Discovery Kids Toys Review

Discovery Kids Toys

Obviously, Discovery Kids Toys offer educational tools to enhance kids development in every way.  One of the top products from Discovery Kids Toys is the Tabletop Dry Erase Chalkboard.  In particular, this post gives an in-depth review of one of the best Discovery Kids Toys.  

Notably, this Tabletop Dry Erase Chalkboard is also a painting art easel.  Of course, there are no limits as to how much artwork kids can create with this board.  One key point to note is that Discovery Kids Toys has specifically designed this board to function as a 3-in-1.  Ideally, it offers countertop play for kids to draw, paint and do chalk art.  

Notably, this Dry Erase Chalkboard is designed for kids to use both sides, a whiteboard and a black chalkboard.  Indeed, this is an easy to use and fold away art easel.  In case you are looking for something that kids can draw on all the time, this is one of Discovery Kids Toys recommended for you .

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Discovery Kids Toys Review

Product: Discovery Kids Tabletop Dry Erase Chalkboard

Company: Discovery Kids

Best Place to Buy: Amazon

Star Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars

Age: 3+ years

A key point to note about this Tabletop Dry Erase Chalkboard is that kids can lift and fold it, then put it away all by themselves.  For parents with toddlers who are always so curious to use a crayon, this is a perfect must have.  For one thing, your little kiddies will not be marking the walls, tables and other furniture around the house.  

Then again, this art easel can let the artist within shines through your kids artwork.  Surely, their favorite colors will get them going.  Keep in mind that as little kiddies create with this tool, they develop their fine motor skills.

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At a Glance

  • 3-in-1 Tabletop Dry Erase Chalkboard 
  • Dry eraser
  • Paper roll,
  • Oversized clip 
  • 17 x 15 inch Wood Frame 
  • Foldable and Portable
  • Countertop Play  

Promotes Children’s Love For Art

Discovery Kids Toys like this this Tabletop Dry Erase Chalkboard is sure to promote children’s love for art.  In fact, everything is built for ease of use.  For instance, the paper roll holder is built in and kids rip the paper off easily.

To be sure adults can use this easel too. For instance, the white board works great at some small group meetings.  No doubt, you will love this art easel as much as kids. For one thing, kids don’t get stuck in their room drawing at a desk.  

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Point in fact is that you set this easel on a table so your child is in view.  In this case you can watch your child work.  As a matter of fact, you are close enough to talk and see each other.  At the same time, both of you are far enough to be in your own space.  Not to mention that kids favorite thing is the paper roll feature which offers lots of room to draw big pictures. 

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Educational: In particular, preschool teachers can use this art easel as an easy flip chart for various activities.  Of course this includes small group work.  On the other hand, it is great for every child to explore their creative mind on an individual basis.

Development of kids Creativity: Chiefly, the design of this easel is to improve little kiddos interest in art as they paint, doodle and sketch.  To say nothing of the many hours kids can spend on this board.  For sure, the sky is the limit for them to be creative with it.

Long Lasting Quality:  Assuredly, this Tabletop Dry Erase Chalkboard and art easel is constructed with high quality solid wood.  With such durable materials, you certainly have a product to last for a long time and little kiddos can grow with it.  

Easy to Use: A key point to note is that this easel is easy to assemble.  To use, little kiddies can prop this art easel on any surface within their reach and start their fun creativity.  Even a sturdy box surface is good enough.  Likewise a comfortable position on the floor is great too.   

Use Anywhere:  Considering that this art easel is lightweight, this makes it quite portable.  Therefore it is easy to travel with and kids can continue doing art on the go.  Wherever your trip takes you, even at a restaurant, it comes in handy.  Kids can set up their easel in a jiffy and start their work on whiteboard or chalkboard.

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More Pros For Discovery Kids Toys

Perfect for Teachers: Especially for preschool teachers, this easel comes in handy as a flip-chart for various activities such as illustrations. Ideally, it is perfect for small group activities.  In addition, it is also ideal for art lessons.  

By the way, this easel is not really limited to preschoolers.  My class of 9 – 10 year olds use mini whiteboards for different activities such as  diagrams, and simple math equations.

Stores Easily: The frame of this smart design art easel is just 16 x 20 inches.  Assuredly, this size makes it easy to fold and put away in a snap.  

Folding is just pushing the front and back together.  Such compact design fits in the smallest space.  To keep it safe, you can even store it in its original box which has a wooden handle for carrying.

Durable: Rest assured that this easel is well designed and constructed.  Certainly, the high quality materials ensure that this art easel is sturdy and can last for a long time.  

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On the the negative side, there are a few things to keep in mind.

No Additional Tools: Even though this product comes with paper, it  does not come with the other drawing tools like markers and chalk.  For this reason, you need to buy them separately. 

Flimsy Eraser: For sure, this is not the best, so you can just use your own cloth for erasing.  Marks on the board wipes off easily.  You can clean with a damp paper towel too.  The chalk side cleans better with a damp paper towel instead of an eraser.

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Concluding Thoughts

Overall, the kids love that they’re able to carry this easel by themselves and are creative with all the features.  They play school with it, clip things to the easel and the paper roll is a clever idea.  No doubt, the paper roll lasts forever and is super cheap to replace.  Certainly this easel is a winner. 

Of course this makes a wonderful purchase, so I highly recommend it.  In reality, it is a cute big book stand, white board, and chalk board.  Keep in mind that an art easel like this one from Discovery Kids Toys has the ideal size for little kiddos to have doodling fun.

Product information

Product Dimensions: 20.4 x 17 x 5.2 inches

Shipping Weight: 9.65 pounds

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You are a big online shopper like myself.  Amazon has the best price on Discovery Kids Toys like this one.  I hope you enjoyed the review and if you have any questions about the Tabletop Dry Erase Chalkboard or want to share your personal review, leave a comment below.

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