Painting Ideas Kids Review

Painting Ideas Kids

Without a doubt, an extraordinary Painting Ideas Kids book can inspire the artistic mind to flow creatively.  Are you tired of the way you have fun with the family?  This post shares an art book that you can use to glean ideas for cool artistic projects.  In fact, it is an opportunity for great teaching-learning family time.  Indeed, this Painting Ideas Kids book can make family time enjoyable.  Surely this book offers fantastic art ideas for kids or just great for those who love to paint.

In case you love art and want to get into some painting, you will find that this Painting Ideas Kids book has the perfect step by step suggestions.  No doubt, this resource is filled with ideas.  For one thing, you won’t have to scratch your head to try and figure out what to paint with the kids.  This Painting Ideas Kids book has inspiration right at your finger tips.

Painting Ideas Kids Review

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Product: Paint Lab for Kids

Series: Lab Series

Paperback: 144 pages

Best Place to Buy: Amazon

Author: Stephanie Corfee

Publisher: Quarry Books

Language: English

Star Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars

Age: 7 – 10 years

Grade Level: 2 – 5

Enhance Creative Flair From Within

Paint Lab for Kids has 52 imaginative experiences that kids can paint.  In particular, this Painting Ideas Kids book, has a mix with media for promising kiddie artists.  Of course the concepts are new, and make painting fun for kids.  Specifically, each art lesson offers a technique for kids to explore, express their imagination, and enjoy the effect.

For sure, the techniques allow kids to have a creative flair from within.  Notably, the projects are not restricted to seasons, but you can use them throughout the year.  In fact, this can be your only “go to” book to inspire budding kiddie artists every time.

The step by step, easy to follow instructions in this book is well illustrated with photographs.  Furthermore, every project has a finished example with different versions.  In this case, you can see what your work will look like upon completion.  Additionally, there is the work of a distinguished artist  to inspire you.

Painting Ideas Kids Book of Versatility

In particular, this book offers lots of versatility.  There are projects for all age groups and you can make use of the suggestions to scale them for younger children.  For sure, this is an excellent resource to get kids to create with paint.

Generally, Paint Lab for Kids book is perfect for anyone who wants to be creative with kids:  For instance, family and friends, church and community groups.  The book offers lesson plans for new and experienced teachers who can use it as a guide for kids of all ages.  No doubt, they will enjoy these engaging activities.

Great Teacher Resource  

To emphasize, this book is filled with labs to fit a range of students.  As a matter of fact, it makes art lesson planning easy for teachers.  Surely, it is an excellent resource to use with children.  Point in fact is that you can use this book in public and private schools.  In addition, you can use it for home school, and at church.  Not to mention parents, grandparents and even girl scout leaders.

Ideally, each art lesson is well written and they are easy to follow with beautiful illustrations of the projects.  Even though the suggested age group is from 7 – 10 years, you can adjust the lessons to accommodate all age groups: Whether Pre-K, Kindergarten, Special Needs students, 8th graders and even adults.  A key point to note is that there are side notes for “little hands” and these are incredibly helpful for you to make adjustments for early learners.

Load of Fantastic Concepts

Notably, up-and-coming artists of all ages can find this Painting Ideas Kids book extremely useful.  By all means these extraordinary ideas can keep kids fully engaged.  Certainly not electronics now, but a more hands on activity.  Without a doubt, Paint Lab for Kids is a load of fantastic concepts to bring life on paper.

Assuredly, every page has a wonderful assignment matched with modern-day artists to inspire your work.  To emphasize, this Painting Ideas Kids book is inundated with new ideas and you will want to try all of them.  In fact, these ideas don’t get old, kids can grow with them.  The key point here is that versatility of each project can have a lasting effect on kids creativity.

In case you are looking for artistic inspiration, this bundle of ideas and assignments can encourage kids artistic skills.  Just make sure your little kiddies focus on the process rather than the finished piece.  In like manner, little kiddos will need your assistance to complete their projects, so stick around to help them.  All in all, it’s an awesome time to spend with kids.


  • Many ideas for painting
  • Great book for projects
  • Inspiring activities for upper elementary age
  • Fantastic resource for summer art projects
  • Use as a curriculum for hands on art experiences
  • Includes suggestions for building your basic art supplies
  • Management tips
  • Variety of techniques and media
  • Designed to get you to use the elements and principles of art
  • Lovely gift


  • Not ideal for little kiddos to work on their own
  • Many of the projects require some training and skills to make the finished work look as shown in the picture.  Despite this however, you can use the ideas to create a project that fits your purpose.
  • Most of the projects use acrylic paint which some folks may not like.  However, you can use gouache paint too and it works just fine.  Read more about gouache paint here.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, this Painting Ideas Kids book is a fantastic inspiration to teach several art tricks and to develop imagination.  If you love water colors, there are several things you can do with the ideas in this book.  Certainly, you can use the concepts as is, or just tweak them to enrich lessons.

Regardless, the projects allow kids to be creative as they work at their level.  Not to mention that older kids can follow directions themselves and paint their out-of-the-box-thinking using inspiration from the artists.

If you teach art, this book is highly recommended for you.  On the other hand, if you wish to integrate more art into your classroom, I highly recommend it.  Furthermore, if you are involved in summer camps home school or have an art center, this book is also highly recommended for you.

For parents and grandparents, even if you are not artistic, you get guidance from the blurbs entitled: “Little Hands.”  This gives all the help to work with younger kids.  Of course, I highly recommend this book for you too.

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