Kids Fashion Design Kit Review

Crayola Fashion Design Kit

Kids Fashion Design Kit makes an ideal starter for little aspiring designers whose aim is to design like a professional.  By the same token, kids realize their dream when they create unique styles.  Then they watch those same designs come to life virtually.  Certainly this comes to reality  with the right Kids Fashion Design Kit.

In case your kids think that they can’t create a beautiful piece of art with drawing stencils or by freehand then surely they can color.  To put it differently, a Kids Fashion Design Kit will do the job.

In this post I share a review of one of the best activity for kids to design their own clothes.  Children uniquely create styles  with Crayola Fashion Superstar Designer, a complete Kids Fashion Design Kit.

Kids Fashion Design Kit Review

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Product: Crayola Fashion Superstar Designer

Brand: Crayola

Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars

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Call For Aspiring Designers

Whether or not kids draw, this is a helpful activity to inspire them.  No doubt they will unleash some energy in a rewarding way.  Indeed it is a fun idea.  The fact that everything comes in a nicely finished storage case, kids start designing immediately.  On the positive side it is a great experience for them to create many different fashion designs.

In past articles, I have promoted the use of easy stencil designs to help kids who are having difficulty with drawing.  Needless to say, I have also written articles about different activities that kids can do if they are finding drawing stencils difficult to use.  Anyway, they might just be interested in something else like style and fashion.  Undoubtedly a Kids Fashion Design Kit will do the trick.

Overall they will create their own fashionable designs by hand.  For sure they will enjoy the premium Crayola art tools.

Get inspired with this short video.

A Glance

* Complete range of high quality tools and an extraordinary software for an interactive time

* Color with premium tools to create fashionable styles

* Scan designs into a compatible device with the free app

* Combine different styles to build a virtual closet with unique designs

* Share designs, ideas and tips with friends and family online

* Take part in fashion challenges and earn rewards

* Convey creativity through prints, stripes, dots, and all kinds of patterns.

Use the free app with any iOS or Android device.  Make sure your device is compatible.

What’s in the Box

  • 62 page design book
  • 24 colored pencils
  • 18 SuperTip markers
  • Free downloadable app
  • Designer case
 Notably, the free app is a fantastic plus with this kit.  Uniquely it provides a wonderful forum to categorize and store all of your designs online.  Specifically kids create a virtual closet to their delight.  To emphasize, they bring out life in their creativity.  In addition to that, it allows kids to share their creations.  A further plus is that they also get in on some challenge games.


No Delay

Given that there are 62 pages of designs, and high quality Crayola art supplies kids start creating without delay.  Expressively, they design fashionable dresses, skirts and tops.

Design Fashions Like a Pro

Because of the premium art supplies in this kit, kids fire up their imagination on paper and modify the fashion designs with their own ideas.  Markedly, they create their own styles and colors and make up their own patterns.

Productive and Rewarding

Significantly, children spend many concentrated hours creating fashionable designs from this activity.  Surely their creative ideas come out in many different styles that appeal to them.  Much time is spent in a productive way and is a good idea to put aside the electronic games.  On a positive note, this Kids Fashion Design Kit may very well lead to a successful fashion design career later in life.

Free App

The free software, Crayola Fashion Superstar app is easy to download and will work amazingly well with compatible devices.  Important to realize is the compatibility with your Apple iOS and Android devices.  so make sure you check.

Create a Virtual Closet With Kids Fashion Design Kit 

Most compelling evidence with the app is that you are actually adding to your collection in a virtual closet.  Mix and match your fashion designs to your taste.  Create your own brand and moreover, put together a fashionable collection.

Great Interactivity

Crayola Fashion Superstar Designer which is a Kids Fashion Design Kit is fun and interactive.  Needless to say it invokes life in your unique designs.  By all means, the Crayola Fashion Superstar app allows that to happen, and it is awesome.

Build Social Connection

With the free app you create your own fashion profile, and share your designs with family and friends.  You can like and add comments about designs with those who are also using the app.  Additionally you share fashion ideas, and all the tips and tricks with friends.

Earn Rewards With Challenges

While building your virtual closet with the Superstar app, extend your interactivity with fashion design challenges in a friendly way.  At the same time, earn rewards and take your fashion collection to a new level with every play.

With every play, you can add to the development of your fashion design skills.  Even though the app is intended for ages 10 and up, I think two years below age 10 could work well with some guidance.

Take Your Designs With You

By all means, take your fashion design tools wherever you go.  On the other hand, remember that you can always find your designs stored on the app.  As long as you have your device with you, access to your virtual closet is at your finger tips.


Notwithstanding all the pros, this Kids Fashion Design Kit is not 100% perfect.  With all its amazing features, and more positives than negatives, there is nothing to lose though.  However, there are two glitches that I will point out here.

  • The free app does not work with all devices.  Again, note the compatible devices on the package, and check for compatibility.
  •   Accordingly, the app requires some reading, and you cannot just jump from one step to the other without understanding something.  Kids may need a helping hand to get going.


In conclusion, I would absolutely recommend this Kids Fashion Design Kit.  Children love doing these activities, so don’t miss out on this one.  It is a hit and kids love it.  They always want a few more minutes to finish off the outfit they are working on.

This kit, Fashion Superstar Designer will make a lovely gift for kids birthday, Christmas, or any other occasion.  It encourages those who are interested in fashion designing.  Not only is this Kids Fashion Design Kit great for little kiddies, but even adults will find the colored pencils and markers great for drawing just about anything.  It is an extraordinary kit for kids to practice how to design clothes.

In the hope that you may want some more designs later, copy all the pages from the design book before using them.  In this way, you will always have designs for kids to do over and over again.

Product Dimensions: 15.6 x 11.2 x 2.1 inches

Item Weight: 2.4 pounds

Manufacturer Recommended Age: 10 years & up

You are a big online shopper like myself.  Here is the best price on Fashion Superstar Designer.

I hope you enjoyed the review and if you have any questions about this Kids Fashion Design Kit or want to leave your personal review, you may comment below.


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