Absolutely Amazing Coding Games For Kids You Won’t Resist (Review)

Coding Games For Kids

Coding Games For Kids are absolutely amazing toys for kids to learn coding.

Without a doubt, they are ideal for kids who show an interest in computer programming and want to explore the possibilities. That is to say, Coding Games For Kids allow them to actively use their critical thinking skills. Moreover, they can solve problems and practice coding.

In this post, I share some Absolutely Amazing Coding Games For Kids You Won’t Resist. Markedly, the best ones provide a wonderful introduction to basic programming. Of course that’s a great start for little kiddos because they get a taste of some robotic skills in preparation for middle and high school. Needless to say that the skills children learn from these games can help to prepare them for the digital world.

When kids use these games, they can share ideas and compete with others. As they do this, they learn to build their confidence in becoming creative architects. Certainly, these Coding Games can be simple as well as complex. Similarly, the programming interface can really make each game unique. So they are not just basic toys.

Absolutely Amazing Coding Games For Kids You Won’t Resist

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Product: Coding Robot for Kids

Company: Wonder Workshop

Style: Dash Robot

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon

Recommended Age: 6 years and up

Star Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars

First of all, this Dash Coding Robot for Kids is an award winner. So you can rest assured that you are getting an absolutely impressive product. Not only are the apps fun, but they are educational and can even help to solve real life problems.

As soon as you open the box, Dash is ready to go into action because it is full of charge. Albeit, this robot excites kids even as they unbox it. And while setting it up, they can start giving the robot voice commands.

By the way, Dash robot is a real robot. Whatever you want it to do, it responds to voice commands. For sure it sings, draws, and moves around. Whether you want it to transform into an animal or a delivery truck, Dash won’t disappoint. Even if you want to see it propel with your own LEGO blocks, you can just give it a try.


  • Build Coding Skills

Ideally, kids can start using Dash robot at any level and build on their skills. Seeing that the company “Wonder Workshop” offers regular workshops and robot competitions kids can improve their coding skills and creativity.

  • Offers Unlimited Learning

Rest assured that this robot has no limits on what kids can learn. Basically, learning is simple and wide open to unlimited possibilities.

  • Share Ideas

Since Wonder League is an engaging community, kids get the opportunity to share their ideas with others. This truly gives a boost to their self-confidence as they compete and work with each other.

  • Provides Hours of Active Play

Depending on how full the charge is, kids can get up to 5 hours of active play. Standby time can last up to 30 days with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Recharging is with the included power adapter or via USB.



  • Enhancing Possibilities

With different things to work with, kids can enhance their work. For instance, there are Building Block Connectors and Sketch Kit.

  • Popular Use in Schools

Today, there are more than 20,000 schools using Dash robots and many more are showing an interest to have them. Whether individual or group work, kids can code different projects.

  • Ideal For Home

By the same token, kids can work at home with family and friends to improve coding skills.

Other Pros

  • Many Features: Has lots of movements
  • Level of logic can be complex
  • Sequences are programmable
  • Tons of Configuration
  • Avoids obstacles
  • Quick battery charging and long battery life
  • Powerful, Reactive Motors: Motion is smooth and there is no sticking on things in its path
  • Goes over different surfaces without much effort like tile, wood floors, carpet, clothes
  • Sturdy Construction: Well designed and made from durable plastic, a high quality material

Product Information

Product Dimensions: 6.7 x 7.2 x 6.3 inches

Item Weight: 3 pounds

Shipping Weight: 3.44 pounds

Coding Robot Activity Set

Product: Botley the Coding Robot Activity Set

Company: Learning Resources

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon

Recommended Age: 5 – 8 years

Star Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars

As soon as you take this toy out of the box, it is ready for coding. All you need are some AAA batteries (5 of them) and a Phillips screwdriver to get going with your commands.

Once again, this is another resourceful coding kit that is an award winner. Specifically, this Robot Activity Set has 77 pieces. While kids play and have fun, they also learn some early skills for STEM. Notably, there is no need for a smart device with this robot kit. Instead, it is just a great hands on toy to introduce kids to coding basic concepts.


Brilliant STEM Projects Kids Create

Creative STEM Program Kids Love to Explore

This robot comes with:

  • A remote programmer
  • Detachable robot arms
  • 40 coding cards
  • 6 double-sided tiles
  • 27 obstacle building pieces
  • Starter guide with coding challenges

Key point is that kids get to use their critical thinking and problem solving skills to code. Because it is a screen free activity, kids are fully engage. Matter of fact, as kids grow this robot grows with them too. So they can use it for years to come.

Variety of Pieces

Having a wide variety of pieces allow you to make obstacle courses. For instance, you can use the cubes and rods to make a maze for this robot to go through. Before it can go, remember to program it though. Similarly, you can stack the cubes to create a wall. Again, do your programming and let Botley do its thing.

By the same token, kids can use the coding cards with the cubes and the rods. Point in fact is that they can create something like a maze. Apart from creating, kids basically take each card, follow the coding on them and add them to Botley. Following that, they can watch what it does. Furthermore, they can add to the codes, or delete them.

One of the brilliant things about this Coding Robot is that it can recognize anything that is in front of it and avert them. Likewise, it can carry out every command you give. Even if you put stumbling blocks in the way, it can get-the-better-of them.


  • Easy to set up
  • Simple to use and understand
  • Provides challenges for older kids
  • Very engaging for kids
  • Gives instant feedback, so kids will know whether the codes work
  • Makes it possible for kids to do problem solving: They think through a plan and implement it to see if it works. If it doesn’t work, they find ways to fix the problem.

One Caveat

  • Hard for multiple kids to play at once (just one child)

Tips For Using Botley Coding Robot

  • Use on flat surfaces
  • Works well on low pile carpet, but laminate flooring is better
  • Keep the wheels clean or it can slip when he turns.
  • Remind kids about the right or left commands apply to the robot
  • Wheels can stick in the grooves of tiles sometimes: This can throw it off course and may miss a target.

Concluding Thoughts

Overall, I highly recommend Coding Games For Kids as they are engaging.  Given that kids always want to control and create specific behaviors of the robot, these games keep their interest at a high level. Sometimes they are not even sure of what they are doing. But they develop an attitude to code. Eventually, they can master the programming interface.

Keep in mind that after kids feel comfortable with their new-found programming skills, they continue to add layers of complexity. Within days, some kids can create some very complex routines. And after you see what they can do with these coding games, they become irresistible. Therefore, programming is fun.

You are a big online shopper like myself. Amazon has the best price on Coding Games For Kids. I hope you enjoyed the review and if you have any questions about these Coding Games or want to share your personal review, leave a comment below.

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Suggested Resources

Coding Games in Scratch

In general, this book is written for children to follow a step by step guide to build their very own computer games. Therefore, kids can get a coding experience. Chiefly, kids follow the directions with fun graphics.

Most important is that kids use Scratch which is a free programming language to create different computer projects. For instance, they can:

  • Create different games
  • Make puzzles, memory games and mazes
  • Add animation

Equally important is that kids will need a desktop or laptop and an internet connection. Also, they need to download Adobe 10.2 or later. To get Scratch, they can visit https://scratch.mit.edu to download.

Essentially, they can learn about the coding concepts. All the 8 game projects have explanations to guide every step. Ideally, there are visual samples and fun pixel art. Children can also learn great problem solving strategies as they design their projects. Best of all, they can share their ideas and play their games with friends.


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