Kids Art Set

Basically, Kids Art Set comes with a variety of art components to inspire kids creative side.

Particularly, Kids Art Set includes just about everything that children need to start their creative works of art.  Usually, Kids Art Set includes pencils and markers to crayons and sketchbooks, all in different colors, shapes and sizes.  Not to mention that a Kids Art Set can also come with paint, paintbrush, easel and even a table, right?

Keep in mind though that if you are stretched for cash, kids don’t need all of these supplies to get going.  Whatever your budget, kids can start with the minimum.  Hence this post highlights what I think is one of the best Kids Art Set.

Kids Art Set: Trifold Easel Art Set Review

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Product: 179-Piece Double Sided Trifold Easel Art Set

Company: Art 101 Kids USA

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

No matter what level kiddos are at, Art 101 Kids 179-Piece Double Sided Trifold Easel Art Set is perfect for budding kiddie artists.  For instance, if kids love dinosaurs, they can create their own.  Likewise if they like butterflies, they can create their own too.

Inspires Creativity

To point out, this Easel Art Set is bright and colorful to inspire kids creativity.  At the same time, it offers hours of fun with family or a buddy friend.  In particular, the set has a number of components to keep art supplies organized.  Kids will love the portable carry case.

Important to realize that this set comes with a learning guide for little kiddo artists to learn how to draw and paint.  Furthermore, this guide explains what each component is for, and what you can create with them.  In addition there is also a color wheel for little kiddos to mix and create different colors.

A Glance Inside the Package

1 Pop-up Double Sided Easel                       1 Drawing/Painting Guide

48 Crayons                                                      48 Oil Pastels

24 Color Pencils                                             12 Color Markers

18 Watercolor Cakes                                     10 Drawing Papers

4 Large Clips                                                   3 Paper Clips

1 Pencil Sharpener                                        1 Sketch Pencil

1 White Watercolor                                       1 Color Wheel

1 Sponge                                                          1 Palette

1 Paint Brush                                                  1 Ruler

1 Eraser


Amazing Options

On the positive side, kids adore this art set because it has everything for them to keep busy with their creative work of art.  It has so many forms of art supplies.

Complete Art Projects

The variety of materials make it great for kids to complete art projects.

Large Space

Sturdy and big enough for two kids to work at the same time in their own space

Great Gift

Makes a great gift for all occasions, birthdays, Christmas, Easter.  This art set makes kids happy any time of the year on any occasion.

Art Station Idea

Ideal for an art station in the classroom or even at a party.  Just set up a few and kids go crazy in being creative.

The Feel of a Real Artist

Drawing and painting on an easel give kids the feel of being a real artist.


On the negative side, there isn’t much to discourage anyone from purchasing this Kids Art Set.  Here are two things to bear in mind.

  • Some of the pieces can fall out when folding the easel.
  • Kids use up the paper quickly, so it’s best to stock up.


As you can see, this Kids Art Set comes with everything your budding artist needs.  With Art 101 Kids 179-Piece, children can create anything they want with the variety of supplies included.  After all it is the perfect gift for kids who love to draw and paint.

Product Dimensions: 12.2 x 2.5 x 16 inches

Item Weight: 4 pounds

Shipping Weight: 4 pounds

You are a big online shopper like myself.  Amazon has the best price on a variety of Kids Art Set. I hope you enjoyed the review and if you have any questions about this Kids Art Set or want to share your personal review, leave a comment below.  Likewise if you have concerns or suggestions please let us know.



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