Foamnasium Wedge

Foamnasium Wedge

Foamnasium Wedge Review

Foamnasium Wedge is another top quality product which makes perfect soft play for kids.  Active toddlers climb, roll and then take a rest on this soft foam wedge.  Notably, it is great for preschool kids to tumble and play.  Identically, it is fantastic for babies and toddlers to exercise.  However it must be noted that constant supervision is necessary when babies are using this piece of soft play.

Additionally a Foamnasium Wedge goes well together when you combine them with other Foamnasium pieces.  Use them to complete your toddler’s indoor soft play area.  Pair a wedge with a Foamnasium toddler step, and you get nothing but cuteness and more versatility.

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Combine Foamnasium Wedge

If you have a little climber, a Foamnasium Wedge is perfect as a mini indoor slide.  Combine it with the step and little kiddies will go crazy with climbing and tumbling.  Use them as a ramp for kids to run up and down and climb from it onto a Foamnasium block.  Kiddos will certainly be engaged, and have fun learning.  Furthermore, these little ones build their gross motor skills and strengthen their balance too.

A Foamnasium Wedge is great for teaching colors.

Available in four different colors, kids are gonna roll all over while they play with toys, or watch cartoons on television.  Henceforth, the Foamnasium Wedge is wonderfully constructed, and so it serves the purpose.


Multiple Uses for Kids and Adults

* As an amazing foot rest when nursing or bottle feeding baby

* Make a seat cushion or head rest for both kids and adults, big enough for adults too.

* Prop leg up after knee replacement surgery to sit comfortably, great for circulation

* Help with physical therapy when propping

* Perfect stress reliever and support when lying on your back

* Inclined back support during pregnancy

* Great for doing Pilates

* Firm support for reading in bed

* Practice walking on an incline with kids who have special needs

* Toddlers use it to crawl up and down the couch

* Kids can just snuggle on it.

* Use it as a small doggie ramp: Put it against a couch, flip it over, and use it as a ramp.

* Flip it to the shiny side for your little kiddo to use as a mini slide.

* Very helpful if you have a younger child interested in doing gymnastics

* Buy them as baby shower gifts


One caveat when you combine this Foamnasium piece: It does not come with attachments, so when you place it next to another piece, it can slide apart.  This means that you need to supervise your little kiddos. Right?

Bear in mind also the specifications to see if the size will suit you.  However, there are larger sizes.

Production Information

Item Weight: 3.9 pounds

Product Dimensions: 20 x 20 x 10 inches

Assembled Height: 10 inches

Assembled Width: 20 inches

Assembled Length: 20 inches

In conclusion, I highly recommend the super cute Foamnasium wedge that work so well for little ones and adults alike.  Bear in mind that you can combine them easily with other Foamnasium products to create kids soft play space.

To emphasize, there are many different uses for this open ended product.  Even though they may slip, slide, and flip, the instability may just add to the little ones enjoyment.  Important to realize also is to keep the Foamnasium piece on a large, soft mat.  To avoid injury, watch the little ones closely as they play.

Overall, what a fun way to help kiddos with their crawling and stability, and to strengthen developing gross motor skills.  This fun product keeps little kiddies from feeling frustrated.  It allows them to explore their emerging mobility safely.

I hope you enjoyed the review and if you have any questions about this Foamnasium Wedge or want to share your personal review, leave a comment below.

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