim like a mermaid when you put this on.

Made of super stretchy material, the fin is quite durable. Likewise, the tail tips have some reinforcement for extra strength. Most notable is the delicate task of using the mono fin. Care has to taken when you insert and remove them.

Ideally, these swimmable mermaid tails allow you to practice kicks, flips and smooth gliding through the water. Moreover, practicing tail splashes. By and large, these activities give a great workout.

LANGRIA Mermaid Tail Blanket for Adults and Children

Soft and warm for all seasons, you can snuggle and sleep like a little mermaid with this blanket.  Or use it as a throw blanket for your bed or couch.  Having sequin like details give a glossy scale effect.  Undeniably, this creates a realistic look making it even more shimmery and  beautiful.

Along with the beauty, this blanket is also skin friendly.  Seeing that the polyester microfiber is super soft it doesn’t irritate sensitive skin.  Both adults and kids can lounge comfortably and keep warm with this blanket.   

Being that this blanket is so luxuriously, it is eye catching.  Especially roomy for feet inside the fin, kiddo girls can even try to walk around in it.  Whenever they put their feet down into the points of the fin, that certainly brings out the mermaid look.

Another key feature about this blanket is that it washes well.  Following the washing instructions can preserve your blanket for a long time.  Basically, it is machine washable in cold water only, and do not tumble dry, iron, bleach or dry clean.

Barbie Dolphin Magic Transforming Mermaid Doll

Are your little kiddos really into mermaids? Undoubtedly, this doll is a hit. Coupled with a cute dolphin, kids can double the fun with this Magic Mermaid Doll. Completely changing the doll to look like a mermaid is so magical to them.

Making the switch from mermaid tail to an ordinary dress is quite easy. Just right for little hands, transforming this doll is manageable for little kiddos. Inside the skirt there are special strings to help with the change. Evidently, the transformation doesn’t take place if the strings are not in the right place. Once kiddos know how to operate the strings, the transformation is magical.

Weighted Blanket For Kids and Teens: 7 Pounds (41 x 60)

Specifically, this weighted blanket is super comfortable. Upon covering little kiddos, it truly gives a gentle feeling like a hug. Immediately, kids can feel the calming effect. Different from a regular blanket, it can help with the improvement of kids sleep.

Particularly if kids suffer from bedtime anxiety, this can help to relax them and make them feel snug. Thereupon, they fall asleep much faster. Also, they sleep deeper and longer because of the secure feeling. Furthermore, if they wake up during the night, they can fall asleep easily again.

Before considering which blanket to purchase, it is important to note the size and weight.

Kids Weight: 30 – 50 pounds  Weighted Blanket: 5 pounds

Kids Weight: 60 – 80 pounds  Weighted Blanket: 7 pounds

Kids Weight: 90 pounds  Weighted Blanket: 10 pounds

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