Spirograph Online

Spirograph Online

Undoubtedly Spirograph Online is an economical way to create fantastic spirograph designs.  In case  you are low on cash you can still enjoy this forever fun activity.  There is a version of Spirograph Online so you can still be creative.  As a matter of fact it is free, http://nathanfriend.io/inspirograph/ so there is no need to be concerned about price.

Certainly credit must be given to a very brilliant engineer from Iowa.  Notably he created an entertaining Spirograph Online that simulates the original spirograph.  In fact you can customize this virtual spirograph as you have fun creating incredible drawings.

Easy to Create Patterns

In case you had a Spirograph set as a child and did not save any of your artistic designs, you can now redo them online.  By comparison it is easier for you to create designs without messy blotches and holes in your art masterpiece.  Likewise there is no need to worry about tearing your paper or losing any of the wheels and gears.

Additionally, your pen ink will not run out, so you don’t have to be concerned about replacing your pens.  In light of this you can create online again and again.  Nevertheless Spirograph kits are still excellent gifts.  Indeed they are forever popular and fall in line with the best of drawing toys.

Educational Drawing Toy

Bear in mind that they are also educational toys.  Strangely enough when we used them as kids back in the days, we didn’t even realize that we were practicing geometry in math.  Surely math is fun with Spirographs and even more so for those of us who have a desire for artistic patterns.


Following all the online possibilities you also have access to a gallery of unbelievable designs to inspire your creation.  Furthermore you can save them to the same gallery to motivate others.  However let me give you a word of caution: “Once you start, you can design for hours without realizing that the time goes by so quickly.”  That’s how mesmerizing Spirograph Online is.  It is relaxing indeed, just like the original.

By the way, you can still get the original Spirograph especially if you would like to share this creative drawing toy as gifts with friends and family.  Granted that there are several versions it shows the popularity of this drawing toy.  Of course there are endless possibilities of what you can create.

A Winner

Certainly you shouldn’t lose touch of the original Spirograph though.  Remember, it is a perfect educational drawing toy.  Despite the fact that it was designed many years ago in1965, it returned with a bang 50 years after it won toy of the year in 1967.  Again in 2014, it came out a winner in two categories as Toy of the Year.

Arguably, since it is among the best of toys, then kids should experience what they can do with this “smarty,” and have it as a “keepsake.”  However if there isn’t enough cash on hand, then by all means enjoy the online version.

Ideal for Adults

To emphasize, creating Spirograph patterns is not just for kids, but also for adults.  For one thing it is ideal to inspire and reboot your creative thoughts. As it refreshes the mind, you might just find it addictive.

Bear in mind that your creation is not limited to designing and saving them to hang on the wall.  Ultimately you can transfer your designs on just about anything you want.  By and large, you can actually make money with your Spirograph designs.  Point in fact is that you never know where your doodle arcs and skews will lead.

Reach Higher

Specifically though you can start a website and showcase your intricate spiral masterpieces to the world.  As a matter of fact you can learn how to extend any hobby you are passionate about.  For instance, if Spirographs satisfy your desire to take it up a notch, by all means go ahead and work at it.  Soothe your pleasure and earn from it.

Put Spirograph designs on cups

Add designs on Plates

Transfer design on t-shirts

Frame them as pictures

Given that these are just a few examples, you can see that the possibilities are there.  Pursue these ideas further and showcase them on your website to the world.  Remember: Learn how to do it the right way, so you can earn the right way.

Hope you are happy with your experience at artofstencils.com.  If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions reach out to us.  Feel free to share this page.



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