Spray Paint Stencil Art For Kids

Spray Paint Stencil Art For Kids

Spray Paint Stencil Art For Kids is an enjoyable and fulfilling activity, but requires supervision.  Certainly, this art looks stunning indeed and kids love it.

Recently a reader asked me how he could do some simple Spray Paint Stencil Art For Kids.  In light of that, I share this easy activity that you and your kids will enjoy.  In addition this will help them to unlock their creative vibes.

First, you need some easy stencil designs.  Of course you can make your own custom spray paint stencils, or use any other stencil for kids.  In fact, I use paper to make the stencils for this activity, so they are for one time use.  On the other hand however, you can make them so that they are reusable.   Foam circles for example are great to use.

Bear in mind that this activity is for kids so allow them to explore.

Instead of doing this indoors, let kids enjoy this outside on a nice sunny day.  Although some painting mess is expected, it  will be minimal.  Be that as it may, clean up is no big deal, and this Spray Paint Stencil Art For Kids will dry quickly.

Spray Paint Stencil Art For Kids Activity

Despite the readily available plastic stencils, custom paper stencils are also great to help with any spray paint stencil art for kids.  As a matter of fact, kids enjoy making their own.

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To demonstrate, here is a short video on how to make stencils easy.

Materials to use

Watercolor paper, poster board, canvas or foam circles (anyone will do)

Small water spray bottles (One for each color is easier to work with, but not necessary).

Liquid watercolors or tempera paint (Use at least two colors, 3 or 4 is good).  I use these colors.

A few sheets of plain paper 8.5 x 11

Scissors with comfort handles

Newspaper or other covering for work area

Paper towel or damp cloth to clean up

Step 1

  • Fold paper or foam as shown in the video below.

Step 2

  • Make outlines and cut out some simple stencil shapes that you would like to spray paint.  Here is another demonstration.

Step 3

  • Mix paint with water and test spraying the mixture for desired color.  Adjust for thinness or thickness.

Step 4

  • Lay the paper or canvas on a flat surface and then place each stencil design on the paper.  Arrange the stencils in any position you like.

Spray Painting Art for Kids

Step 5

Spray paint stencil design outlines to desired look with one color.


Spray Paint Stencil Art For Kids

Step 6

Repeat spraying lightly with another color to desired look.

Step 7

Spray paint with another color.

Spray Painting Art for Kids
Spray Painting Art for Kids

Step 8

Remove the stencils with great care to minimize smudging.

Step 9

Add another spritz of paint if desired.

Step 10: Leave to dry.

Quick Tips

  • Important to note that you need to prepare spray bottles with the paint mixture ahead of starting the activity.
  • By all means, allow kids to help with mixing the paint.
  • Furthermore, let them experiment and test paint mixture by adding water or paint for desired consistency.
  • Similarly, allow kids to test spraying the mixture to see desired color and thickness.
  • Likewise, let kids fold and cut the stencils.  In light of this, they can feel the delight and satisfaction in the outcome of this activity.
  • Remember to discuss the activity with your child as you work together.
  • In case a problem arise, encourage your child to suggest ways to have it resolved.

Hope you are happy with your experience at artofstencils.com.  If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions please let us know.  Feel free to share this page or leave a comment.

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