Crayola Color Mat Review

Crayola Color and Erase Mat

Crayola Color Mat is super awesome for little kiddos to doodle and color.  With a spacious and less mess surface all kids will enjoy colorful play.  This is very stimulating for their imagination.

In this post, I share a review of the Crayola Color Mat, a large reusable mat that will warm the hearts of your little kiddos as they doodle away.  Fun, easy to use, and a great non messy toy for little ones  are great features.

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Product: Crayola Color & Erase Mat

Company: Crayola

Cheapest Place: Buy here

Rating: 4.6 out of 5 star

First point to note is that it offers a wonderful way to let kids use their imagination to create, erase, and create again.  Your budding artists can delight themselves with drawing and coloring.

Furthermore, this mat fosters creativity and is reusable.  Kids can color and erase after every use.  Your kids will get a kick out of this Color & Erase Mat because their creative ideas will be running wild.

Equally important is that the mat rolls out to provide a large writing surface.  Then again, there are four ColorPop markers in the package.  Additionally, they are shorter and larger for little kiddos to grip easily.  By all means kiddies draw and doodle with bold colors.

A Glance

Reusable large surface for doodling and coloring

Erasable ColorPop markers with bold colors

Easy cleaning with water and eraser tool

Rolls up easily for storage

Recommended for ages 3 and up

Crayola Color Mat: Features

Made of soft material, it is very easy for kids to draw on the Crayola Color Mat.  Colors show up nice and bright, then you clean the mat easily with water and the eraser tool.  Having four elastic loops to hold the markers, it easily rolls up to save space.

Storage is easy with its compact design.  Just put your art tools in place, roll it up and put away until you are ready to draw again.  An outside pocket on the mat that can easily hold a pack of additional markers.

Above all, kids draw, color and write for fun both at home and in the classroom.

What’s in the Box

1 large Crayola Color and Erase Mat

4 ColorPop markers

1 eraser tool

1 wipe cloth

I have tested the set with all four ColorPop markers.  No doubt they write really well on the mat.  The With water and a little dishwashing liquid the eraser works wonders, then use the wipe cloth to dry up trace marks left behind.

Pros: Large Drawing Mat

Notably, this drawing mat measures 2 by 3 feet which is large enough to accommodate multiple little kiddos.  Place it on flat surfaces and up to four kids work on it at the same time.  Indeed, it keeps them completely occupied.

Important to realize is that the Crayola Color Mat is a dedicated space for kids to release their creative imagination on a mat.  By all means they test each color and let their imagery go wild.

Vibrant Coloring Fun

Offering bright coloring fun for kids, the ColorPop markers are designed specifically with vibrant colors of green, yellow blue and pink.  Kids experiment and mix and match colors in their creative imagery.

Great for Classroom

While in the classroom use it for small group and individual teaching especially with disabled students.  On another note, write and draw assignments for kids before they arrive in class.  Then you can also give students a close up visual with it.

Equally important is the reward for students as soon as they complete an assignment.  Likewise allow kids to do assigned activity on it.  As can be seen, the options can go on and on.  Kids enjoy play on the Crayola Color Mat and it encourages their artistic creativity.


Easy Travel Fun with Crayola Color Mat

After all the easy roll up design of this drawing mat makes it one of the most clever traveling pieces for kids.  It has compartments to store each little marker, and a deep pocket to store the erasers.

Rolling this mat open and rolling it back to close it up is a super easy process.  It only takes a minute.  The velcro is strong enough to hold the contents in place.

Another great perk is it keeps little kiddies entertained for travel.  A toddler can lay on top of it or walk on it and the markings won’t smear off easily.

Cleans Easily For Reuse

Most compelling evidence is that the Color and Erase mat does not work like paper.  The bold bright lines and all the coloring fun can clean up in a jiffy with the eraser tool and the wipe cloth.  After every use, you can erase a part of your imagery or all of it easily with a wipe.

For one thing the eraser is quite cool.  You place a small amount of water and a drop of dishwashing liquid  into the eraser tube.  Shake lightly to mix soap and water, and you are ready to start erasing.  With one filling, you can erase for hours.  It makes the marker erase easily in seconds, then use the wipe cloth to finish up any traces.  Kids are ready to draw whatever they can imagine again.

If the marker ink gets on the skin or clothes, it washes off very easily with just water.  But keep an eye on the little ones because after their first time playing with it, they might be covered with little marks.

Portable and Easy Storage

Many times we do not want to buy a product because of storage space, but not so for this color and erase mat.  The roll and fold carrying case looks almost like a small yoga mat.  Everything rolls up into a small tube shape that’s easy to store and perfect for traveling.

You can take this mat wherever you go, whether on vacation or just an outing with the kids.  Your art tools will always be safe and secure during travel.  The lids stay secure on the back of the markers, which means that you don’t have to worry about losing those small parts.


As good as this Crayola Color Mat is, there are a few flaws, which are minimal.  Nevertheless this mat is worth buying if you would like to foster your kids creative minds.

  • The markers may dry out easily depending on how often they are used.   It may be a good idea to stock up on a few more.
  • The wipe cloth is small, so a larger cloth will be better when two kids are using the mat.
  • The markers are perfect size for little hands, but the caps are a little difficult for the young ones to remove and replace.
  • Only a few markers come with this kit, so if there are three kids drawing on this mat they need to have more color options.
  • The included eraser tool doesn’t work very well every time, so a wet paper towel followed by a dry one may work much better.

Despite these cons, I definitely recommend the Crayola Color Mat, because they will not impede kids creativity.  Kids can imagine, create, erase and do it all over again and again.

Kids may spend hours creating a masterpiece, then erase it and create another.  It is a wonderful way to encourage independent play and inspire young imaginations.

A great creative play that can be enjoyed by young children this makes a great gift.  Compatibility with other washable markers makes it even more awesome.

With a great space for your child to be creative, it is better than large sheets of paper.

Product Information

Dimensions: 3 x 25 x 7 inches

Item Weight: 1.2 pounds

Take another look at this video.


You are a big online shopper like myself. Visit here for the best price on this color mat.  I hope you enjoyed the review and if you have any questions about this mat or want to share your personal review, leave a comment below.

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