VTech Stencil Learn Studio

VTech Stencil and Learn Studio

VTech Stencil Learn Studio is an electronic learning toy with tracing stencils for kids.  In case you are looking for a toy to help kids develop hand and eye coordination, then VTech Stencil Learn Studio is an ideal toy.  Notably, this toy comes with 28 different tracing stencils which includes letter stencils, number and shape tracing stencils.

Ideally, VTech Stencil Learn Studio is a great educational tool and is perfect for little kiddies to draw, write and enjoy doodling activities.  As a matter of fact, this toy features scribble gear tools, magnetic stamps, and a musical instrument sheet to enhance kids creativity.  Surely, this toy is designed specially for kids to learn and be creative.  To point out, the gear tools are like the Spirograph.  In this case however, these are the mini version ideally for ages 3 – 6 years old.

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VTech Stencil Learn Studio Review

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Product: VTech Stencil Learn Studio

Best Place to Buy: Amazon

Star Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars

Age: 3 to 6 years old

For one thing, this kiddie toy is really a magnetic drawing board and kids will enjoy using Doodler to spell and write with the included stencils.  Of course the toy recognizes each letter and makes the activities even more exciting for kids.  To put it differently, the toy recognizes each stencil by saying the word out loud for little kiddos to trace.  Surely, the sounds excite kids.

By the same token there are more than 50 sounds and music to engage kids as they draw or write.  No doubt this encourages kids to have more fun.  First of all, when your child inserts a stencil into the slot, the board verifies it and guides your child how to trace and write what is on the card.

Certainly, the design tools, magnetic stamps and the music help to inspire kids creative imaginations.  Notably, this educational toy talks and kids do the actual work.  These days, it is hard to find a toy that incorporates technology and education like this one.  It works on fine motor skills, dexterity, and even self esteem.  After all, when little kiddos do an activity they hear, “Good job! You draw so well!”  For sure the giggles and excitement follow.

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Self Directed Toy

This self-directed toy allows little kiddies imagination to flow as they create artistic drawings.  Certainly kids will spend countless hours creating magical pictures.  With the stamps and stencils kids create, erase easily and start creating again.  Kids have fun with the stencils as they pop each one on top of the board and trace with music.

Watch this video for a demonstration.

As you can see, the VTech Stencil Learn Studio is a cutting-edge drawing board that is magnetic.   Specifically, this toy helps kids learn how to print letters of the alphabet and draw shapes.  Kids will sit on the couch quietly for a long time tracing letter after letter, number after number, shape after shape.  This toy does so many things and teaches while kids draw.  Children love the stencils and are very excited about tracing the letters.

The alphabet stencils provide much needed educational engagement for the little ones as the proud parents look on.   As kids trace the shapes and numbers, the music that accompanies their work gives them more incentive to keep going.   The fact that the corded pen is firmly attached enables kiddos to write and draw without problems.

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Sharp lines: You will love the sharpness of every drawing line.

Easy to erase: Erase bar is easy for kids to use.  Drawing and writing erase easily.  Only one swipe completely remove the writing and drawing.  One word of caution to note: If kids press too hard when drawing/writing, it doesn’t erase nicely.  It leaves marks on the screen, so some guidance can help.

Easy to use stencils: The stencils are easy for little kiddies to use.  In general, kids enjoy using the stencils and they are very excited about tracing.

Durable: The product is durable and can last for a long time.  In fact, kids can grow with it, beat up on this thing and still won’t break it to pieces.

Ideal for travel: The stencils are great to travel with, for instance you can take it on long car rides for kids to have drawing time.

Easy to push buttons: Buttons are easy for toddlers to push on their own.

Grow with me toy: It’s a perfect “grow with me” toy for little kiddies to doodle, and they can practice tracing and writing letters as they grow.  Even though it is simple enough for babies, they can grow with this toy for many years: For instance with the gear drawing tool and the letter games.

Always fun: You can remove the batteries and kids will still have a fun toy.


It is not the ideal for left handed kids.  The cord stretches tightly as you move to the bottom left corner to draw.

Poor package design for storage of all its accessories.  There is a need for some type of storage compartment for the stencils.

Drawings can be faint if kids don’t press hard enough.  Sometimes it takes multiple wipes to clean the board if kids press too hard to draw and write.

The noise goes on for at least 10 seconds after you push the off button.

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Concluding Thoughts

Even though there are a few negatives, the VTech Stencil Learn Studio is a good educational tool and is highly recommended.  No doubt this is a great learning toy for toddlers.  Most compelling evidence is that this toy teaches kids how to write and say letters.  Assuredly, kids discover new words and build their vocabulary as they learn to write and spell.

Undoubtedly, this awesome toy makes kids happy.  Despite the few caveats, it is worth buying this toy.

Product information

Product dimensions: 2 x 14.9 x 11.8 inches

Item weight: 2.23 pounds

Shipping weight: 3.15 pounds

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