Brilliant STEM Projects Kids Create (Review)

Brilliant STEM Projects Kids Create

Brilliant STEM Projects Kids Create are fun and educational.  

Undoubtedly, STEM Projects Kids Create can captivate your interest.  First of all, STEM learning empowers kids to build the groundwork in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.  In fact, these four subjects make up STEM.  Discover how the acronym (STEM) came about here.

For one thing, STEM Projects Kids Create can engage them for hours as they build.  Are you looking for activities that promote kids creative work in these subjects?  This post shares a review of IQ BUILDER STEM Learning Toy.  Rest assured that the things kids build with this toy are impressive.

Do your kids love to build and create things?  Would you like activities that put their imaginations to the test?  Chiefly, this kit helps kids to build things, improve their problem solving skills and they follow directions.  After all, kids can delight your heart with their creative work.  As a matter of fact, adults can enjoy this toy too, especially to help relieve stress. 

Building Possibilities are Limitless

Notably, this construction set is extremely versatile.  Of course the possibilities of building are limitless.  Due to the vast number of ways you can connect the pieces, there are many different things that you can build. For instance: a space station, houses, animals and vehicles, just to name a few.

Indeed, kids can develop their creative skills with this set. Similarly, it challenges them to think of how the pieces fit together.  No doubt this toy helps with the development of eye, hand coordination. Not to mention the brain.  

This IQ Builder toy offers advance possibilities of creativity.  Take for instance, building a solar system excites kids.  As long as kids have enough pieces to use, they can build every design in the booklet.  Moreover, creating their very own models.  

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Brilliant STEM Projects Kids Create (Review)

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Product: IQ BUILDER STEM Learning Toy


Cheapest Place to BuyAmazon

Age: 3 -10 years

Star Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars   

Surprisingly, many kids play with this incredible construction toy for hours.  Basically, kids have great ideas and this kit keeps the brain and little hands busy.  Kids constantly build all sorts of things with IQ BUILDER STEM Learning Toy.  

Regardless of the models in the booklet, some kids don’t bother to follow them.  Instead, they just let their imagination and creativity run wild with their own designs.  Don’t be surprised if they create a Star Wars fighter plane and a garbage truck with a twist. 


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Perfect Alternative

Significantly, this STEM toy is a perfect alternative to iPad and other gadgets.  Not to mention that it is an ideal addition to those lego kits.  Likewise, it offers a wonderful changeWith this building toy, kids feel good about their creative models as they see them come to fruition.  

Actually, kids love to touch and redesign their models until they feel comfortable with them. Therefore, they will spend time scrutinizing and then come up with a plan of action.  

Granted that this brilliant toy helps with the development of young minds, kids enjoy making all kinds of things.  Kids actively use their brain as they play.  In other words, it enables creative play that challenges the mind.

Develops Strong Problem Solving Skills

Here is an example of how this toy helps kids develop stronger problem solving skills.  A family member tells me about the experience of her 5 year old son.  He designs his own models and he does not stop until he gets every one of them right.  For example, he designs a truck, but the back wheels just would not stay on the ground.  

In this case, he redesigns the truck by removing pieces.  Then he adds them to different areas.  Eventually, he solves the problem after about 25 minutes of trying.  Together with the many colorful shapes of varying sizes, the tires and wheels are ideal for this kind of creation.

Truly, just hearing about STEM can intimidate some people.  Point is that: they believe the activities are challenging.  For this reason, they’ll avoid STEM.  Nonetheless, anyone can create with this kit.  My suggestion is not to let the term STEM stop you from enjoying these activities.

 A Big Hit For Kids Who Love to Build Things


Interestingly, some kids play with their electronics for a few minutes, but will spend hours working non stop building their own things.  Needless to say, STEM Projects Kids Create are interactive and encourage independence.  

Surely, these are definitely a hit for kids who like to build things.  Not to mention that the more they build with this toy, their creative thoughts grow.  Remember, these activities are not battery powered with kids just moving their fingers.  Rather, they are putting their thinking skills to work.

Great Family Group Activity

Although the age ranges from 4 – 10 years, this toy is real fun for all ages.  Since the instruction book shows how to build simple to very complex models, family members can all chime in.  

Not only is this toy great for kids, but it is also great for a wonderful family group activity.  Hence, you may want to purchase a few more kits.  Together, the family can have fun building things like cars and animals.  Even the little kiddies can make lollipops with the pieces.  

No doubt spending quality time as a family is bonding.  For sure, this is one activity that helps with that.  Furthermore, it’s a lot of fun.  Everyone can enjoy hours of creative building together.  

Wonderful Addition For the Classroom 

Owing to the interactive and creative aspects of this building toy, it is definitely a great addition to any classroom STEM corner.  Forthwith, kids can work on some engineering and design ideas, like building simple machines. 

In like manner, they can explore how things work in the real world.  Overall, kids build structures with angles.  As a result, this can lead to an improvement in their geometric skills.  Ideally, the classroom will need a few extra sets.  


  • Safe

With safety at the top of their list, IQ Builder has this as their number one commitment.  Therefore, their products go through thorough testing to make sure they are free from lead, and other industrial chemicals. 

  • Durable

Each piece in the set is well made and feels solid.  As you build a model, the pieces click well into place.  When you complete the model, it won’t fall apart at any moment.  The set comes with a well made plastic case and it feels quite sturdy. 

  • Easy Cleaning

Just rinse with warm water

  • Easy Storage

Whenever you finish building, you can separate the pieces easily and put them in the storage container.

  • Money Back Guarantee

As long as your request takes place within 30 days, IQ Builder offers a 100% money back guarantee.


Generally speaking, this is a good product.  However, here are two caveats.

  • Not Enough Pieces to Build Some Models

Key point: There are not enough pieces in the kit to make some of the models in the booklet.  Reason being that it is a booklet with more challenging ideas.  To make models with all the pieces in the kit, you can download the PDF for each model from the company’s website.  For the child to assemble each model, you have to print it on a color printer.  

When you sign up with the company, they will email you an Amazon discount coupon code.  Chiefly, this goes towards your next purchase.   

  • Need to Buy Two Sets

If you want to build some models in the instruction booklet, you need to purchase at least two kits.  That is to say, there are not enough pieces for some particular model.  Therefore, a real fun activity can turn into a frustrating experience.  

However, when you sign up on the company’s website, they will email you an Amazon discount coupon code.  This can go towards your next purchase.   


Concluding Thoughts

All things considered, I highly recommend IQ BUILDER STEM Learning Toy.  Keep in mind that it enables Brilliant STEM Projects Kids Create.  As kids collaborate and build different models they can take “keep sake” pictures of them before pulling them apart.  

Undoubtedly, this toy can entertain kids for many years.  Never can tell, it may very well enhance kids IQ score.  In case you would like your child to continue their interest in building, a STEM Club Subscription is a wonderful idea.  Check it out here.

Product Information

Product Dimensions: 10.3 x 7.4 x 5.2 inches

Item Weight: 2.15 pounds

Shipping Weight: 2.15 pounds

You are a big online shopper like myself.  Amazon has the best price on Brilliant STEM Projects Kids Create.  I hope you enjoyed the review and if you have any questions about this IQ Builder STEM Learning Toy, or want to share your personal review, leave a comment below.

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