Review: Freehand Drawing Techniques or Stencil Art Templates?

Freehand Drawing

Review: Freehand Drawing Techniques or Stencil Art Templates?  For Freehand Drawing Techniques, this book has more than enough ideas.

In case you are on a stretched budget, then beginner drawing lessons for your child is a “no no,” right? For this reason, stencil art templates make an ideal alternative.  Obviously it is more affordable.

So are you for Freehand Drawing Techniques or Stencil Art Templates?  Sometimes we have to give kids these drawing stencils to get them on their way to creativity though.  Not only are they cheap, but they are available in a variety of designs.

Review: Freehand Drawing Techniques or Stencil Art Templates?

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 Notably, when children use these stencil art templates, they are involved with tracing, coloring or painting to create beautiful pieces of art.  The question is: Are there any setbacks for kids using these?

On the negative side, there is not much to report about Stencil Art Templates.  On the positive side however, there are several pros.  Even though the freehand approach does not involve the use of stencil art tools, kids enjoy their work as they express their artistic ability creatively.  Needless to say, Stencil Art Templates control what they are drawing.

Check out the video below of some fantastic freehand drawing examples that kids delight themselves with.

Pros: Freehand Drawing Techniques

Awareness of Child’s Development

In reality, young kids go through stages of development, and you take them to a pediatrician to check up on how well they are doing.  Conversation goes on with the doctor, and you answer questions about your child’s art work.  At that instant, you get an indication of your child’s art progress.

Stimulates Creativity

Generally, children draw freely.  More and more they become open minded thinkers and expand their imagination. Needless to say that their work is original.  In this case an image represents what they think of situations that they  see. Moreover their depiction of such situations is wordless or very few.

Develops Confidence

As you can see the more kids practice Freehand Drawing Techniques, the better their creativity and their artistic ability grows.  No doubt this is a boost to their self esteem.  Significantly, they feel a sense of accomplishment as they work with others and get compliments about their work.

Bear in mind, they don’t have to worry about being right or being out of line.  A key point is that they express their point of view with boldness.  In addition, their vocabulary with art terminology develops.  Furthermore, they become more aware of colors and textures, of shapes and sizes mixing and matching them to fit their expressions.

Watch this short video for a demonstration of freehand drawing for kids.

Environmental Awareness

Not only does drawing helps to widen kids thinking of the environment, but also makes them pay attention to details in their art work. Likewise their critical thinking skills develop.  In addition they become better problem solvers.

Making Cultural Connection

Further along drawing lessons for children also help kids accept other cultures. To emphasize, they  become more knowledgeable about different cultures.

Freehand Drawing Techniques or Stencil Art Templates?

Coupled with freehand drawing techniques, stencil art templates make art even more fun.  In particular this stencil set features more than 260 images including letters, geometric shapes, numbers, zoo animals, flowers, dinosaurs and more.  By all means use them to create cards, invitations, posters, special gifts or unique decorations.

Besides there is a helpful tab with a description of each stencil sheet.  Undoubtedly this makes it easy to find what you need for your creative masterpiece. Of course there are simple stencil designs of dinosaurs, family, summer and flowers to start right away.

Improves Social Development

While completing pencil drawing pictures in small groups, children collaborate with each other.  After all, they exchange ideas or give assistance to someone in the group. Certainly, this leads to closer interaction with each other and long lasting friendship.

Unwind and Have Fun

Once children are given cool drawing ideas and some cool drawing techniques, they get busy.  Markedly, they keep their focus on the task to be completed.  Moreover it is a no stress activity for kids.  More important it is therapy.  On the positive side, kids are deeply absorbed with their activity.  Together they share materials and ideas.  For one thing they give a helping hand to their neighbor if needed.

In case kids are having difficulty with freehand drawing techniques, an alternative such as this will get them on their way to creativity. Be that as it may children trace, color or paint to create beautiful pieces of art with this kit.


On the negative side, here are two observations.

Experience Difficulty

Some kids find beginner drawing techniques difficult to grasp.  As the “I can’t draw” comment comes from kids, it means they need extra help.  With this in mind, not all children will find simple stencil designs easy to use though.  So a timely step by step approach will help.

Inhibits Original Creativity

Stencil art templates can inhibit a child’s creativity. Remember they are just using ready made outlines.  Obviously these drawings do not represent the kids freehand original work. Children do not think outside the box to add details to the pictures that they draw. They may also think that whatever they draw is the only correct way to do so.

Whether freehand drawing techniques or stencil art templates, children still develop an appreciation for art. What’s your view? Freehand drawing techniques or stencil art templates?
Share your thoughts below.

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